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/k/ drawthread

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Post your drawings and or doodles, ask for and share advice.
Make requests if drawfriends willing to do them show up.

I got really bored and spent 20 minutes in MSPaint making pic related.

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so what the fuck did they actually do?

Something I saw on Netflix

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you can always count on ostruppen


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Why doesn't the US have a foreign legion like France?
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What is /k/ doing to become as formidable as possible besides their gun use know-how?

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I started lifting, mobility, and cardio training recently to build up strength and stamina since I'm a lanklet. Once I feel like I have a decent strength base I'll move on to MMA training and maybe something like parkour. I want to be able to take on almost anyone on my own.
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Gun priest thread

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Please tell all your sins of the gun unto me my son.
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Why aren't military personnel allowed to bring home captured weapons anymore? What's the point of going to war if you can't even loot your enemies?
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