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CoD: Forever War

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You guys think COD could benefit from a true to book rendition of the Forever War novel by Joe Haldemann?

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>/gq/ approved LBE + IFAK + More (READ FIRST)
>/gq/ approved IFAK(Medical) guide
>/gq/ approved pouches
>/k/ holster list
>/gq/ approved Radio Equipment
>join us on Discord
>google drive of current /GQ/ issues

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/k/ Patch Thread - "Only in Death Does Patching End"

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Trade, create, and sell your patches
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>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches?

>Thread Theme
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No /k/ humor thread? Let's fix that
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/ak/ dump your shit edition.

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You heard the man!
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Meanwhile on Roman /k/...
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Introducing The HISTORICALLY ACCURATE ppsh41 reproduction come on by and getchu one!
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Did we really have no better place to land those boats than right in front of a machine gun?
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Does /k/ have siblings?

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I have two brothers
one is a lame vegetarian who comes to me about everything gun related.(12 years older than me)
The other one claims to like blades but collects shitty cheap blades and has a few decent ones but he does nothing with them.(8 years older than me)

Me and the one who collects blade have always play fought.
>Be me at 3 and him at 11
>play fighting in kitchen
>He pulls kitchen knife an starts swing it out infront of him. trying to threaten me.
>I stick my hand out to grab his hand holding knife
>I lose the tip of my finger

>Be me at 4 and him at 12
>Play sword fighting
>He gets lead pipe and i get PVC pipe
>He says i dont have enough self control to use lead pipe.
>He hits me in the face by accident and breaks my nose.

>Be me at 5 him at 13
>Me and brother play fighting in the back of my dads truck
>I grab a pair of wire strippers and catch on of his fingers in it
>I then squeeze and start pulling on his finger, essentially pulling the skin off of his finger.
>Dad is laughing the entire time, calling my brother a pussy.
>Oldest brother stops me from skinning his finger.

>Be 12, brother 20
>Brother is faking like he is going to stab me.
>I kick him the nuts
>he actually stabs me

>be 14, brother 22
>Hit him the back of head with wooden club i made.
>He goes down
>I put the stick horizontal with his throat
>Start choking brother
>Brother tries to fight but i lay my knees into his shoulders
>If he fights me, i will disolcate his shoulders if he doesnt i will choke him to death.
>Oldest brother runs up and kicks me in the head.

>Be me
>Be last week
>Hadnt seen each other in a while.
>He walks in door
>I tackle him
>punch him in the ribs
>He pulls his knife
>I grab it with it in his hands and slowly start pushing it into his side.
>He panics and starts to jab his thumb into my eye socket
>The more pressure i add, the more pressure he adds.
>Eye really starting to hurt so quit when i draw blood.

just a few highlights.
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