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How to hold and aim a rifle

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I have never fired a firearm, but I have had exposure into the subject, i.e youtube, reading etc. But still, there's one aspect about that I can't remember anyone talking about:
Do you use your dominant hand on the grip or on the barrel of a rifle
I know it seems too simple and obvious, but for me it showed to be very counter intuitive once I stopped to think about it. I'm a right handed person, but I've always held "guns" (BB guns, airsoft...) by holding their grip with my left hand, and using my right hand to move the barrel and aim the gun. I did it naturally, because it feels weird to have my good hand sitting on grip while actively using my near-useless left hand to move the barrel and aim.

So, how is it supposed to be done? 90% of the pictures of people holding guns (which I assume are from righties) have them holding the grip their right hand, and even in games it works this way by default.
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/k/ approved waifus

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Vigilante loadout

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you know the drill boys
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New Coke../k/ equivalent?

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>This date, 33 years ago the cautionary tales of New Coke born were born.

>Looking back what is firearms and /k/ equivalent of New Coke in this current era?

9mm Lowers - Good, Bad & the Ugly

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I want to buy a 9mm stripped lower for a later build. Want something inexpensive but quality. Not concerned with looks so much but prefer the lowers that hold the mag at an angle vs vertical like pic related. What are some good suggestions or more importantly what are the ones to avoid? Thanks in advance.
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Handgun General - /hg/ #96

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new anime gun store

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I'm planning to open a gun store in LA or Cali

> What space guns should I carry?
> Airsoft and firearms, or only firearms?
> What figurines should I stock?

Also trips names my store.
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>you'll never be sent on a search and rescue op with a platoon of space Marines and end up killing xenos with smartguns and pulse rifles and nuking a colony.
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Favela Overwatch Edition
>Thread #599

Old thread here >>37639649
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/k/ is there any way to to turn one of these realistic masks into an actual fighting helmet that doesn't fuck my vision or sight and provides ballistic protection?

>center pic
This thing behind the sight of a gun would scare the willies out of me, I want to have that power.
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