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How many seconds would the USA last in a nuclear war against Russia?

Realistically speaking, how could the Pentagon operate after the Kremlin sends 1000 cobalt enriched warheads toward them from mobile platforms?
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Fudd gear thread.
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Battle Rifle General /brg/
Post your battle rifles, and battle rifle accessories.

Happy Sunday, /brg/, does anyone happen to own a Z24 scope, or a Hensoldt ZF mod two? Pic is of my rifle, although I've replaced the stock to match as well as installed a metal lower.
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So suppressors.. It is completely legal to buy a suppressor in Tennessee without paperwork? Do they verify that you are a resident of Tennessee before they sell you one? Is it legal for someone who lives in another state to go their and buy a suppressor?
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If the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is, as gun owners so often assert, to enable the people to rebel against the government, then why does the Constitution explicitly authorize the government to crush insurrections?
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I have an autistic question. This is the insignia of the 816th TD Battalion. Would their vehicles have this instead of regular round "Search Seek Destroy" insignia that all TDs seem to have? Would this be only for uniforms?

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Remember /k/, if you aint Cav, you aint shiiioohhh wait a min. Well, most of the 19 Dumbasses I knew were insufferable cunts, so I guess they will fit right in. and remember /k/, there was "one" standard all through AIT. And yes, the PAO said that with a straight face.
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Lets talk about PMCs.
Future of warfare? Failed experiment?
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Patches - Operator collectibles

Put them on jackets, hats, backpacks, gear or panels which can be found in the pastebin.


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