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/ak/ Thread: THICC POLICE edition

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What gun triggers liberals the most? I mean produces full on hooting shrieks of butthurt rage the moment they see you OCing one.
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Battle Rifle General

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Paratrooper general
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Why are Russians crazy?

What's the purpose of Grads in the Arctic Circle?
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What happened with these? Weren't they supposed to be revolutionary or replace SMGs, or at least bridge the gap between them and assault rifles? Why does it seem like they haven't done much? Are they just not well-designed or awkward or inefficient? Has their design or concept influenced future or current gun designs?
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Recent Acquisitions

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Show us your latest purchase, Anon.

Just got back from the local gun show. Been wanting one of these for some time, finally found one for $500. Also picked up 6,300 rounds of Remington golden bullet for $470. How'd I do /k/?
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Name a flaw.
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dumb family members

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>11pm yesterday
>mom says she thinks someone is outside
>tell her i'll go look
>go to get my headlamp and 12 gauge
>she walks straight out the front door unarmed
>mfw we live in a part of the city that is the cutoff point between the hood and everything else
>there's been several robberies around here in the last couple weeks

have you guys ever experienced stupid shit like this?
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Stan's Our Man

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>Fakes his own death.
>Assumes identity of his brother.
>Lives Innawoods.
>Owns old shack full of weirdness.
>Deals with more weirdness, cryptids, and spooks on a daily basis.
>Owns ten guns.
>Carries brass knuckles.
>No luck with women.
>Obsessed with Shekels.

He's one of us, isn't he?
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