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What would be current year's equivalent of the maxim gun?

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Let's end this once and for all.
Is 300 blackout the superior cartridge for civilian and law enforcement?
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/arg/ AR thread

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AR thread
Cancer containment thread

White rifles matter edition

Old >>40327056
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Beretta 92fs handgun full auto conversion?

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See the part circled in green? That's the part in question. It's a beretta 92 model or m9's trigger bar I'm really just curious about this particular guns design.

But my question is, after just looking and inspecting the guns how the hammer drops, I got a good feeling the hammer doesn't just ride the slide on beretta 92fs model guns if you were to do this and make the green part absent, absent as in you cut or filed it off

Now I'm not gonna say I know shit here and that's why I'm discussing it and other peoples thoughts. Here's my thoughts

1:not safe, makes the gun a handgrenade,

2:ruins the gun and doesn't work at all, basically turns it into a manual cycle and cock hammer back each shot handgun,

3: would be illegal as hell unless you had the licence& still wouldn't be safe probably because actual full autos have rate reducers and shit I dont understand


Anyhow, i just have a strong feeling this is probably definitely one of those guns i think you COULD just file or cut a part on(the noted green area) and it would function like a full auto would. I could be wrong, but everyone you always hear that are retarded and dont know shit about guns say oh you just file this down or the firing pin bla bla... I think this may be a rare exception and the first design I think it actually would work.

I'll obviously never get to test it because I'm not planning on going to prison but it would Ethier make the hammer ride the slide or it would work like it does in safe where the hammer doesn't actually drop until its fully in battery but I have a feeling it would obv be dangerous because no safety mechanism for a round to go off out of battery and not fully seated or engaged as this would be a VERY fast rate of fire I'd imagine with no provisions to reduce or limit that speed or ensure it's a safe mode of firing Ethier.

Redpill me

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Newly 21 hasfuns here, looking to "poke holes in paper." Redpill me on what ammo brands to buy and what go avoid, and why.
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Tactics General

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What is a good tactics guide similar to the Ranger handbook? I'm looking for something similar. Interested in finding a non western equivalent even if its more focused towards guerrilla warfare. Doesn't have to be as specific either.
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How do we save Britain?

Can we like.. airdrop them some guns or something..? this is just so sad...
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What gun is this?

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Just grabbed myself a Moist Nugget for under $300.

I think I made out alright?
Came with a bayonet but it doesn't match the serial number and it's very fuggin tight on the muzzle so not trying to put it on for anything besides the fact it looks cool.
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Why are "chicks with guns" genre photos always chicks with busted looking faces and the most trashy look humanly possible? Can't a photographer trick someone attractive into posing for some photos? Or is it always some poor redneck's niece that he's perving on?
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