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Alright /k/ I’m going through my aid bag tonight so I thought I might see if anyone wants to get an military medical thread going.

Ask questions, show what you have etc.
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I never knew Mormons were so /k/
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Find a flaw.
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Cold War 80s Thread

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Post some cold war 1980s shit.

Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oohFGOmcxuo
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mosin nagant

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My boyfriend received his Mosin Nagant Today.
Any advice for him ?

Also any tips on how to clean it ?
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Can anyone explain why fat people love guns and swords so much.
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New Stock Design for Ar-15s

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A New Patent Pending Design!

If you hate telescopic stock and their ability to change length, look no farther!

This Grip is attached to your stock so it will 100% not move during firing. This accessory also includs two trigger guards (one for each side) for storage to prevent accidental discharge

Can I get some pictures of modern russian wargear? Like AK-12s, gorka suits and all that jazz.

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>I´m putting together a team.
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>Turn 21
>Buy first pistol because Galivornia lmao
>Parents freak out and ask me to give it to them
How do I convince these fags to stop worrying about my gun? I don't even have any ammo in the house. They're convinced I'm going to shoot them for some unknown reason
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