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Maoyland Thread

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>anon wtf is Maoyland
Maryland+ Mao Zedong cause fuck this commie hellhole.
My question: Where do fellow Marylanders here go to shoot? Im stuck at Hap Baker
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Story thread

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Doesnt have to be spook, can be shit that happened at the range, soccer mom shit, parents finding your guns or some shit, anything /k/ related and worthy of a story.
Im newguns so I don’t have anything to share, so have a repost
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Welcome back Mr. Anon, what is your choice?
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Cyberpunk /k/

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Anyone tried the new spool coils from Xephyr Customs? Heard they increase the muzzle velocity on standard 12mm rail weapons with a good 57%, but I'm to doubt that statistic. Damn frakkers fooled me with their last generation supercapacitors, ended up burning out the internals in my Colt RG664. The repair jobs set me back 40,000 credits!
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It's saturday night, why are you losers on 4chan edition

Old thread >>35880199
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Russia launches 4th Borei SSBN

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>Russia’s first Project 995A Borei-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine is set to be launched on November 17 [5] in Severodvinsk. The vessel, called Prince Vladimir is an improved version of the original Project 955 SSBN, three of which have been completed for the Russian Navy.

>Compared to the three older Project 995 boats, Prince Vladimir has a better acoustical stealth, better electronics and improved living spaces for the crew. Like its predecessors, the new SSBN will be armed with 16 D-30 Bulava submarine launched ballistic missiles. Prince Vladimir is the first of five Project 995A ballistic missile submarines to be built for the Russian Navy. The remainder of the Project 995A boats—Prince Oleg, Generalissimus Suvorov, Emperor Alexander III and Prince Pozharsky are in various stages of construction.

Why even bother at this point? Don't they know the US has 18 Ohio's, and will have Columbia in another 10 years? Should they just get it over with and buy Chinese?
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Gliders in WWII

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Were glider-borne forces in WWII a good idea? Seems like a lot of them came a cropper on landing. Were they more efficient than paratroops?
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Hi /k/, I need your expertise to help me identify this bayonet I inherited from my great uncle.

He served in ww2 until dday where he caught grenade shrapnel.

Also- tips for cleaning it? I want to take good care of it. Ty!
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Everyone loves a good 10/22. I'm torn between three options here on the takedown model.

1. Buy a standard takedown model from Cabela's Black Friday sale with discounted gift cards and figure furniture out later.

2. Spend $400 and some change local on a Gallery of Guns model that starts with the Backpacker and Hi-Viz sights and a stainless steel threaded barrel, as well as 2 extra BX-25 magazines. Unfortunately, I don't think this comes with the bag.

3. Buy the 10/22 Takedown Target model (with the Ruger modular stock) if I can ever find a good price/Cabela's ever puts it on sale.

Anyone familiar with both the Ruger modular stock and the Backpacker who can highlight pros/cons? Same with the different carrying bags?

Pic related: the ultimate companion for whichever model I buy
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From now on you're only allowed to own guns made in your state. How fucked are you?
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