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Lone Survivor - Facts vs Fiction

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So one Survivor is widely acknowledged as a piece of fiction written by a writer of fiction. Ed Darrack has a book about the operation which is much better. Here is how it went:

>"The four-man Navy SEAL reconnaissance and surveillance team inserted on a saddle between Sawtalo Sar and Gatigal Sar (MAP) late in the night of 27 June 2005 and then moved north toward Observation Post-1. Late in the morning of 28 June 2005, the team was soft compromised (discovered by unarmed local civilians) near OP-1, and soon thereafter a team of Shah's men numbering approximately eight to ten in strength (including Shah) ambushed them."

">Shah's attack 'funneled' the team into the northeast gulch of Sawtalo Sar on the Shuryek Valley side of the mountain. The SEALs, who carried a relatively low power (5 Watt) PRC-148 radio attempted repeatedly to establish communication with combat operations centers, but couldn't effectively gain 'solid comms' due to the radio's low power exacerbated by the terrain."
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How did this thing get so popular?

Shit trigger
Shit sights
Shit ergo
Mag doesn’t drop
Shit mag release
Shit slide lock

It literally sucks at almost everything
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Anyone got the infographic on making tear gas? Trying to drive out squatters from a tenement and I found out it's legal to use chems, but I can't buy any gas here.
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How would the perfect /k/ompound look like?
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/KMG/ /k/ media general

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/KMG/ /k/ media general: moonlight madness edition.
The purpose of this general is to suggest books, movies, shows and games that have accurate depictions of weapons, tactics and abilities. The goal of this general is to familiarize noguns and underage lurkers with the subject, increase knowledge of existing /k/ommandos and to promote discussion of hypothetical events/tech.
>video games
This list will change as the general continues but the current games often talked about so far are:
Arma 3
Day of infamy
Escape from Tarkov
Wargame series
Hearts of iron series
War of rights
Some discussed here have been:
Band of Brothers
The Pacific
Lord of war
Generation Kill
Der untergang/downfall
Have had some great recommendations for literature some discussed are:
With the Old Breed
Storm of Steel
One bullet away
Low Level Hell
The 12th SS
The last full measure
One soldiers war
The first and the last
Black Edelweiss
The forgotten soldier
All Quiet on the Western Front
Catch 22
The Things they carried
Blackhawk Down
From door to door
Starship troopers
>please use this general for all media related threads like:
What gun did a movie make you want?
Could _______ from movie/game/book be possible?
Name a better /k/ movie/book/game.
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>tfw born to late and missed post 9/11 Desert Warfare
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I live in a lolnogun country. Since I was a teenager, I've dreamed of one day moving to a country where guns are legal and getting one for myself.

My country of choice for that used to be the USA, but recent events have made me think that this is going to end sooner or later. Trump might hold the Dems at bay for now, but as soon as a Democrat president hits the Oval Office, guns will pretty much be guaranteed to be made illegal in America.

So... now I need to think about another country where being a citizen allows me to legally own and carry guns there.

So far I just know Canada (a cuck country where I really don't want to go), Czech Republic (doubtful since they're subject to EU regulations), and Serbia (which is a bit of a shithole).

Where else should I think about moving?
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So how does your girlfriend feel about your love of guns?

Is she a fan too, or does she shit on it?
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Where's the magic? What am I missing that lets this work? A super light recoil spring so that even handlets and grandmas can work the slide, but reviewers claim it has stupid light recoil. Is it just combination of its size and the locked breech that allows for a light spring? If a heavier spring isn't required, why do almost all other locked breech guns have heavier springs? I can't figure out the fucking gimmick here.
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I must say - any war, but especially a modern war with all the tools of destruction two or more nations can unleash upon eachother horrifies me.

I am not blind to the facts, and if we must fight we must, but my god what monstrous destruction, suffering and horror we could cause.
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