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Anyone know what exactly happened? Seems like a strange story so far...

There were in my hometown just a few weeks ago.

OC related

Family story thread

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ITT kekkiest things your veteran relatives have done in war
>Be me
>WW2 vet Great Grandfather recently died
>family members talking about him
>wondering if he'll get full honors
>ask why
Apparently when he was in the Philippines my great grandfather got shitfaced punched a general and stole said general's jeep before crashing it. He got dishonorably discharged the next day.
>mfw a good portion of my family owes their existence to my great grandfather being a drunk idiot
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How are military operations named? What's the art behind it?

Looking for North Cackalacky innawoods spots

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Preferably in the green and yellow areas
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The /k/ nation part 2

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This documentary series is dedicated to show the culture of the /k/ommandos. Showing how such a militaristic nation has survived with enemies all around them.
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/asl/ Ashlands thread

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>What the fuck is Ashlands and why are you posting writefaggotry in /k/?
Ashlands is a /k/ based writefag general based on the universe and world if the Yellowstone volcano were to erupt. Science and logic is thrown out the window in favor of a /k/ paradise.

>Why is it on /k/ and not something else?
Because Ashlands is a combination of staple /k/ vidya like the Metro series. Falloutfags gfto.

>Can I participate?
Yes. Read what others have wrote and try to keep it in the same universe. The best way to do this is to consult the map and wikia when you've decided on your location. Just keep the factions all in-line and there won't be confusion.

>Map updates:
The map has been changed to fit the current factions. Next update will include an expansion of the Appalachian Defense Force since mountain men have a totally different culture then the coastal people, something I had not considered when setting the territory initially.

Also someone post the discord.
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I've sunk so many hours into this game and it's still fun as hell, how the heck has this game survived the test of time so well?

I'm honestly baffled how shooting a bunch of slavs and mutants manages to stay fun for so long.

Why exactly is this game so good /k/?

also, post anything stalker related.
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/ak/ Don't Stand Behind Him

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A mace, but the head is filled with mercury.
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