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Best gun for Mexican carry?

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Summer's here and holsters are out! I'm thinking stainless revolver with a clipdraw. What you thinking?
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Best outdoor gun?

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So why is the .45-70 lever gat the best rifle for outdoor use, skinwalker defense, and just the best rifle in general?
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"We do NOT want a gun at this house Anon"

How do I deal with parents who love the idea of getting Petit'd? They hadn't been this united on anything for two decades.

I'm thinking:
a) Put the long gun into storage at my non sheltered grandma's and keep the handgun on my person. The complication is that said handgun is pretty big.

b) Put both guns into storage at Grandma's, be a good son and get my anus plowed by Jamal

c) hide them both and risk getting kicked out, not that I care all that much.
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This is the .38 Long Colt, one of the most bullied rounds ever made. Say something nice about it!

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Thinking about picking up a pro pack 1 or 2 from Wicked Edge. Seems to be the most recommended sharpener. Anything better out there worth looking at? I got a budget of $600-$700 max and want it to sharpen a wide variety of blades. Folders to kitchen knives.
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Aside from rocket artillery, what's Russia's main military strength? Nukes notwithstanding.
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WWII Tonks

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Post your best tonk pics
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Oh hey, I was just wondering when he'd get around to this one.
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