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Has anyone here able to move out of the "I don't want nothing" feeling?

Don't to kill myself, but don't want to live...
Nothing makes sense and is so stupid doing everything as chore

Is there a fucking walk-through?!

How would /k/ shooter-proof a school/university?

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Ballistic glass?
Armed Security?
Excess of sandbags?
Door Barricades?

How would we do it?
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ITT: Pre-Dreadnaught battleships
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Kar98k > M1 Garand.
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Swedish mauser diopter sights?

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Anyone know about the different models on the market? There are many and I'd like to know the history on them, which one the choose

>pic related
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recent shooting inspired me to buy an AR-15
only problem is im a canadian who recently moved to the states, advice?
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China, no longer Russia is the benchmark for the US military

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>China's modernisation of its armed forces is proceeding faster than many analysts expected.

>Now, according to experts at the International Institute for Strategic Studies - the IISS - in London, it is China and no longer Russia, that increasingly provides the benchmark against which Washington judges the capability requirements for its own armed forces.

>This is especially true in terms of air and naval forces - the focus of China's modernisation effort.

A threat to surpass Russia...
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If elves designed a gun, what would it look like?
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homebrew weapons

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ayo /k/ i've been looking into makin' some homemade weapons so if you got a recipe or idea, share.