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ITT /k/ approved literature

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Gear Queer Thread /gq/ General

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fucking slav shit edition
>/gq/ approved LBE + IFAK + More (READ FIRST) (embed)
>/gq/ approved IFAK(Medical) guide (embed)
>/gq/ approved pouches (embed)
>/k/ holster list (embed)
>/gq/ approved Radio Equipment (embed)
>join us on Discord
>google drive of current /GQ/ issues

old /polshit/ thread >>34869697
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Do you think Nerf guns could make kids into having real weapons in the future?

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>watching cop show
>homicide investigation
>victim found with single gunshot to the head
>loaded gun and unspent round next to body
>investigators collect witnesses
>ID suspect
>police weapons specialist says gun found at the scene was a high point
>magazine couldn't be unloaded
>gun jammed, victim tried to clear the jam
>while he was doing this the other dude (who was in a wheelchair) pulled his sidearm and shot him

High point. Not even once
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What did you name your rifle at basic training, /k/?
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What do you want, /k/?
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How to make my government allow guns?

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The gun communities and normal people had tried everything, videos on youtube, petitions even letters to a president, nothing had worked yet are there alternate measures? Right now you can own any muzzle-loader, as many as you want, without any paperwork you only need a european firearm pass to buy a black powder in licensed shops, however you can buy/exchange from other shooters without any documents.
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I did this myself, a bit loose on the fit, but is it a possibly lethal weapon

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or future weapons in general
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How useful would this hammer be in actual combat?
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