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Do light attack helicopters like the MD530G have a place on the modern battlefield? What can it do that an Apache AH-64 won't?
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I got about 100 or so of these ramset powder load rings for dirt cheap. should I make some kind of revolver that could be loaded with them? I was thinking something along the lines of one of the professor parabellum revolver designs, altered to use them.
Also DIY funs thread.
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Patch Thread

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Trade, create, and sell your patches
>Previous Thread

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches?

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Actual sexual contact with firearms

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Has anyone here actually been turned on by their firearms? I have a Winchester 1892 that I seriously want to lay down gently and make love to. Her solid locking lugs and rugged frame just make me angry with human women. Their all saggy and flabby and dont even fire .44-40.
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What is your load-out for SHTF, BLM riots, Starbucks riots, general civil unrest and chimp outs?

How does my lightweight loadout look below?

>4x 30 round p-mags
>chest rig

>extra mag
>mag holder

>bandana or equivilent
>fixed blade
>folding pocket knife
>GPS/walkie combo

>eberlestock H7 dagger pack
>water bladder
>50 ft paracord
>foam earplugs
>wet wipes/kleenex
>first aid kit
>fire kit
>extra battery for GPS
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I was wondering if any of you guys partake in HEMA. I'm interested but not sure if it's just a bunch of spergs in the community. I have a friend who did fencing for a while and I visited him a few times and he really liked it and the whole sparring with weapons looked legit, but fencing isn't really my cup of tea. There's a "dojo", for lack of words, right down my street that teaches and trains in longswords and I'm debating going to check it out.
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Plasma stealth tests start for PAK-FA. You can see the black gauges in the nose cone.
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Need this pic without the text on it, and not just the 4:3 version

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Meanwhile in 16th century /k/...
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how would Gunnery Sergeant Hartman have dealt with Pvt Ashlee Ketchum?
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