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If I got ticketed for misdemeanor trespassing when I was 16-17 in Canada, and I want to apply for my pal now that I'm 20 am I SOL /k/?
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UK Weaponry Thread

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I wanna buy a gun for self defence /k/, but I like in the UK. what can I actually buy that I can defend myself with?

Please post your top UK self defence weapons with names, my friends think the same thing so we are all kinda looking. Thanks for the support guys!
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Well, /k/? What does her sign say?

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Be respectful, she is an Air Force vet.
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So, I've got an interest in guns, and of course, being English I've never fired one, but a while ago I found this walking the dog, wondering if anybody could tell me anything about it, and what it could have been shot from.
To me it looks like weird size, to small to be a rifle round, and automatic and pistols are a rarity in England to say the least, so, what is it.
Bottom says F. N. M (a bankrupt Portuguese company) and 82-10.
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Best bomber coming through

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lol, it's only 9mm thread

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Post your best memes about everyone's favorite underpowered meme round.

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You're now the main character in a 1980's-esque action movie.

What is your signature gun?
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How are you Liking Your Rough rider anon?
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>pic unrelated

Hello my /k/ brothers, I come to you for advice, comrades.
I'm 21, in the market for my first firearm. Discuss.

/k/ vidya thread

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>Be Jap Commander
>Only 1 or 2 SLs actually mark arty
>Because of bolt action everyone pics SL as just an "SMG class" and don't even know they have binoculars
>Tell one of the few Squad Leaders with an arty mark down I'm dropping arty on it and to hold his mark
>Mid way through calling arty he changes his mark to like 20 meters away from the point
>Kicked for teamkilling
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