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Gear Queer Thread /gq/

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Innawoods/desert kit pic edition.

>/gq/ approved LBE + IFAK + More (embed)

>/k/ holster list (embed)

join us on Discord (if you're gay):

old >>33415202
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Noguns of /k/, why don't you own one?
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africa edition
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You are put in charge of designing a next gen MBT and it must be able to BTFO every current gen tank.

What do.
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MidwayUSA Sale

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Continuation of >>33433459 because of post limit
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Let's see your ranges /k/
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>go to concealed carry class
>guy tells me to hold gun like pic related
>learned when I was young to hold a gun will all fingers on the handgaurd until ready to fire so that if you drop it you dont tighten your grip and put your finger on the trigger
>this is a common reflex if you are going to drop something
>hold it the way i have for my whole life
>guy chews me out
>wont let anyone go onto firing rage until i hold it the right way
>tell him i am holding it the right way
>other guy speaks up and says his dad taught him the same way
>guy tells us both to wait outside
>isn't going to let us complete the course
>other guy knows the store owner personally and gets him to come back to the range and tells the guy to let us shoot and complete course
>guy is pissed the whole time and looks like hes ready to shoot us

why are gun people so sure of their dumb fuddlore? Is it because its the only thing in their life that gives it any meaning or authority?
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Hazing rituals in the US military

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This is fucked up
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MEG Thread

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Continuing the old one
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California Meetup Thread

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Bane of Wagecucks Edition

[Date]: April 22nd, 23rd (Two Days, Overnighter)
[Location]: Front parking lot of 46378 W Panoche Rd (a Subway)
[Time]:Rally at 8AM, Departure at 9AM (Anons will be on site early to claim our spot from normies.)

Garden variety BLM meetup. This one is great for those who are too poor to go to Lucky Slav but still want to get in on the meets.
Also a great place for those who haven't been to one of our meets before as it's easy to get to. Best compromise for you SoCal goyim since it's halfway between Norcal and Socal and within pissing distance of I-5.

If you'd like more information (like a real goddamn map), would like to plan carpool, or just chat with a fuckton of California anons, consider joining our Slack. To join, make a burner email address using any online service and reply to the OP with it, and you'll get an invite sent to your inbox.

We do inactivity purges every now and again, if your account was disabled, just yell at me with the name and I can click it back on.

In addition to the meet above, we have more meetups coming up.

Meetup in an abandoned fucking ghost town. DO. NOT. MISS. Everyone who has been agrees that it makes the rest of the meetup spots look like shit.

Date: May 25th - May 28th


Date: July 19th - July 23rd

The Californian /k/onvoy out to Arkadia Ranch this year. We're going to be setting out the afternoon of the previous day and bedding down in Battle Mountain NV as we did last time so we can be on site as soon as Creepfinder opens up shop on the 20th. Bring good fukken tires so you don't get KEKED AGAIN like me and namseal.
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