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tanks are obsolete

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>invest in all kinds of ridiculous bullshit like reactive armor, composite armor, and countermeasure systems that blind enemy missile warheads
>need to feed the engine every couple of hours with a long line of thin-skinned fuel trucks
>warheads are being developed specifically to defeat reactive armor

Has the tank finally had it's day?
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Apocalypse Load Out

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so here is the scenario: A portal to hell opens and an army of demons and shit invades the earth.

So you have to kill these demons like in doom.
what would you use if this happened for some random reason?

1. What would you use as your main weapon.
2. What would you use as a side arm.
3. what heavy weapon would you use.
4, what sort of ammo would you use.
5, also what would you wear, ie BDUs and cevlar.
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P30 and bitter Glockfags

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What is it about the P30 and the simple discussion of it that makes seething Glockfags come out of the woodwork?
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Space force gayness

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What does /k/ think of this article? Space force mainly involving maintaining total military superiority and provide orbital air strikes to the surface. Maybe eventually escort transport ships to new colonies

BREAKING: BAESystemsInc has won the USMC Amphibious Combat Vehicle program

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The SuperAV has beaten the Terrex 2 for the ACV 1.1 program
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Is it true that soldiers in ancient times did not experience PTSD nearly as much as modern soldiers?
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Quick question, why can't we just make bullets with high explosives as propellant and use thick barrels to get higher velocities?
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Chris/SmallArmsSolution is BACK on Youtube!

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I am glad he is back on Youtube... I've always enjoy his content.
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Dubs names my M16
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you've gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?"

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Well, do ya, punk?
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