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/k/ Achievements

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>>35534267 In a previous thread, people submitted /k/ related achievement ideas, like stuff you’d get in a video game, but IRL.

I took some of the best achievements posted by anons and made them look like Steam achievements for your guys’ viewing pleasure. Feel free to post /k/ related achievements, and even make your own pictures like mine.
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ITT: How would you defeat the Swiss Army?

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Seriously, everyone in Switzerland is a Combat Medic.
As soon as you wound one, There's at least 20 ready to care for them.
It's literally indestructible.
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Why aren't you training to become a professional neet (missileer)?
>spend half of your deployment sleeping, playing videogames, and reading
>other half watching TV
>its like working in a submarine without the need to be quiet
>high pay, low stress
>0% chance of getting yourself injured
>massive career advancement opportunities
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why ameriburgers cant develop anything good as this?

In a fit of Rage

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<no firearms/ranged weapons>
situation is this
>you're gonna have to fight 20 people without a gun no escape.
>they might also be fighting each-other or they could all be after you idk but some shit is about to go down
>all you have is melee weapons what do you chose????
ill start pic related is mine
(foes have no obvious weapons and have no guns)
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>be me
>cleaning my fuddyfive after range trip with little brother so he can shoot his first gun
>he sees me cleaning it
"Uh, you ok?"
>just ignore him
>next day go to parents house
>they act weird around me
>dad starts calling me private pyle
>later my dad and brother are talking about the range trip
"So anon, your brother said you were cleaning your pistol. Wanna tell us why?"
>it was dirty???
"Dont you know only crazy people clean their guns."

This hobby is a burden that i choose to carry, for why, i do not know.
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What would happen if you were to get hit in the chest by an APFSDS round? Would it punch a cartoonish hole through you, or turn you into a fine mist?

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Why do you need the second amendment if the point of it is to let you overthrow the government?

If you want to overthrow the government, shouldn't you kinda just do it? I don't see why you need the government's permission to buy/make a gun if you're just going to use it in a coup anyway.
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Have any of you been in a unorthodox weapon fight or situation?
Such as using knives, mace, random tools, spoons etc.

Closest i have is a crack head finding his way into my backyard after being stabbed. Everyone grabbed the nearest weapon worthy object. He wanted a ride to the hospital and we said we would call an ambulance, at which point he escaped into the night without a second word.
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