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Royal Navy

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There is nothing wrong with comscription:
>training in arms and improvement in physical fitness
>cringey military worship finally ends when every able bodied man goes through military training

The only thing that should be voluntary are overseas deployments.
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Realistically how would The government use nukes against its citizens?

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Would they leverage them against conservative states or would they simply use artillery and conventional air strikes and then send in the military?
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China leads tech in transonic military planes.

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> Demonstration flights of the J-10B and J-20 jets at the latest airshow are testimony to China’s technological prowess. It no longer needs to copy foreign products and can make weapons unmatched in some areas, experts say.
>Chinese military and defense producers showed off lots of weapon systems at the biennial Zhuhai Airshow held in the southern province. But demonstration flights were among the most interesting parts of the event, partly because they really show what modern Chinese aircraft can do. After all, a specifications sheet may be influenced by wishful thinking and false advertising, but in the air you can either perform a Pugachev Cobra or you can’t.
>The expert added that even now it’s clear that at speeds around the Mach number, the J-20 is most likely unrivaled at the moment.
> Any aircraft is a product of compromise. The designers have to prioritize some goals over others. The Chinese aircraft is optimized for transonic speeds, and in this range it rules supreme.
>Air superiority aircraft is just one military area where China has demonstrated spectacular progress over the past decade or so. It has greatly empowered its Navy by deploying advanced submarines, completing its first domestically-built aircraft carrier and creating several new interesting ship classes like the Type 055 destroyer. It improved its anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles and is rapidly developing space assets. And its reliance on foreign suppliers becomes less acute by the year.

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>akshully the special forces hate the Scar

where do this meme come from?
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How to gun on the cheap?

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>want to get a starter gun, .22 boltgun because cheap ammo
>gun costs 450 minimum
>magazines around 30
>safe 250
>eyepro, earpro, cleaning kit and tools, ammo and snapcaps, case/bag, sling, range renting
>not to mention some decent glass
Goddamit, I just want to pew.
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Remember that saying the government wants to take your guns to implement tyrrany is an insane conspiracy, and you will be nuked if you refuse.
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Patch Thread

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Trade, create, and sell your patches
>Previous Thread

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches?

>Thread Theme
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22lr nugget

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The gun shop by me has this for 400 should I get it? Read the extractors are finicky and hard to find.

Which gun has a lower recoil the M4A1 Carbine or the AKS-74U

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Which of these guns have a lower recoil?
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