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gentlemen of /k/, i have come to assume that a lot of you have experience in military/air force/naval service.

i have come to inquire on your thoughts regarding the storyline of Star Wars: The last jedi where the topic of bad leadership and mutiny are central subjects. also a lot of bickering in the fanbase regarding chain of command.

to those of you who have watched this film, what did you think of it?
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What ISNT 10mm good at lads?
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Where we ya'll niggers at when Ian turned into an ATF honeypot operation?


>take pictures
>pictures are essential
>and send them to me/us

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So is Ruger making any new PC carbine models for 2019?

And for the love of fuck, why isn't someone making better iron sights for them yet?
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How does /k/ fight off an invasion by the forces of hell?
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Trips nicknames my new Knife
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Literally the best shooter alive. How did he crack the code of operating?
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>I have a girlfriend
>she's real
>she wants to do hunting with me because she's my real girlfriend
>bring 50 cal innawoods with my gifriend who is real
>gf sees a group of foxes running through the brush
>fire rounds into the crowd of foxes
>one fox explodes into a fine bloody mist, another gets its leg blown off and limps away
>girlfriend is crying buckets now
>it's ok girlfriend-chan it's the circle of life
>my real girlfriend stops crying and hugs me as hard as she can
>we start making out
>she starts stroking my cock as I'm running a bore snake through my greasy barrel
>ooohh your cock tastes so good oni chan
>start fingering her ass using CLP as lube

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