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New to 870 (Mossy shooter) action binds up after trigger pull until I let off rearward pressure on forward. Fixes?
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Spooky Adventures Innawoods

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I have nothing to contribute but this is one of the coziest threads we have and I didn't see it in the catalog so....

Anyone got any stories? The campfire is crackling!
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The most underrated pistol in history.
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Thank you for teaching me how to shoot anon. M-maybe you can teach me some other Haram things...?
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Stupid pistols

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my friend is workin on a game and he needs obscure absolutely fucking retarded guns to use as joke weapons
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>looking around for big bore rifles
>miss spell bore
> spelled vore instead
Wtf man
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Operator Thread

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None around,now there is.

Post your fave/most aesthetic/Most badass operator dudes.

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Can i not even read about starwars without some candyass telling me how bad guns are?
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using real guns in airsoft

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ITT: operational fuckups

>EgyptAir Flight 648 hijacked in 1985 by Abu Nidal terrorist group
>newbie Egyptian CT force called Task Force 777 (unit 777) trained by 1st SFOD-D gets the hit
>these niggers plant a 50 pound c4 charge underneath the plane
>54 out of 87 passengers die in the blast, alongside 2 out of 3 hijackers
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