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maintaining opsec hard?
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Gulf War I vet >> AMA

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OK guys, Gulf War combat vet here, with a few glasses of scotch in me.... willing to answer anything I can about the ground war in west/northwest iraq in 1991.
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Why are Spanish Mausers so cheap?

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While looking around for a nice VZ24 at a gun show I stumbled across a few spanish mausers that were barely breaking $200. Some as low as a little under $150. What makes them so cheap? These rifles weren't in bad shape either. I considered picking one up just to have another Mauser but the price really turned me off to them as "not collectible."

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Post m1 Grande porn

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Why did the Americans allow the Russians to take the lead in the Airborne Tank race?

Hell, the Americans don't even have an airborne tank!
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Gun porn thread. Unexpected hnnng edition

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What is /k/'s opinion on Forgotten Weapons? I don't even own any firearms but I watch a lot of content related to them.

Any other recommended youtube channels that cover as much history as this guy does?
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I only really care about how a gun looks, in the end they all do the same thing which is fire a shell.

Gunsmithing General - /gg/ - It's Just Legos

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Maybe it'll last three days edition.

Gunsmithing pastebin:

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what plane is this?

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it looked like a world war two plane but someone told me it was vietnam?
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