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I've been googling but couldn't find the official answer. Was Larry "Commie Killer" Thorne ever a formal member of the Nazi Party.
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/k/ Patch Thread - "Only in Death Does Patching End"

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Trade, create, and sell your patches
>Previous Thread

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches?

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AR Thread/AR General/ARG

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This shit is getting old edition

old >>35253807
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Compact Handguns

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Compact(not Sub) size handguns really tickle my almonds /k/.

Glock 19
CZ P-01
Commander/Officer size 1911s
Sig P229

Guns like these really makes my flag stand at full mass if you catch my drift. Post them, bonus if it is yours and you have a boring story behind it.
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Alright /k, I have a a few questions here.

In the event of SHTF, lets just say either economic collapse, or Nuclear attack ; will the 556 round be enough to kill attackers and enemy raider groups? What about the 7.62x 39?
Will one be more damaging over the other?

Given a cataclysmic event, food will be much more scarse, and people will be much thinner.
Just like when the US forces fought in somolia, the enemy will be much thinner, meaning less tissue and body mass to penetrate .

Ive heard multiple complaints from both rifle calibers concerning ice picking or little to no deformation/ tumbling. (But yes, I know shot placement is king, and not all bullets always do what they were designed to do.)

Is there anything to be worried about from either round?

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Now that the dust has settled, can it be said that the North Vietnamese Army had better infantry than the U.S.

>we're almost always the ones to initiate contact
>could operated deep into the south with little logistical support
>willing to get face to face with the Americans as to take away air support and artillery advantage against them
>were able to move unseen in the jungle and constantly outmaneuvered the enemy

The U.S. on the other hand seemed to use air and artillery superiority like a sledgehammer, but did its overuse come at a sacrifice of basic infantry tactics?
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Floorgotten Weapons

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>love obscure guns
>own a weird MP-40
>favorite youtube channel is forgotten weapons
>"I know, I'll invite Ian to check out my gun!"

>Ian shows up
>"A-Anon, you don't have a kitchen table?"
>I eat at my computer desk
>"T-that's okay anon, I'll just sit on the floor"
>Ian runs away after five minutes

Which one of you autists did this to Ian?

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Can someone help me pin down the model and a possible age for this revolver

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In preparation for coming gun season, show me those classic hunting rifles /K/!
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Learn more about firearms

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So /k/ I've recently taken a liking into firearms (I like all weaponry, but firearms interest me the most) and would like to learn more about them. I've been lurking for about a month, but I miss out on a lot of shit people talk about, so this board is mostly like a picture book and I'm an autistic 7 year old. With the blogging aside, what are some good reads, either books or websites, to learn more about the technicalities and exactly how guns are built and work? I don't expect to be spoonfed, but some insight would be appreciated.
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