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You're put in charge of a taskforce consisting of Russian and Chinese assets to take down godzilla. How do you do it /k/?
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AR 15 Garbage

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So /k
What are the worst ar15s out there?
Im talking pure garbage, like the kind that break under 1000 rounds, will lock up solid in light mud, and rust on a foggy day.

I personally never liked bushmaster and have heard stories here and there of their failures.

Please no SBRs, pistols, or novelty meme garbage here. Im asking about more widely known and produced rifles.
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Stand Your Ground: Guns v. Punches

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>For years, always thought Stand Your Ground allows you to shoot people who are assaulting/battering you, such as someone punching you repeatedly.
>Always see cops not get charged whenever they shoot someone who was punching them or even charging at them without a weapon.
>Find out recently that SYG pretty much only allows you to shoot someone attacking you with a deadly weapon, and even then you still are often charged with at least manslaughter.
>Find out that if someone is raining punches on you, you can't shoot them or even "escalate" the force, but simply sit there and hope you don't get killed from the punches.
>There's even a guy who filmed himself being repeatedly punched by a guy who he then shot to death in defense and he is now serving 40 years in prison.

TL;DR: You can't shoot someone for raining punches down on you, but you're expected to either be skilled enough to fight him back using only punches or less, or take it all, hoping he doesn't kill or seriously injure you. What the fuck.
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/patch/: newfag addition

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Space warfare

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What are the best realistic weapons to fight battles in space?
What are the best designs for battle spaceships?
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Don't make enemies with India USA!

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Best fictional operator thread?
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Reloading General- Number Eight I think? Who cares

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I can't believe you faggots let it archive without a replacement thread. You had literally one job
Post blown up guns, targets, loads, pictures of your dusty reloading rooms. Etc.
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I know /k/ is aware of "Upotte!!", but have you /k/ommandos heard of Girls Frontline? It is pretty much the same idea, except it is a phone game, and it is from a Chinese company with Chinese and Korean artists, so the girls are not overly sexualized as they would be from a Japanese game.

AR-15 is best raifu.
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What are the best European countries in terms of gun control and gun laws?
Are any of them not cucked?
Wanting to live in Europe but I also want to own guns.
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