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how effective will be an sea skiming anti-ship missile againts a armored battleship ?

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What's the best martial art to know if you're an operator or planning to become an operator?
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A/K/ 907 thread last one will 404 soon

Few anons are talking about a meetup this spring. Any Alas/K/an anons interested? One idea mentioned was Sutton coal hills next month or may depending on weather.
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Any /K/ers can help me identify this knife/Bayonet
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0817Z | SITREP | <how are you holding up, /k/?>

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How is everyone tonight? Thought I'd ask. I'll be up for another hour or so. Normally I'd have a beer right now but I'm still recovering from last weekend. Can't even think about booze without a nasty feeling in my stomach.

I imagine the board is pretty slow right now. It's late here on the west coast. I'm on my weekend. My wife is in bed, so is my cat. I just bought a car today. I haven't bought a new gun in some time. Fucking California. It's a shame though, the area is beautiful. Oh well.

As far as images go, post your favorites.
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Revolver as an open carry

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Hi /k/.
I really want to have the chiappa rhino as my carry when I do my gun license later this year. I love the uniqueness and cool factor, as well as the uniqe barrel config which allows the shooter to reacquire the target faster.
My cred - I served in the idf as an MP, used an FN HP mk3, and used a Jericho as a pleb security guard in civ life. I'm also a designer so thus the obsession with cool and unique stuff, is a 6 shooter with 357 magnum good to save a life? ( Was taught to empty a 14 Rd mag center mass until the target is dead.) Gonna carry it in Jerusalem.
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Why is the P51 objectively the best fighter of WWII?

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inb4 assmad wehrbs and britbongs
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Does anyone know where I can download a manual for learning Center Axis Relock? I'm trying to git gud with regards to shooting technique.
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>ywn be this operator
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