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/brg/ Battle Rifle General

What could have been edition

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Why Don't Other Nations Besides the U.S. Use Catapults To Launch Aircraft off a Carrier Deck?

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Was Watching this video of how the Catapult system on the USS Hornet works and wondered why no one else uses it?
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Congratulations, Orbital Drop Shoc/k/ Troopers! Today, the Covenant has decided to attack Earth, and a carrier has slipped through our defences.

Intercepted transmissions suggest the commander of this ship, the Solemn Penance, is a Prophet - one of the Covenant's heirarchs. Needless to say, this is a chance we cannot afford to lose.

Unfortunately, however, all of our modern gear is now checked out after equipping boarding teams with sniper rifles, and all we have is a selection of 20th and 21st century firearms, for some reason.

We're seeing reports of Grunts, Jackals, Elites, Brutes, Drones, Hunters and a number of AFVs -including Scarabs.

What is your squad makeup, /k/?

>5 people
>Urban combat and ship boarding action
>Naval, Marine, Army and Air Force assets on standby
>Can only equip with stuff that exists in the real world
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Thoughts on internally suppressed handguns
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Mossberg Shockwave

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i never had a mantis knife and i want to try one(pic related).did anyone have any experience with them before.i don't want to use it for fighting.mostly for camping or everyday use.i'm sure there are better options for survival knives but mantis design looks unique.i want to know if they are easy to use
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Vietnam pics thread

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Post/discuss pics from the Vietnam War
Preferably more obscure ones
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Calling all Arisaka Type 99 Weebs

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I picked this up at the flea market today for $260. It is all matching including the dust cover and has an airplane sight. I know nothing about these things but jumped at it just based on a wild guess. My only real concern is the shineyness of the stock. However, I THINK this is early war because of the steel stock so maybe they had time back then to include lacquer on the stock. How bad did I get jewed?
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