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Why can't most soldiers shoot to kill?

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> Marshall's work on infantry combat effectiveness in World War II, titled Men Against Fire, is his best-known and most controversial work. In the book, Marshall claimed that of the World War II U.S. troops in actual combat, 75% never fired at the enemy for the purpose of killing, even though they were engaged in combat and under direct threat.
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Fitzgerald report: CIC filled with bottles of piss and broken equipment

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Sailors didnt even know how to use the fucking radar and the bridge crew didnt trust the CIC for information.
Is this the navy thats gonna defeat the rising Chinese navy?

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this shit is why I fucking hate Kommando jew

"Pre orders end at Friday" my ass it was just a fucking ploy to get people to order their shit in a hurry and now they still want more fucking cash

anybody have any good scam stories from this crook?
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/k/ Fantasy Thread

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Forces unknown have caused our world and a fantasy world to combine. Dragons, Orcs, Elves and the like now roam the Earth. Magic now, inexplicably, is a thing.

Tensions between modern humans and the denizens of the fantasy world have reached a point of open hostility towards one another. While the World governments are able to secure major city centers, the suburbs and rural areas range from fragile peace to 'fire on sight'.

What does /k/ do?

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/ak/ thread: qt joo edition

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What's with this stock

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I saw this pic in another thread and some people lost their shit, can I get a quick rundown on this stock?
also I'm kindof a newfag to k
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Does /k/ like the punisher on Netflix despite the far left politics?
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Look they dropped the price

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