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Did I do good /k/?

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So I ordered this bad boy today. I'm hearing a lot of good about it, but what are your guys' opinions on it?

I got the Z-5RS because I intend to SBR it in the future. I wanted something that was very compatible with mp5 aftermarket parts. The only downside I know of is that it had to come from a turkish factory. I'd have rather bought American if possible.

Anyone have an opinion on these guys?
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I'm livid, /k/. I live in PA and I was looking forward to hunting deer with a Glock 20 but the retarded fucking fudds ruined it at the last second for us. Why do they have to make everyone else suffer? Why can't they just enjoy their remington 700 without forcing it down everyone else's throats. Fucking fudds REEEEEEEEEE
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Tank turret bunker

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The concept of tank turret bunkers was inventet in the second world war by the germans.
The Swiss built some during the 90s with the turrets of obsolete Centurion tanks.
Are there any other nations who used this concept in recent time?
Pic relatet, Swiss 105mm Centurion bunker
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So the ATF just fucking showed up to my house /k/ because a couple guns I sold were used in shootings in Chicago. I can't come up with any bill of sale or any proof that I sold these guns. On a scale from one to getting buttfucked in prison how fucked do you guys think I am?
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Bore guide for pistols

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I've just purchased my first handgun and I'm excited to clean it. I've got most of the supplies but I'm missing a bore guide. Now, I know a lot of people will say:
The Bore cleaning rods are made of a softer metal and it won't damage the barrel.
There's no need for a bore guide (in general).
Use a bore snake (I have one, but prefer the cleaning rod idea).

I just prefer to have a bore guide but can't seem to find the right one for a 9mm pistol. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Is it theoretically possible to make a self-loading (there will be a magazine) semi-auto rifle that shoots paper cartridges as opposed to regular bullets?
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Does anyone have that picture of the guy standing on a hill in exceptionally good looking bloused M81 woodland pants, like they have been tailored? Need it for reasons.
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Why aren't you dating a BMP?
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Minnesota Thread: Stand Your Ground Soon Edition

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Where my MN/k/ dudes at?

Will Day-Drunk Dayton cuck us out of SYG?
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Charter Arms (Who?) Santa Fe (What?) .38

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I can get one of these at $380 for brand new. I mean it's ugly but as a poorfag who likes wheel guns, is it reliable at all? I mean, I've never fucking heard of Charter Arms before, is anyone familiar with them?