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this guy is woke AF
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Battle Rifle General

Peasantry Edition
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread.

Old thread >>36479922

I'm an Illinois resident with a FOID and CCW. If I move to another state while keeping my house in Illinois, can I keep my CCW and FOID? Can I buy guns from the state I'll be moving to?
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Could Japan have conquered China and the rest of East Asia if they didn't get caught up in Hitler's autism and provoke the Americans?
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Which one have you met, /k/?

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Met 1 and 2
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Chinese spies in the US military

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Why does America allow chink spies to operate with such impunity? You even let them join your military and ascend to high ranks. It's crazy.

Spoiler: Overseas Chinese are loyal to the PRC, even five generations down the line. Look at Southeast Asia Chinese minorities. Or the fact pic related was "Taiwanese" yet still served the PRC.
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>Ummm anon Sweetie do you really nEeeEEed those guns? Guns cause crime and death you know

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>The US Army and the Department of Homeland Security are designing a simulation of school shooting situations for teachers. Multiple players take the role of a teacher trying to keep students safe during a shooting; a law enforcement officer trying to apprehend the shooter; and the shooter, whose avatar may be that of an adult or a child. It’s a grim project, but one that the creators hope will help teachers stay calm in a real emergency.

>What is EDGE?
>The Enhanced Dynamic Geo-social Environment (EDGE) is a game-based software training application that emphasizes flexibility and ease-of-use. The First Responder Sandbox (FRS) component of EDGE allows First Responders to use a virtual environment to train coordinated responses to various types of emergency events (e.g., active shooter, hostage, fire, mayhem, etc.). This training environment may be accessed from any location via the Internet or deployed in a classroom environment.
>How do I get EDGE?
>If you intend to participate as a trainee in an EDGE training event that your organization is conducting using the CESI servers, then you only need the client software. To get the client software, simply request an account on the CESI servers by going here to request an account. Once DHS has approved your eligibility, an account will be created for you and you will receive an email with details on how to validate your account and download the client software.

I intend to keep renewing this thread until someone posts a download link.
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So there are these undersea cables that helps us use the internet with people overseas. What would be the military and civilian consequences of these cables being attacked?
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Hello /k/, I want to buy a gun, but I want to be able to carry it in my waistband or belt. I tried it with my friend's gun, but it kept falling down my pants. What kind of technique do I use, or do I need a lighter gun? Pic related.
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