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Used this thing in BF1 and looked it up a bit. Apparently this thing is one of the worse guns ever made as the the open magazine got a lot of mud in them.
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Battle Rifle General

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/BRG/ Battle Rifle General

FA(i)L a shit and trip Sa/k/uya is best Sa/k/uya
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cute planes

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We got the fucking F-35 instead of this ultra qt
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Ok STALKERS, thought experiment time.

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Scenario, you're deep inna zone and this happens right in front of you?

How do you react?

Pic unrelated. Originally it was going to be a webm but I can't get the converter to play nice.
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The most powerful military in the world can't fight without complete control of the skies
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What the fuck where they thinking?
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Insertion Problem

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Probably a dumb question, but my M1916 Spanish Mauser came without a cleaning rod. I ordered one online, and it finally got here, but...

It's a lot shorter than I expected. Is that wrong somehow? Also, I tried inserting it into my rifle, but it only got as far as pic related before it stopped and wouldn't go any further, despite some gentle pushing and also trying to screw it in. So what, if anything, am I doing wrong here?


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what do /k/ think of Jesse James?
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Looking for /k/ommando that shot Dogman

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Hello /k/, /x/phile here looking for the /k/ommando who came over to /x/ on 2/26/2017 and told a story about him and his buddies encountering the Michigan Dogman. They believed at first it may have been a coyote but discovered it wasn't and shot it. Currently trying to do some research on the topic and if the /k/ommando who shot him sees this post a reply would be much appreciated.