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/k/ Patch thread [NEET gimme my patch edition]

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Where can I find [patch]?
Look here:

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Can we have a banned in Britain thread? Just learned from an Englishman that these receipt spikes are now outlawed. What other weapons of mass destruction are illegal?
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Why even own other types of handguns at this point? Glock dominates the market. Actual operators and police around the world use it.

Yeah sure sign got the army contract lmfao but seriously these are the same "Muh blue cord" faggots who adopted the m9. Retards will remain retards.
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What BR to get?

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For about a year I have wanted to get something in Real Fucking Nato to replace my AR. However I am having trouble deciding between a few:

-DSA Voyager
-PTR 91
-Century Cetme knockoff with wood furniture
-C308 with the pic rail

From what I have seen it would cost the same for me to build a FAL as it would to just buy a Voyager. The SA-58 seems like it would be the best option but would require me to come up with more $'s outside of selling my AR and all of its mags.

The roller lock choices is kinda where I have no idea what I am doing or looking at. I guess if anyone can enlighten me on the differences between the three I listed that might help. Also I am a lefty if this makes any difference on a choice.

Oh what inspired me to make this bread was that there is a Cetme 308 for sale near me for $750 and was wondering if it was worth more than the C308? Thanks for any help /k/.
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bizarro /k/

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>bought a taurus
>don't regret it

>own a nugget
>fuckin expensive as hell to shoot
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You have 5 minutes to explain why CZs are the best firearms ever
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How much is a Gen 1 Glock 17 in good condition worth?
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I'm just gonna leave this gem here.
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