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What do you guys consider to be the best looking rifle/pistol/whatever of all time? Forget how well it actually performs, it just has to look good. For me it would have to be the XM8.
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What is preventing us from creating the SLAM AKA Project Pluto? Surely it'd shut Russia up if we had something like it.
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Hi /k/ I just started reloading and here is my first bullet! Why don't you reload, it's fun.
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Has anyone seen outrageous prices for a gun that nots worth that much
>looking for a mas 36
>most people are asking $600-$900 for one
>Mausers are now nearly $2,000-$4000
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/k/ampus thread
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Favourite gun-youtuber?

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I like Larry Vickers and Demolition Ranch
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What's the best sword and why is it the Jian?
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/k/ humor

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Drunk as fuck right now, and the last thread is near the reply limit.
/k/ humor thread. Ill start.
Please lighten the mood, both my friends are passed out and I'm by myself
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My gf is turning 21.
I want to buy her a gun.
Good choice or not.
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