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NO to 6.5 Creedmore

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/k I just bought an ar10 and I will not buy a 6.5 creedmore upper. There is nothing you can say to talk me into it. FUCK YOU AND YOUR MEME ROUND
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I am a topranked CS:GO player and all around FPS enthusiast. But when I go to the range I can barely put 4 in a group at 5 yards. Why don't the skills translate?

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How do we weaponise snakes?
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How do we finish this?
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Shot Show 2018 Pseudo-Caseless Rifle?

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WTF is this /k/? Could this type of concept/tech have any future? It's certainly creative.
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Gookmoot cannot silence us edition

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Who here is hyped for the new mini shotguns?

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For all the people complaining about the Franklin Armory reformation, not many people are realizing that the same concept can be applied to shotguns without any downsides. Are you ready for large amounts of Canadian style short shotguns that only have to meet the 26" OAL and don't have to be bullpup to do so?
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My apologies I thought it would actually be a worthwhile gun instead of this hunk of garbage that is less accurate than my USP Tactical, even when you fire it from a shoulder.

The whole point of braced pistols/SBRs in that you can shoot it more accurately than a pistol. Now you have 11.5 inch 5.56mm ballistics, so less ft. lbs of energy than a Glock 40, with groups the same size if not larger, in a package that weighs 3 times as much and is impossible to carry. Who the fuck even wants this shit? 3 inch groups at 50 yards?

Literally a $2000 joke with no purpose but show off what a fucking moron you are. They could have pumped up production of those sick triggers but instead we get this crap. 4-5 MOA isn't considered acceptable for ANY $2000 pistol much less the stocked abortion of a "firearm".

Even .300 BLK is a retarded idea for this steaming turd pile. Can't run a can on it because you'll baffle strike the fuck out of your can, and if you're playing the stamp game anyway why the fuck not get a real SBR? I guess if you're already used to retarded .300 BLK ammo prices you'll be better prepped for the proprietary football rounds they're going to charge $2 each for.

Sooth my fucking anger /k/ who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

Refagmation: Overpriced meme ammo that only gets more expensive when you shoot football double meme ammo, 4-5 MOA, ~950 ft lbs, $2000, weighs over 5lbs, over 26 inchs long

Glock 40: Expensive ammo, but drop in barrels and reloading lower the cost, 4-5 MOA, about ~850 ft lbs, $750, weighs less than 2 pounds, less than 10 inches long

Nerf Gun: Reusable ammo, 8 MOA, plenty of stopping power for it's intended use, $19.99, weight is low enough kids can run around with one all day, small enough to fit in your backpack
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