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thoughts on Forgotten Weapons? is he the best firearms educator ever?
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>want a VP9sk for carry
>see pic related
>Even with apex trigger will be much cheaper

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3-D printing

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Any /k/omandos making 3-D firearms for themselves for example the shuty ap9(pic related) what's everyone's thoughts on it doing so.
Also post your own homegrown weapons 3d printed or not.
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So /k/ tomorrow I'm going to buy the rough rider in .22 bee sting how do I go about fanning the hammer?

Potential ban on 80% firearms

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Bill introduced to outlaw 3d printed guns and 80% parts among other things. Surprised I haven't seen it posted before. I was trying to post a link but 4chan is being a huge faggot right now.
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Should l buy a ksg?
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How come you never mention this guy?

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Infograph Thread

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>no infograph thread
let's fix that

Albania has 5.7 concrete bunkers for every square kilometre (14.7 per square mile)

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>The concrete bunkers of Albania are a ubiquitous sight in the country, with an average of 5.7 bunkers for every square kilometre (14.7 per square mile). The bunkers (Albanian: bunkerët) were built during the communist government of Enver Hoxha from the 1960s to the 1980s; by 1983 a total of 173,371 concrete bunkers had been constructed around the country.[1][2]

>Hoxha's programme of "bunkerization" (bunkerizimit) resulted in the construction of bunkers in every corner of the then People's Socialist Republic of Albania, ranging from mountain passes to city streets. They were never used for their intended purpose during the years that Hoxha governed. The cost of constructing them was a drain on Albania's resources, diverting them away from more pressing needs, such as dealing with the country's housing shortage and poor roads.

>The bunkers were abandoned following the collapse of communism in 1990. Most are now derelict, though some have been reused for a variety of purposes including residential accommodation, cafés, storehouses, and shelters for animals or the homeless. A few briefly saw use in the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s

Is Albania the most /k/ place in the world?
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The PPQ is a downgrade from the P99 in everyway. Change my mind.
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