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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Everything in its Place Edition
>Thread #309

Old thread here >>34050353
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Was there any other war/conflict as aesthetic as vietnam? 19th centure samurai vs gun lines japan is a close second.
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Why does NATO overpressure the fuck out of 9x19?

It's a pistol cartridge, and they only use FMJ. They're not going to get a hand cannon out of it.
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>warfare will never be this glorious ever again

It hurts man.
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9x39 mm Russian weaponry?

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What does /k/ know about the VSS/AS Val family of weapons?
Has anyone actually used any of them?
How viable are they in real life?


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Rhodesian Edition:
>post ALICE gear
>discuss ALICE gear
Also similar kits and setups welcome
Why is it so comfy looking?
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What are these weird angled stripes you see on pictures of old battleships?
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Canadian gunnies, lets get Rod Giltaka in here

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So what do you think about the US Army's newest infantrypersons?
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/TGG/ Truck Gun General

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Post truck guns
Discuss truck guns
Love truck guns
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