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Kocayine's YT videos were deleted agian today!

Any backups?

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Some say women don´t belong in the fighting parts of the military. Saying stuff like they don´t pull their weight or that they make the men soft. I say it is only in countries that believe in a womans ability the men are strong. Any country where men think women need them are the country or culture to learn that women really are our equals, all concidered. In Sweden they are lucky to have reached this knowledge. It has given the whole society twice as much chance to find the right PERSONS for the right positions. Twice the spring of knowledge to tap from. A stronger belief in their society. A twice as strong "backbone". Unity! They all fight and die together. Every citizens right.

Even 1200 years ago the Vikings knew this.
A viking woman was not someone to trifle with. They be sweet as a kitten treated with respect. They would rip your ass off if you didn´t. A little bit like now :-) It may be from this culture streak (not unpleasent) the stories of shield maiden comes. You need a strong mans guts to stroll in a lions den 24/7. Then an ax or a spear, now a 120mm SABOT round. same same.
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Swords I found

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Any /k/ommandos who can tell me something about these swords?
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I am new here

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Henlo am new to /k/ is this the potassium Kazakhstan board????????
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Why were the Viet Cong (Sappers) Special forces so good?

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He bought the Shockwave?

Outlaw it.
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Is it possible that in the future we’re could have airborne lasers attached to aircraft as an air to air weapon? Asking for a [spoiler:lit] buddy [/spoiler:lit]

raining mags

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Yo! i need 5 or 6 quality oc pictures of a fully loaded magazine. straight clip uzi or pistol. various angles top sides bottom. Its for a wallpaper that has mags falling from the sky. someone with a gun help me plz thanks
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Would the USSR have been able to defeat the German invasion without the donation of 15 million pairs of boots from USA and what is a good pair of boots for general outdoor usage?
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obscure camos and patterns

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the more alien and useless the better!
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