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Was playing Medal of Honror Frontline recently to celebrate the anniversary of Operation Market Garden and wondered just now if any of my fellow /komrades/ have observed the anniversary.
I'ts always been so surreal to me, probably because of the beautiful Holland landscape and weather and the importance of small bridges that had a make or break factor.
Pics of Market Garden thread?

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If you had to pick one less-than-lethal weapon (money out of the question) and were ordered to de-escalate an antifa parade, what would it be?
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This slimy fuck makes me want to boycott CF based on his snake oil salesman approach alone. Forget about the fearmongering and price gouging.

Fuck Classic. Where is the best place to get Milsurp?
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Drop in trigger discussion/comparisons

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Can /k/ school me on drop in triggers? Of course they can.

I've been searching for a good drop in trigger for an AR10/308. I want something reliable and at the same time smooth as butter. One that won't break if put into a high stress situation. It could be fuddlore but I've heard again and again that while two stage triggers are nice, they won't hold up in a combat role or similiar situation and as you can guess, thats your ass.

The mil spec stock trigger I currently have in my AR10A is actually fairly decent. Little to no drag and isn't super heavy. Still its always been a part of the rifle I've considered upgrading so I've been looking towards either Timney or Giessele. Let me know whats the biz /k/.
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Has /k/ been in the French Foreign Legion? Me and my friends were thinking about joining, so could any of you guys I guess give a rundown of how the experience was and whether we should join or not?
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9mm appreciation thread

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9mm is the greatest caliber ever, no question about it. The Germans had it right when they made this fucking awesome round for the world. Oh, by the way, you know what parabellum means right? PREPARE FOR FUCKING WAR! I can't think of a single other caliber that has a more fucking awesome name than that. Real Fucking NATO? Are you fucking kidding me; complete faggot shit! There is literally nothing more bad ass than a 9mm 124 grain hollow point being fired out of a Beretta CX4 Storm. It's like taking the powers of the divine into your hands when you have a nine millimeter at your disposal. Nothing is more fun or exciting in life than firing this otherworldly round.

Who else /94life/?
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Concealed Carry draco pistol?

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So i live in the cucked state of Illinois and i was wondering if i can conceal carry my draco pistol? i mean i don't see why not? its a pistol right?
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Anyone else here turning into a fudd as you get older?

>used to only ever buy tacticool shit, slavshit, milsurp, and ARs when I was younger
>start to get a bit older
>still liked that stuff, but I'd only buy slavshit with wood furniture, was buying increasing amounts of old milsurp bolt-actions, even went out of my way to replace furniture on one of my ARs with wood
>get a little older still
>haven't bought a firearm in the last 4 years that I wouldn't described as a hunting rifle
>even started buying lever-guns despite the fact that I used to think they were retarded
>also have been slowly replacing my hunting/shooting gear with waxed canvas and wool instead of synthetic fibers

help, I can already feel the mustache and beer gut growing in
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AR thread /arg/ tripfag containment

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sidearm shitpost edition

old >>35204912
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