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EDC Thread

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>Worn edition

Guess muh age
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Why is the Ukrainian military so shit?
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Is there really any point in replacing the G36? Were the overheating issues really severe enough to warrant replacing the entire weapon system after 20 years of service, or are the Germans just shovelling money into their defence industry?
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I know nothing about optics at all and I'm looking to put a 1x RDS on an FS2000. I really don't even know what I want. I like the idea of a small optic like the MRO, but I also like the use of more common batteries and the holdover reticle of things like Eotechs.

Anything I should be thinking of that would help narrow my options? Anything I should just outright stay away from?

What about the Meprolight Tru-Dot RDS? I like the auto on and off feature.

Normally I can narrow my choices down to a couple when I'm mulling shit over like this, but I've been watching reviews and shopping around for a couple months now and don't really feel like I've learned anything useful.

Thanks guys.
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Do not buy this knife, it's too thick behind the edge, it struggles to cut through simple cardboard and can't slice for shit.
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/k/ what do you know about this rifle?
What silencer is that?
Also, thats some badass guile suit right their.
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Gun Friendly Wisconsin

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So, any Wisconsin bros on this board? I have to ask, so far what is your opinion on gun laws in the badger state? Should we be more lax or we good for now or should there be more improvements?
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It's Sunday.

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"Zealous Operation"

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So what do we all think of this?

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