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What revolver do you own?

I'm considering above.
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Tankers of /k/, where are you?
I know that there are a few here and some left over from /thg/ before it died.

Share some stories about tanking and tanks. Deployment, training, shenanigans, anything at all.

t. aspiring 19K
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Anyone else love M16A1 handguards and 20 round magazines?

also Vietnam aesthetics.
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Overthrowing the commiefornia government

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Alright bois i need some advice on what guns to use to overthrow the California government
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/k/ommandos, things are getting dark, so please launch my sides into orbit with a good old fashion humor thread

>and if one person posts that trannie airborne soldier ill live-stream my own suicide
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Gas mask/Respirator thread

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Why don't you have a gas mask Anon, are you a loser?
Show off your gas masks fellas.
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Infograph thread

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Infograph thread. Drop anything you have, stories and greentexts welcome as well if they help us learn.
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Was it autism?
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Is it true that female cops are completely fucking useless? I've heard rumors that this is the case most of the time, but are there any law enforcement fags out there that can confirm this?
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Traps, we need em, you gottem.

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My best friends wife is being stalked. The police offer little to no help. Besides them getting guns (they are waiting for them as I type) I think interior and exterior traps would best help them. I know in many states traps are illegal, but if this guy shows up they would rather fight him in court than face the other consequences. /K/ help a man help his best friend.
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