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Smallest usable concealed carry pistol with a safety?

Bonus round: best compact concealed carry pistol with a safety?
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My state government is run by faggots. I hate them
After Heller v. DC I want very badly to sue them, hopefully forcing them to stop being faggots, but I don't have any money or political connection
How can I sue the state of Maryland?
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Are there actually people on /k/ who's dads didn't teach them how to shoot, buy them guns, etc...

Pretty sad.
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Amd 63 Handguard change

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I have an Amd 63 i bought from classic firearms a year ago and i want to change out the handguard to something with a pic rail on top, there seem to be a lot of options so does anyone know of any that don't involve any drilling or things like that? Thanks!

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/k/ I need you option should I move to a higher crime low-income area to pay less rent, to be able to spend more on guns while still being able to save significant portions of my income for non-gun things, I have no student loans or other debt, I live alone, and by moving from my current apartment to one of the ones I'm looking at I can save 8000-1200 a month on rent alone. (I make about 112k after taxes, and my expenses not not including rent/util are around 1750-2500 a month, depending on how much I eat out)
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Canada General

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New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

Previous thread: >>35891928
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H&K Thread

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Post you’re H&Ks. This is my LEO surplus USP 45 I had memecoated. Pls no bully.
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>Germany gives a bunch of bullshit rules and qualifications for their semi-auto rifles trials
>Including being able to use the rifle as bolt action
>Mauser follows all of their bullshit rules and qualifications to a T, going through a real pain in the ass to make anything that meats the requirements
>Walther says, "lol fuck that" and just makes a semi-auto rifle
>Germany picks Walther
What the fuck

AR thread /arg/ tripfag containment

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wholesome, on topic posting only edition

old >>35913673
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