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Thoughts on 686 lew Horton combat magnum?

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EDC thread, r8 and h8 edition
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How often do you clean your guns? Do you ever get lazy and pay for the range to do it?
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Do you guys get paid for your ammo before you start shooting or when it's all done? What's the right amount to get tipped for use of your guns? I'm going to take a friend for the first time and I'm not sure of appropriate etiquette.
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A question about concealed carry

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Hello /k/, I am not very knowledgeable about guns, so this may seem like a stupid question... what is the safest way to conceal carry a pistol? That is, which minimizes possible harm to one's self if the firearm is somehow accidentally discharged, but which maximizes ease of access when its use is needed?

Pic unrelated. I just grabbed a random file off of my hard drive.
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Jim Jefferies

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This Aussie cunt is extremely outspoken in his opposition to guns.
Let’s flood his twitter with guns.
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Do glocks actually explode

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What is the cause of the glocknade meme, and why do idiots propogate it, when there is no real evidence behind it.
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Caseless ammo

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Okay, can someone give me a good reason why a caseless firearm is a good idea? The only thing I can think of being useful is that it doesn't need an ejection port, but that just ensures that something will go wrong. That and the fact that a fully enclosed action could yield a welrod-like weapon capable of semi or fully automatic fire
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>Was SA just Rhodesia lite?
Also, /k/ what will you be like in your old age?
The guy in the vid is supposedly the oldest merc or sthg
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/int/craft Historical RP Minecraft Server

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IP Address:
Join the discord to get updates on the server, meet people to play with once the server comes up, and get hyped

Launched: 11/17/2017
Server Version: 1.11.2
Map is a crop of Europe
WW1 era guns and artillery
Towny, Brewery, meme recipes, word filter and more..

RP and General Rules
Contrary to previous iterations we will now state the actual rules for the server in a clear way, pre-launch. In theory, as always, there is only one rule: Don’t be a shitter. If you follow this set of rules, you are thereby not a shitter and you are in theory allowed to do what you want on Intcraft, and it will be up to the server population and community to put an end to their own disputes.
Towny War Flag will only be enabled from Friday-Sunday during specific hours, from Monday-Thursday it will be disabled. PvP will always be enabled.

Building a town/nation must be historically accurate for that location given the current time (1914 AD)
Buildings do not have to be 100% accurate, variations are allowed. But no memes.
Towns do not have to be exactly in the same geographical location as they were, but it should be in the same general area.
If you only want to pvp, find a pvp server
If you only want to buildfag, join a nation or get gud.
Nations can spread through conquest or diplomacy, but no un rp meme nations.
Towns must be in a nation (within 24 hours of its creation)
General Rules
No spam
No hacking
No advertising
No betraying
No alt accounts
No advertising /int/craft to unapproved boards/sites
No talking about Anime
Moderators and Janitors will strictly enforce these