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So /k/, you're locked in a room.

In the room are two chairs.

Diane Feinstein is tied to one chair, and a member of the United States Air Force is tied to the other.

You are armed with a Ruger LCP with only two bullets.

So /k/, would you shoot the Airfag in the head twice? Or shoot him once in the dick and then in the head? Or would you shoot him twice in the dick?

Or does anyone have some far more painful ways to execute him with both bullets?
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Opinions on new Iranian aircraft

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Iran just unveiled a new trainer aircraft, Doy you think this is a repaint of a Chinese product as usual or this time they really made something??

I didn't see this type of plane before
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What is the best modern submachine gun and how does the B&T MP9 stack up next to its competitors in an increasingly small niche?
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can /k/ recommend some books about intelligence agencies? CIA, KGB, mossad, etc

documentaries and agent accounts/operation histories preferably.
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/KTG/: knife thread general class is in session edition

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posting budget list that anon made for us



any locking Opinel (No6, No7, No8, No9, No10, No12)
>upwards from $9 shipped
>made in France

Buck 284
>$15 shipped
>United States

Sanrenmu 7010
>$15 Amazon/$7 GearBest


any non-locking Opinel (No5, No4, No3, No2)
>upwards from $9 shipped

Svord Peasant series
>upwards from $13 shipped
>New Zealand

Victorinox Classic
>$14 shipped


Morakniv Companion
>$14 shipped

Other Morakniv options around this price point are also excellent.


Casio F-91W
>upwards from $6 shipped, usually closer to $10


Streamlight MicroStream
>$16 shipped

Convoy S2+
>$11 shipped


Leatherman or Gerber, shop specific to lifestyle

Victorinox Swiss Army Super Tinker
>$40 shipped
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Commercial Gauss/Rail Guns?

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Does anyone know if there's a company out there working on a hand held rail gun analogous in purpose to modern sporting rifles?

I mean there must be because it's not like the tech is illegal or secret, but I couldn't find anything online. I really, really would like to believe that I will be able to buy one in the nearish future. Alternatively, does anyone know of a company working on ANY kind of magnetic or energy based weapon system for the civilian market?

Video related. This guy made a working gauss gun thing at home. It's not lethal like a firearm but it's definitely dangerous, it's shoulder fired and even fed from a neat little magazine. Imagine how fucking cool this could be if some company would start selling a professionally made version.

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Is the tank just as dead as the battleship and people just don't acknowledge it because it wasn't proved obsolete in WW2 due to the lack of PGMs in that timeframe?

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It's time Vatniks. Time to die.

The future is now. Guns are back on the menu boys. Rev up those Battlecruiser blueprints, and get ready to see destruction on a scale we have yet to encounter on the modern battlefield. ICBM's are now moot. MAD is dead. Long-live armed conflict.

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>tfw you will never sacrifice yourself for king and country by shooting down three Me 109s, a Heinkel and a Stuka within an hour, the latter while you were out of fuel and gliding and landing on the beach, then burning your plane with your flare as Wehrmacht soldiers emerge and then march you off to a POW camp in Germany

Why even live /k/?
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