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Can we all agree that lever action is obsolete?
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Watch thread?
Looking for watch suggestions. Been using this one my girlfriend got me for Christmas however it's developed a small crack in the bottom after a scuffle.
Now I'm looking for something more durable or cheaper to wear on a day to day basis so if I'm involved in a hands on I don't have to worry about it.
Yes I know this isn't a super fancy watch but it's still nice to me.
Any recommendations? Uniform regs means it has to be mostly black or gold.
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AR thread /arg/ tripfag containment

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black hills edition

old >>34341000
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Are fighter jets really the top gun in the battlefield and capable of turning tides of war in relatively small numbers?
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How can I make a taco a killing machine?
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Can your LGS tell you are a crazy person? I've only bought guns through private sellers because I fear that my LGS would sense that I am an unstable person even though I'm just a regular guy preparing the for the happening.
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what gun is this?
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Knife Thread:Small Knife Edition

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How many inches is enough, anon?
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Are people going to think I'm gay if I pull this out at the range?
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Hey guys, I wanna get into shooting guns, (at like a range, not hunting) collecting, and all of the fun stuff that comes with owning a gun, how do I start?

Pic related?
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