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thinking about getting a semi auto 308, should I get a scar 17s or a MR762?
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what's up /k/illas I've got a question about the US Army:
If I enlist as an SPC with an option 40 contract, let's say on my 22nd birthday, will I be free to go to Europe on my 26th birthday? Assuming the Army has no need to keep me active beyond the 4 year mark? I'm trying to plan out and streamline the next several years of my life. Thanks.
>inb4 >>>/meg/

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>spent close to 700 dollars on a henry
>it's shit

I want to die
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>When the military turns you down because you have Asperger's Syndrome, and according to DOD 6130.03, anybody on the autism spectrum is permanently disqualified from joining any branch of the armed forces.

Is this fair? You could turn aspies and high functioning autists into some of the most cold blooded killers on the planet if you tried. I get that the low functioning ones that are pretty much retarded don't belong, but high functioning autists can have pretty much no problems with the right therapy.
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Are there any Wehrmacht reenactors on /k/? I'm looking into purchasing a pair of replica jackboots for an early war impression, and daily use. The problem is, I'm not sure which vendor to go with. I've heard that At The Front's jackboots are of dubious quality, so I'll avoid them at least.

I've gone with lowboots up until now, since I've only done late war impressions. Any advice is appreciated.
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Best carry holster for USP Compact

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Any dudes out there have any experience with the USP Compact? I'm getting one soon and I'm looking for the primo carry holster.

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Should citizens be able to shoot police in self defense, especially in situations where the police escalated?
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6.5 Creedmoor bulpup

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I am looking for a 6.5 Creedmoor semi auto Bullpup (DPMS mag compatible). Does such a thing exist and if not how rich will I become designing it.
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I live in a super humid area and am kind of paranoid about my guns getting rusty. I clean them once a month and rub a coat of CLP on them weather I'm shooting them or not, and I put silica packets in the cases, but unfortunately I live in a third floor apartment with no elevator so buying a heavy safe is just not an option, so right now they are sitting in foam cases, which I know is bad. if I use silica gel packets and regular cleaning will I offset that? or is there something else I should be doing
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Alright, have a bit of a dilemma I'm dealing with. I'm looking to swap my current EDC for something different, and I have a couple offers that I'm considering. First off, is an M&P 9. I'm a fan of them, I've handled them, shot them, and I enjoy them.

Second option is a CZ P-07. Now, I have never really been a fan of the CZ 75 and the thin/narrow (whatever you wanna call it) slide, but I'm told the P-07's don't have that issue. I have no real experience with this model, and none of my local shops have any in stock right now to coon finger.

Anyone have any input? Pros, cons, etc?