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redpill me on skinwanker
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pistols lol

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Aesthetic looking pistols thread
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>At the Legion’s headquarters, the commanding general, Christophe de Saint Chamas (good Catholic, father of seven, graduate of the French military academy Saint-Cyr), pursued the theme. He said, “He is the walking wounded of life when he arrives. When he comes I can protect him. I can protect him from what he tells me about his past. His past becomes a force that can be used to turn him into a good soldier."


Why haven't you taken the Legion pill yet /k/?
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Teacher At Stoneman Douglas High School Arrested After Leaving Gun In Bathroom Stall

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He left the gun in the bathroom “by accident.”
Archived for you : https://archive.is/ykELj
Anyone guilty of this?
On a side note: the drunk homeless guy at the school is funny.


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Ok /k/, am I a fucking idiot for wanting to spend $1.4k on a PS90?
These things seem to be pure unobtainium right now and my local shop actually has one in stock.
Worst case scenario is I could always resell it later at a premium with all this AWB talk going on.
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Any innawater stories you’d like to share, anon?
I’m here to listen
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Pimp My Gun Thread

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Do you think the HK MR556 (civilian version of the hk416) is an overpriced piece of shit? ( like most people on the internet say ) or do you think its just peasants dismissing it simply because they cant afford it.
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how realistic is this?
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Military grade firearms increasingly available to terrorists in Europe - report

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