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Is this my destiny?

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>Be me graduate college with a 3.45 GPA with BA in Criminal Justice and IT
>Can't find a job at all
>Go to an Air force recruiter asks me what jobs I want to do
>Can tell that he isn't really into the idea of me doing those and wants me to do something with IT
>Asks me what my PT scores are
>They were dog shit but since I have been on a 8 week workout plan I have been able to do better these scores were after 2 weeks on that plan

>1.5 mile run - 10:18
>Pull ups - 8 (still shit want to get to like 13 or 14)
>Pushups - 48 (still not as good as I want them to be)
>Sit ups - 66
>No access to swimming pool yet so can't test my swims

With these scores I would pass the entry PAST for TACP and would get me a contract

>Fill out the SF86 form
>Get all my medical records for appendix surgery from hospital
>Go to the Dr office to get his release forms from after surgery visit
>See a pretty nice sounding car me being a car guy I engage in a conversation he also parked next to me
>It's a navy recruiter
>Talk about cars etc mention that I am going for the air force to do TACP or CCT special operations in a nutshell
>Says why not the SEALs
>Say honestly that the water aspect fucks me up, I can swim but when the instructors do "shark attacks" that would fuck with me cause they wait till you release all the air then you have to untie and set up your shit back so it functions
>Exchange numbers and he says he will give my number to a special warfare recruiter who is a SEAL because he can set up workouts with me to see if I got what it takes
>say ok training with someone who was in special forces can't hurt as it will make me better and they have pool access (It will hurt physically though lol)
>He calls me 30 minutes after I met with the first guy by accident.
>Meeting with the SEAL tomorrow after he takes some PT test

>inb4 go officer
I wanna do stuff and pew pew instead of sitting in an office also air force said too dumb for officer
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Buy/Sell/Trade BST General

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Posy what you got boys
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Any of your weapons kill a man?

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Do you own a weapon that you're confident was used to kill a man anon? Any cool war take back guns? Whats its story?
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Opinions on SAP gloves? They're basically gloves with steel in the knuckles so your punches hurt more. Also if anyone knows the legality of them in NYC?
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Rate my grey man set up, /k/
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What is /k/'s opinion on this nigger?
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What's the best competency drill for handgun shooting at 10-100 yards?

I'm an average shot but don't have a lot of experience minus hitting the range with friends for a few hours every couple months or so. I'll be getting a CCW (southern states) and there's enough violent crime latently to justify owning a gun for SD I feel/think.

I'm just not sure exactly if after shooting guns for the past 6-7 years occasionally that I'm totally confident carrying a loaded handgun in my pants for EDC is not more of a liability than not. So I'd like to find a reliable gauge for that.

(i.e the only way to be confident and we'll practiced is to attend a weekend+ outdoor training seminar, emptying the magazine at 20 yards @ 50% of Jerry Miculek's speed 4ins from bullseye, etc)
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Handgun General - /hg/ - #92

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best Beretta edition/anon is not allowed to make new threads edition.

Pastebin for Helpful Tips/Buyers Guide:

Discord Shill: https://discord.gg/mYj6jbv

Shooting Guide: https://www.scribd.com/document/346633700/Git-Gud-k-s-Guide-to-Practicing-Defensive-Pistolcraft-Revision-1

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