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How much money does it cost on average to train a U.S Army soldier, equip him, have him reach the rank of Sergeant and then have him get KIA and shipped home?

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What's the longest you have held your poo or pee?
pic unrelated

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how long until simulations in VR accurately reflect gun use? is this vr's killer app?

imagine holding a replica rifle with accurate weight and balance- and a sim that models it so well that it jams. rounds account for spin and wind, grains. to simulate kick, use a weighted spring that rams into your shoulder
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Is it true you have to shower nakie next to other guys in the millitary?

i-i have a small wiener and don't want to be made fun of
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If there is a active shooter and I can sneak behind them with knife in photo, what's the best place to strike to end the threat?
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AR thread

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marin crops edition

old >>33456845
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Artillery accounted for the majority of fatalities during WWII.
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