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Uh oh! SHTF!!

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Oh no! You wake up and the S has officially HTF! Zombies are clawing at your windows, Yellowstone has erupted, and Chinese nigger nazis have set off EMP bombs!

You must grab the closest weapon to you by going to imfdb and hitting the random page button until you get a weapon. How screwed are you?

I got a weird autoloader in some snowflake cartridge so I'm boned.

What did you get, /k/?
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Gen 5 Glock

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Trying to get information before the official release. So far I've found nothing other than this poster. Anyone have details on what the major changes are?
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Gulf war aesthetic thread?
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civil war had broken out, you are tasked to create a militia platoon of 5 men to help the side that you support. However, first you are to summit your platoon code call sign, what will your platoon code call sign be /k/?
also, what will your code name be anon?
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>People still think the USA didn't lose the Vietnam War

Every almond, activated at once.
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/gg/ gunsmithing general : remove commies edition

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Previous thread >>34923253

everything from building firearms to small jobs

pastebin here:

Got my MG42 kit in, waiting on all the build parts and MG3 conversion parts from rtg to come in, gonna build it in 308
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Real talk, How can tanks and other AFVs compete against mechs in future warfare?
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Did Crusaders lose the Holy Land because of their bulky and useless armor? Muslims wore lighter armor that gave them better agility to move around and attack.
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P320 (and MHS) Discussion

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With all the recent news around the P320 and MHS I thought it would be beneficial to start a thread dedicated to discussion:

Some Topics of Interest:

Sig releases "voluntary upgrade" for the P320 after reports of 30 degree drop misfire
According to sources, the MHS variants in process of deployment are not affected by this issue.

GAO rejects Glock appeal for its MHS entry

Are you waiting for any general release of MHS entries into the consumer market? If so, which model and why?

Searching online I found only a single sentence referencing a confirmation for the a civ version of the P320 MHS entry. I am almost certain that Sig will release an almost identical P320 MHS for the consumer market now that it won the US contract. I'm interested because muh modularity and huge aftermarket selection. The unique features that appeal to me is the ambi manual safety and optics rail. At this point I don't know whether I should wait for the civ MHS release or just get an existing P320 since there are minimal differences. I feel that Sig is swamped with work and will put off the release because of their need to commit to the USG contract as well as the recent """"voluntary upgrade""""".
I would appreciate a more knowledgeable opinion on this.
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Hey /k/, didn't see any reasonable threads for hunting rifles without being off topic. So, I am looking at getting this guy
For ref, its a break-action .50.
I am a decent shot and have had a rem700 for years and normally sight in at 600 yards.
I am confident enough in my shooting that anything in my range is going down with one shot so the break action doesn't bother me.
What are your guys' opinions on this gun? i only have about 1300 to spend, and this is going cheap right now. I really want a .50 because I'm going after moose next year and want that extra oomph.
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