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/K/ Approved SHOOTING games

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I dont mean miltary/war games. i want games with good shooting, like realistic.

They dont have to be free, i have some money i wouldnt mind buying a steam game

Im open to hunting games as well as war games if the shooting is good.

Also OP has a ps4 & a Mac. but you can post whatever you want for other people.
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So last year, I bought an ar15. Originally I was kicking myself for finally breaking down and buying the 556 garbage because of people telling me about the ice picking and low damage.

However, after reading deeper, alot of people are coming forward saying these midget bullets can actually fuck some shit up. Alot of people talk about how after being hit, wether it be deer or people, the immediate area turns into a red meat jelly. One guy said he shot jihad john in the back of the skull, and it popped out his ass and blew organs everywhere.

Another story tells of a soldier who accidentally fired his m4 in base camp, it flew through 3 tents, hit a bag of gear, then deflected off the leg of a cott, and blew a fist sized hole out of the leg of his buddy.

HAS Anyone seen the effects of 556 firsthand, wether it be combat or hunting?
What does it do comapired to x39?
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Doom Chaingun

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What would this thing be able to do IRL
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What was the most horrifying weapon devised by mankind?
Only Rule is No Nukes.

My personal thought is Sulfur Mustard.
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I respect no guns more than recent nagant

It's a fuckin bolt action rifle. As if any of them are unreliable.
It was the mass produced peasant gun of the
era and it shows.
>Well it's still a damn fine gun love my nugget.
Your opinion isn't wrong it's just stupid.
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Middle East Conflict Thread

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Deir ez-Zor
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Advanced Super Hornet

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Should we upgrade existing super hornets using the advanced super hornet package offered by Boeing? Any good reasons or alternatives?
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I was watching the new Ken Burns series about Vietnam tonight, and was surprised to see a weapon I had never heard about. From the show's still photographs, I think I've identified it as a MAT-49.

What can /k/ tell me about this weapon, it's history, pros/cons/etc? The wikipedia article was fairly short.
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so the Russian will upgrade their Soviet T-80BV to something similar to the T-72B3, dud the T-80BVM

what do you think
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