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Den Of Thieves

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Didn't realize this had already come out. Was it /k/ino?

Se/k/ret Santa 2017

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Se/k/ret Satan Edition

Also UNOFFICIAL edition, since I'm not Big Boss and I don't have the copypasta but I'm too impatient to wait and see if he makes a new one.
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Voda lawsuit

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So that idiot voda took some art for his "book" without asking and the artist is maby going to sue him.

I really hope that it will put him out of business for good

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Whats a good bread dot that won't ruin my aesthetic

Also general ak thread
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Why is the Ukrainian military so shit?
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We know /k/'s general opinion on the nugget, but what does /k/ think of the other variations of the Mosin-nagant like the Chinese Type 53?
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How did one guy BTFO and put the federal government on suicide watch so hard?
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How accurate was this?
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/MSG/ military Surplus General

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Aesthetic guns edition.
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