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Canadian gas mask

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Absolute STATE of the leaf army was an embarrassment during the cold war, sure they are pretty ok now, but it's no wonder back then they didn't join the rest of us in Vietnam!

Not to mention the K1 is a copy of the US M9

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Hey /k/ my country is undergoing civil war rn, I need all the survival and offensive infographs, kits, tools, pdfs and whatever you can do to help out neutralize government forces.

Bonus points if the guns are reusable
Turbo bonus points if these are things that can be crafted quickly and are lethal
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When does being in the Army stop being a shit storm?

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I'm joining the Army and I was wondering something. When does it stop being a shit storm? As far as I understand it, Basic will just be Drill Sergeants endlessly fucking with you. When you join your unit, how much more fuckery will there be? When can you relax and be comfortable in your own skin for once?
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>This is the power of the Russian naval force
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Motorhome Gunsmith

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I'm planning on living in a Class B motorhome, any ideas on career options for someone who doesn't want roots? I am wanting to be a gumsith but have no clue if it's a desirable trade, post comfy RV and opinions
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Do you know if scrap yards will buy large quantities of spent steel case ammo or brass ammo?

Which branch is the best for infantry and why?

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I want to be an infantryman. Should I go U.S. Army or Marine Corps? Why? What does each have to offer for the infantryman?
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ITT: Bone Chilling Fuddlore

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>If you fill a magazine to full capacity, you'll damage it
>"I carry a .22 in my purse for bear attacks"
>aluminum guns should never be fired unless it's an emergency
>It's illegal to reload ammunition, isn't it?
>shotguns are illegal if they hold more than 2 rounds (non hunting)
>It's illegal to own guns if you attend this university, even if you live off campus
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