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You are put in charge of designing a next gen MBT and it must be able to BTFO every current gen tank.

What do.
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Retarded shit /k/ did as a child/teenager

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Preferably weapon related but doesn't have to be.
>be 13
>dicking around with airshit revolver
>it was the type that little plastic faux casings that you would put airsoft pellets in to shoot
>get an idea
>had been playing Black Ops that day
>was at that level in the campaign where you were playing russian roulette
>decide to put the casings in the cylinder and put one pellet in only one of the casings
>spin the cylinder/action and pul the hammer back(it was spring loaded)
>put the barrel to my forearm because I was smart enough not to put it to my temple
>pull the trigger
>it clicks but I feel nothing besides a puff of air
>am tempted to do it again because it gave me an adrenaline rush
>cock the hammer again and put it to my arm
>pull it
>suddenly feel a horrible sting
>squeal but cover my mouth to keep my parents from hearing me and taking the gun away
>tear up as I feel like my arm was stung by a mutant hornet from fallout or something
>place was bruised but surprisingly was not bleeding
>you would think I would learn from this but i didn't
>friend comes over the weekend after that
>we play halo and shit
>ask him "Who would win, Master Chief or Captain America?"
>I say Master Chief but he says Captain America
>we go back and forth about who is better for about thirty minutes
>get an idea
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gear thread /gq/

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med edition

>/gq/ approved LBE + IFAK + More (embed)

>/k/ holster list (embed)

join us on Discord

old >>33430272
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Middle East General - Rojava Edition

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last thread 404'd
so yeah, how about that?

>Self-declared Northern Syria (Rojava) Autonomous Administration to open representation offices in the US and the UK soon: official.
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Royal Marine gets seven years for Taliban killing

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> Sgt Blackman was convicted of murder in November 2013 and jailed for life but his 10-year minimum term was reduced to eight years.
> Sgt Blackman will be freed in weeks as he has already served more than three years in jail.
> The 2011 shooting took place after a British patrol base came under fire.
> One of two insurgents was seriously injured by gunfire from an Apache helicopter, the marines found him in a field.
> Footage from an unofficial helmet-mounted camera of another marine showed Blackman shooting the Afghan prisoner in the chest

> be bong, serve 13 years in the Royal Marines
> mercy kill some Taliban cunt, get ratted out
> get a life sentence, almonds status : activated
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/k/ related literature thread.

Recommend me some good shit, can be fiction too. I really crave more stuff like Dalton Fury's books.

Knife Thread General #88: 2017 hype train edition

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anything new from your favorites you like now that we've had some time to see all the stuff?
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>offered a really good deal on a mak and a mosin
>reject them because ideologically opposed to communism

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Should I buy an OEM2 /k/? I'm in the market for a new reliable AR and It doesn't come with anything I won't just take off.

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would you trade your gf for a gun if you could /k/? what's the lowest value gun you would trade for?
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