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Why does a bubba'd SKS bother some people so much?

It's not like they're rare and even if they were, changing to a synthetic stock doesn't do anything permanent to the gun.
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Common weapon-related mistakes that drive you up a wall

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Especially in movies.
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Glock 19 owners, what holsters do you wear?

I'm looking for one right now and there are so many I don't really know where to start. I'm pretty new to CCW. I plan on carrying IWB around 4 oclock probably. I'm not fat but I do have a bit of a dad bod. I don't want to spend too much more than 50 bucks but I will if it means getting something that works well, will protect the trigger and can be worn comfortably.

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How many rounds should I clean my 1911? I fired 50 rounds.
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Hey /k/,
I'm 19 years old and would like to get a gun for myself for self-defense and also guns are cool. How do I go about getting a gun in Michigan? What kinds of guns can I legally own? Any good affordable guns for a poor college student? CAN I get a gun? inb4 "google it" I'm having a surprisingly hard time getting info on the subject.


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>slide safety
>trigger """"""safety""""""
why do people do this?
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In general, how would a lipstick lesbian GMO or Flight Surgeon be treated in the military?

Since they are a lesbian and have no interest in men, they should avoid most of the drama that occurs in the military. If they were highly competent at their job, would that further endear them to people?

>pic not related
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What's /k/'s opinion of the G2 Civic Duty?
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>This triggers the gun grabbers.
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