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Aesthetic Soldier/War pics and First Song It Reminds You Of

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Post a pic and the first song that popped in your head when you saw it.

Pic related gets me heavy Making Plans for Nigel by XTC for some reason
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Let's post the worst guns still in production today for a change. And no hipoints. Yes, we all know about them and to be honest they do work for their price.
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.22 pistol

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Best? Worst?
I’m going shopping tomorrow and a ruger Mk 4 is calling my name.
Give me a reason why I shouldn’t!
> yes I know pic isn’t a mk 4
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Does anyone else feel anxious when they are in situations they are not allowed to carry? I work as private contractor and rarely am in a position I'm not armed. Day and night there is trusty Mr. McFriendly there to make everyone is all nice and friendly right in my grasp. More and more though my job is putting me through government buildings and I am being forced to leave my pistol in my truck. I feel fucking naked and cold upon my back. I'd risk a pocket pistol tucked away nicely but all these damn buildings have metal detectors now and pat down security.
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/k/onfess your sins

>For the first two years of gun ownership I had my handgun loaded with FMJ 115 gr rounds for home defense
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Were the early M16 problems deliberate sabotage by the US Ordnance Department?

I presume most of us here know the M14 was the OD's baby. They sabotaged the FN FAL trials to get in in service though secret winter testing, they failed the AR10 during the competition because an experimental component on an experimental variant of the gun failed during stress testing.

The AR15 ended up being adopted because McNamara twisted their arm. Then it was issued with two serious faults: a different propellant from the one specified that caused reliability issues, and soldiers being told it was SPACE AGE and didn't need cleaning.

I can see and can excuse a mistake being made with the propellant, but I can't in any way think of how they thought issue the guns as not needing cleaning could have been made unless it was deliberate. The person who gave that order should have been shot as a traitor.

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Space Rifles?

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With all the seriousness I can muster, what will the Space Force's first service rifle be like?
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Negligent discharge.

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I just shot my shot the handle off my fucking sock drawer.
I'm so fucking mad right now. And ashamed I was this fucking careless. Tell your stories I'll tell mine.
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