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I know everyone (gq) loves to shit on them, but is there any product they have that you guys like?
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what’s your dress setup?

Economy of training

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I have a question regarding shooting 9mm vs 45 acp and other calibers.
If I spend all my range time shooting 9mm should I be able to shoot a 45 about just as well?
9mm is a tad bit cheaper which allows me to shoot more.

Ear protection

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Tonight I offer any one of you the opportunity to own the genuine ear protectors of notorious serial mass shooter Sam Hyde.
(He can’t keep getting away with this)
I’ll accept offers on this incredible piece of murderer memorabilia.
Who knows when next he will strike?
And where on Earth he was parted from these fine examples of the ear protector-makers craft?
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>4in groups w/keyhole T 50yds
>for literal Nerf gun levels of accuracy
>the ATF still might shoot your dog

Who on earth thought this was a good idea lmao
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Marlin 1895 series

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I’ve been looking into getting one but I’m hearing mixed reviews. Just wondering if anyone has one and could give some insight.
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Sugoi news. Burma ordered six Su-30SMs.

Sukhoi will grow larger.

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So how bad did I fuck up /k/?

This is all in retrospect, since I made the trade in 2014...but I'm starting to think I gypped myself. After I got back from Afgh in 2010, I bought myself an Valmet M83s in excellent condition for $3000 (pic related). After a while I realized it probably wasn't a good fit since I couldn't innawoods without worrying about scratching it. So, I decide to get something more utilitarian. Go to my LGS and trade it for:

> Armalite AR10 TAC16
> Trijicon ACOG
> 300rds of .308
> Boresnake

How bad did I do, /k/? Also general bad trade/purchase thread
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Does the MI24 and it's derivatives still compare favorably with western attack helicopters like the AH-64 Apache?
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Sticky situation

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I was just called by my recruiter telling me my waiver has been denied (medical). Feels like a punch in the gut. This is all I ever wanted to do. Now I can't and I don't even know how to describe how I feel.. has any of you went through this? What the hell do I do now? Am I going to feel like this for the rest of my life knowing that my dream is dead.
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