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Duterte ask Putin for modern weapons

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So what should we expect?
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Hey /K/ bong here just got my fork license approved by the police, what fork do you think is best for self-defence? keep in mind legally forks are only allowed to have four prongs and each prong can't not be longer than 3 inches long.

I was thinking of getting pictured, but it seems a bit advanced for me any suggestions on an alternative?
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how do i get a DShK?
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Could you shoot down a plane with a PTRD?
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Live vicariously through me /k/

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My grandfather is a WWII history enthusiast and gun lover. He doesn't have much money, but he still let me live with him for free the entire time I was in college. I graduated years ago and live on my own. I also just got a kickass promotion that requires me to move across the country, and the money is great. I was thinking I could buy him a really interesting WWII milsurp weapon as a way to show my appreciation before I move away.

I have limited knowledge of WWII guns. There are only a few I've researched due to my own personal interest... I tried those first, but I'm coming up dry.

>can't afford a P-08
>all the nazi P-38s I find are way overpriced
>same with type-II Vis 35's
>every Swedish Mauser (M94, M96, M38) I find is absolutely haggard with the bore shot out

What other good guns should I look at? Euro or US only, no Slav or Nip stuff please. The budget is $800 preferably, up to $1000 for a good deal.
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Concert protection?

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How do you protect yourself when going to a concert?

You're most definitely gonna get frisked/sent through a metal detector so you can't carry a gun. Also, you if you're in some monarchist shithole, you can't even carry any weapons and are not even allowed to defend yourself.

So how do you stay alive at a concert???
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why is the su-33 so sexy and why is russia switching over to the mig-29 for carriers?
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Sig vs HK

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Sig Sauer p226 Tacops 9mm or HK USP .45 Tactical? $950 each.

Also Sig vs HK.

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ITT: 10/10 fictional wars ONLY
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Hey /k/ looking for a new CCW pistol. local pawn shop has a VP9 for 449. anyone know anything about these guys? i know they are slightly larger then a Glock 19 but was just trying to see if you all think its a good buy
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