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My mom just told me that I can't have a gun while I live in her house and i told her that I'd shoot her if she tried to take away my gun. Now she won't even talk to me. I'm really angry right now. What do I do?
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Does Comfy Fudd Grandpa know where this timeline leads?
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What is the most /K/ vehicle?

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And why is it the Ural?
>Post other /k/ af vehicles.
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Mysterious Cap and Ball

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So my dad gave me this cap and ball. That was from my Mom's side Grandpa. Pretty sure it is just a replica but still not sure.

Underbarrel weapons

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They are pretty neat.
Lets have a thread about them.
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Can a friendly /k/ommando hook me up with the greentext of why the AR-15 is a valid defense against the US military. Something about jets cant stand on corners and enforce martial law, etc.
Thanks alot!
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>that 50 year old fudd who wears this around
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New Zealand Defense Force Rant

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Hear me out: NZDF just got a upgrade with the ISWRUP program. Austeyr F88s (service rifle) were replaced with the LMT MARS-L (though there is not enough to arm both field and logistical trades) with ACOGs (lovely to shoot), a service shotgun was finally realized (Bellini M3) that utilizes all ammunition types, Barrett M107A1s and MRADs were introduced with integral ranger finders etc. etc. armored logistical vehicles with a top-side 7.62 Minimi on were introduced etc. etc. "the government will spend $20 billion on the Defence Force in a long-term investment plan that includes a new cyber security system for defence networks".

Also heard that recently a mortar team won some international competition in an Asian county (Hong Kong?), and there were apparently some 'impossible targets' that the NZDF nailed every time whilst every other competitor failed.

NZDF isn't strong in the air or on the water (the 6 ships would last 10 minutes against any almost any other Navy with good fighting capacity. The ships were designed to let large ballistics pass through the hull). But the Army part is incredibly solid. The field artillery with 105mm can hit excellent groupings, designated snipers can work at easily work beyond 1,500m, engineers are at the top of their game with most of them getting a university-grade experience... opinions? IDK.
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So I don't know if this is the right place to discuss this, but here I go anyways.

A group of friend and I were discussing warfare in a Post-apocalyptic world. We reached an Impasse when discussing what types of weapons and gears they would be using, I and a few others said Guns, artillery, and armored vehicles in small quantity, while a few others insist that Bows, swords, etc, etc would make a resurgence.

A third group said it would be a mixture of both.

Who would be correct in the scenario?
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You can't post a more autistic gun
The emp 44 is the queen of retarded guns but she a certain aesthetic