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What is the perfect way to assassinate the pope?
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>search /bst/
>no /bst/
buy, sell, and trade shit fagets
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Where all my Kansas niggas at? Can we Midwest niggers get a /k/ansas thread going before I shit myself?


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What are some examples of engineering products that were turned into weapons for the military?

Is this practice acceptable regardless of whether or not the engineer gave consent to have their product weaponized?

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I remember when a video of these guys shooting some rifles and assaulting a concrete building caught a bunch of flak here. You can still find it searching for "Atomwaffen Training Video".

Anyway, at the time, /k/ thought they were basically LARPing poofs. Guess not.

> One of the suspects, Devon Arthurs, 18, said the victims were his roommates, and members of a neo-Nazi group called the Atomwaffen Division. Arthurs said that he’d decided to leave the group, and that he’d killed the men to keep them from carrying out what he said were their plans for violence.
> The second suspect detained by police, Brandon Russell, also lived in the apartment. Russell told the authorities he’d just returned home from a weekend of training with the Florida Army National Guard. And then Russell revealed something that should have set off alarms among federal investigators assigned to track the growing threat from armed, violent right-wing extremists. He said, and the police quickly confirmed, that the single-car garage attached to the apartment was full of explosives.

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Sub-2000 .40 vs 9mm

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Which should I get /k/?

I know in pistols 9mm is typically better but with a carbine the negatives of recoil and mag capacity matter less. What do?
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Sawing off a shotgun

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Can you really just take a chainsaw to the barrel and then bump it off with your elbow?
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>get all the highest speed gear
>dress up in military style camouflage
>train with high powered assault weaponry
>finally get call about active shooter with combat skills
>show up late
>spend a long time customizing in the loadout screen
>get cold feet because guns are dangerous
>use tear gas to set building on fire and kill everyone inside
>claim it was unintentional
>bravery medals all around
Why are American cops such cowards?
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/k/ related that kid thread

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>that kid who shot himself with a glock at school
>that kid who brought a shotgun to school and got tackled by a chad
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js 9mm

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>MP5´s magazines
>Reliable and compact.

Why is nobody importing this shit?
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