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/meg/ Military Enlistment General

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Five foot high Korean stacks edition

>Lieing about medical record

>Lieing about criminal record


>IRC Channel
>implying anyone uses IRC
#MEG on Freenode
If you're on mobile look up AndroIRC for the app. Any questions, ask in the thread to get you set up.


For Ranger info, obviously.

SEAL/SWCC site with videos and fitness plans and a forum

All around SOF website. Great info and run by former/active members of every SOF unit. Mentor program. Also has forums for international SOF.

For all Army SF info.

For Navy Corpsman info.

This is an all-inclusive thread for MARSOC/Force Recon stuff. Good site for Marines info too.

For Coast Guard info. Good site, lots of vets able to answer questions.

For info on the Australian Defense Force, and how you can shitpost on the world stage.

Naval Aviator forum with info on Navy OCS as well

US Army High school to Flight school

Before you ask a question, check the FAQ

>Should I go Navy Enlisted Nuke???
tl;dr: Long hard school, to do shitty work, and the job prospects are a lie.

Which branch are you enlisting/enlisted/considering?
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One finger finger gun or finger gun with two fingers? What do you think /k/?
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Since most wars nowadays are against insurgency groups, does that mean planes like these will become more common with the time?
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Where do Chicago's guns come from?
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>Carrying without a round chambered
Surely no one on the weapons board does this. If so, why do you bother carrying your pistol shaped brick?
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ITT: Shit noguns tried to tell you.
>Handguns dont have rifled barrels because any gun with a rifled barrel has to be called a rifle
>The "BAR" in M1918 BAR stands for "Bunker Assault Rifle"
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/arg/ AR General

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AR General
Tripgag baby sitting

Stories from the gunshow edition

Old >>35559445
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Unpopular Opinion Time

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In this thread, you post unpopular opinions and explain why. I'll begin.

I honestly believe that Beretta firearms are both overpriced and are ugly as sin. I can quite literally go out and buy a $400 shotgun that can do the same job as anyone of their $1,200+ shotguns.
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Are blackpowder guns fun to shoot?

I like doing stuff like reloading, it's kinda meditative.
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What can you tell me about the Glock 17? Will be training as an LEO and will be issued one. No experience with anything other than shotguns and .22 bolt action due to restrictions.
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