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ANOTHER infographics thread:

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Post your best infographs here.

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do you guys have any /k/nife throwing tips?

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So all this talk of gun control, but never did anyone realize that most of the people that commit crimes with guns are Millenials/Blacks?

You mean to tell me no one thought for a single second that we should just increase the age for gun ownership and take away blacks rights to own guns?

Before you scream SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED consider the rest of the document no one reads, black people were only given freedom from slavery under the amendments, but never entitled to any of the rights, hell the Bill of Rights was never even addressed to anyone who was black, they don't apply, they never did.

Why the fuck don't we just stop blacks from owning guns?
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Quick red pill, remove cosmoline in 3 mins

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If you ever want to remove cosmoline,cheaply,and fast, break down whatever it is, and bring it to the coin car wash and use the high pressure soap.

Boom done, did 3 SKS's in about 3 mins.


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How'd I do /k/?
>First Gun
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Obviously bullets and ordinance are merely symptoms of war. They never cure the sickness of conflict.

So let's talk bioweapons.
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How do I physically work up and mentally work up to shooting guns with hard kick?

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Are there more rifles like that two shot that has a locking thing and it's like a cylinder you twist and then open and the casings plop out?????


Should a p84 radom in 32acp for Pocket carry???
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Autists with guns

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Post idiotic things people do to you/your guns when you hand them anything remotely resembling a lethal weapon
>give retard friend my k98
>he takes the bolt and cycles it like he's trying to rupture another man's anus
>yell at him
>grab it from his hands
>tell him about its value and how you've got to work it gently
>hand it back to him
>pushes the bolt forward but nothing happens
>flip shit again and tell him about the LRBHO
Why are people so autistic around weapons?
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