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No plans to retire the A-10

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>As of the fiscal year 2018 president’s budget request, there are no plans to retire either famed the A-10 Warthog or the venerable U-2 spy plane, Air Force officials said May 23.

>Budget overview documents show that the service intends to fully fund the entire fleet of 283 A-10s, while also “extend[ing] the service of the U-2.” The RQ-4 Global Hawk, the long-endurance unmanned aircraft planned to replace the U-2, will also continue undergoing sensor upgrades.

so now what
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British police with H&K G36c in Manchester, today, one day after a bomb attack

What "heavy equipment" do the police forces in other countries use?
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Groups, Training, Drills, DOTM

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DOTM & Marksmanship General

Old Thread: >>34048637

Welcome to Month 2 anons! Come shoot the Sweet 16 with us!

>rules in pic

>You don't have to shoot with a duty/carry handgun, but you are encouraged to, this is the "limited" division and the heart and soul of our drills
>you are free to modify the rules to enable people with restrictive ranges or atypical handguns as long as you remain within the spirit.
>Shooting with an odd duck gun or unconventional gun is considered in the "open" division
>you may shoot these drills as many times as you want and are encouraged to post results with pictures and content

>these threads are designed to promote participation and meaningful training and practice
>we try to be a little more friendly here, but joking around and typical /k/ humor is welcome

A ez mode target for this is a stack of note cards stapled/taped to a piece of cardboard

"The goal of DOTM is to have fun and get people shooting. With that in mind, shoot this as much as you'd like and share your results. However, some of the drills we post have a certain spirit to them. We encourage you to keep to the intent of the drill, as that will provide you with the most information about your level of skill and thus provide an accurate baseline upon which to improve."
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Considering getting one of these bad boys. Anything I should consider instead for around the same price? Or am I all good?
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Gun Laws: CA Edition

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I'm moving to Commiefornia in a few months, specifically the San Diego area. I currently own:

1. AR-15 with all the bells and whistles (telescoping stock, flash suppressor, pistol grip, 30-rd mags, etc.)
2. Glock-19 with 15 round mags
3. Colt SAA replica in .45 LC

I'm gonna be a good boy and not own illegal firearms, so what's my best option? I was thinking of just selling 1 and 2 before I move and keeping my Colt SAA since that's the only one I have that isn't considered an """""assault weapon"""""
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Katana vs. Longsword

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Any swordfags out there? Which was better?

Also, why didn't the Japanese and Chinese ever seem to go for the metal armor and chain mail that Westerners used? Shortage of metals? Lack of expertise?

Are there any other swords that you would put up against these?

Into the Alaskan wilderness

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I'm off to alaska in 11 days, i have a private transfer lined up on armslist, but i'm still looking for a good knife/machete for hand to hand combat with bears, cougars, Samoans, Ugandans, and other uncivilized creatures.

I'm not a big guy, you can see my size in pic related
Please factor this into your suggestion. If you have any gear suggestions for backpacking in alaska please suggest anything.

If i get caught with a pistol in AK is it just a slap on the wrist for a twenty year old or will they put me in the cage?
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Ground Kebab

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What is your weapon of choice in dispatching these bastards?
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/ktg/ knife thread general #101

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Zombie edition
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