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Does this K98 stock need refinishing?

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I'm thinking yes, but I don't know what I should use and/or if I should sand it/strip off any remaining finish. If it needs refinishing, should I go for linseed oil (like the original K98s) or something else?
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dual wielding isn't pra-

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PTR 91 GI R - why shouldnt i buy one?

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Should i get a ptr 91 gi r model?
I want this as a dmr/my 308 rifle.
i have a few questions.
1 is the retractable stock worth it and is it difficult to install?
2 how can i lower the lb on the trigger so i can get better accuracy? i hear the trigger weight is very high.
3 is shooting 308 winchester regularly safe and fine? and how hot of loads can i use?
4 is it chrome lined and if not whats the barrel life like? like after how many rounds will accuracy decrease by half?
5 how bad is the brass chew up and does the port buffer do anything?
6 how well would hard cast lubed reloads work in the gun?
7 is tulammo ammo fine?
8 what sort of accuracy can i expect?
9 does it lend well to being suppressed? i have a multi cal suppressor build coming up all stainless steel. 2.75 od diameter 4.8 long( its 3 4.8 long pieces that thread into each other with m type cup baffles and it weights around 95 oz with the full 3 part config at 13.5 long).
10 how long is the main recoil spring good for and same goes for other parts of the gun like the bolt and the rollers.
11 whats the recoil like?
12 is it safe to lube the gun(like the bolt carrier group and chamber, i heard it makes extraction less damaging if the chamber is lubed but also more dangerous since it stays in the chamber for a shorter amount of time.).
13 is the receiver steel or polymer for the GI R model?
ill either be getting this or an ar10, but this seems like better quality than similar priced ar10s plus it can have a folding or retractile stock, looks a lot better and the mags are a lot cheaper.
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>blocks your path
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SAS on the streets of Manchester. looking on point m8.
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why were the yugoslavians still using the sks in the 70s?

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The Jericho is so fucking ugly.
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What is the katana of guns?
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What is this guy doing here?

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Hi /k/
I'm a Chicago fag, and my friends and I were planning a camping trip this summer. We're going to take some guns and ammo and dick around for 2 days or so. Problem is, we're in Chicago. I figure that there are some decent places up in Wisconsin to go to, but I haven't heard of any up there.
Only place we've been to is Starved Rock a few hours from the city, and it was a tad boring desu.
Suggestions? Went to /out/, didn't get much back.
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