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Recoil action shotgun

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Visited my uncle last weekend and he showed me this browning recoil operated 12 ga.

How did I not know this was a thing? Anyone have any experience with them? How do they feel?

Pic related, not his but the same model
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Tool request

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Does anybody know where I can buy a small allon and/or torx key set to have in my range bag?

Both metric and imperial. From very small to around 4mm / 5/32"

International shipping. Not from the states.
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Collections / Family Photos

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Post your collections and rate the person before you.
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Hey men,
I'm looking to dump my funs to fund degenerate hobbies. What is the best way to do this without getting mugged?

I already to know to expect a flood of "muh bottom dollar" and "muh outboard motor" texts but my google voice number is already tied up with my other degenerate hobby. How can I get another?
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Redpill me on .50 Beowulf and .458 Socom. They look insane and cool as shit, but what is it like to shoot these rifles? is it worth $1+ a round?
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Why are navies still a thing that exist? The whole point of a navy is to pick up troops from one piece of land, and transfer them across the water to another piece of land, and planes are much superior to boats in that and every other regard.

>defense of coastline
Planes can do that too
>sending supplies to soldiers in foreign lands
Planes can do that too
>b-but submarines!
Are meant to down boats, if there were no boats there would be no need for submarines

It's 2017 people, the ocean is completely irrelevant in modern warfare.
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Wargame: Red Dragon

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This game is /k/ as fuck
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Spring Storm Edition
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family members just got shot

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In case you haven't heard the news the muslim part of the Philippines has gone full ISIS and is now going into cities and doing religion of peace things to their inhabitants.

My uncle worked at a government school and got executed for aiding infidels. I know because they took a video of it with their cellphone and sent it to me at work. My attorney told me not to upload it. But I just wanted to let you guys know that the civilians that had guns (which ISIS probably knows through access to local police databases) didn't get people knocking on their door. When people say "armed civilians don't matter in war" they're sheltered fucks and throw this in their face.
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