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Revolver General

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Contact Shot Master Race Edition

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Truck gun thread

Post truck guns
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let's see what you've got
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Did the F-117 ever have an air to air role? Or was it always strictly a bomb truck?

Subsonic, but it seems like it could have been pretty deadly at air to air during the cold war infancy of stealth. The USSR had no real counter.
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ITT: Ugly firearms

I'll start

What the fuck was Ruger thinking with the LCR??
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How much are Manhurin worth in the US?
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Hey /k/, don't pass by here at all but I've been asking myself some questions and was referred here since there's a lot of military folk that can give some answers.
I'm looking to join the Navy as a Damage Controlman to have the experience/training for when I get out, to get a job, hopefully, as a fireman. I'm just looking to avoid college, in all honesty, I want to get to work now.
Has anybody in the Navy? What was your experience like and what can you tell me about what you did after your experience? I'm just worried that I'll enlist and have wasted my time.

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Happened in my home town

Interesting question, in a situation like this can you claim self defense ?
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Our New Leader

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How much regrets will i have if i buy pic related?
I have only owned one other lelkek product, the ksg, and it isn't too bad of a gun. I looked around a bit and it looks like its a mix between a shit load of problems with the gas and running like a dream.
Should i pull the trigger and just dump 1500 on one?
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