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AR thread /arg/ tripfag containment

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unpopular opinions edition

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The fuck everyone here always talking about how they were "operating"? What do you mean by that?

literally everyone can shoot a gun at a range and buy military gear. My grandmother could shoot a gun. Is she an "operator"?

What's the definition of the word "operator"?
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Ok how do I choose the right size platr carrier? This one says med-2xl but theres nowhere to choose a size. Does that mean its one size and it can fit those plate sizes?

I wear size small - medium shirts, depending on the brand. I want the one in pic related but idk if it will fit and i dont want to deal with an online return. If this one isnt the right size can you guys link some like it in the right size?

Thanks for any help. Theres suprisingly very little I was able to learn from google

AR BCG stuck?

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I've been having a problem recently where the BCG on my AR is occasionally insanely hard to pull back, almost to the point of needing to mortar it. It's an Aero Precision 223 Wylde upper with a NiB BCG. Cleaning the gun seems to do nothing, I've only had a few hundred rounds through it, and no malfunctions so far. Any anons have an idea?
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How the fuck does something like this happen?
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Whats going to be the next major advancement in infantry? Caseless ammo, power armor, fully integrated HUD, invisible suits, robot soldiers?
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Will /k/ make fun of me if i buy a Model 10?
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Vektor R4

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I wanna get your opinion on this weapon, apparently it's pretty shit
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Daewoo DP51

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I just bought one of these suckers on Gunbroker for under $300 shipped. How did I do? Anything I should know about when I go to inspect the gun at my dealer?

It looks like factory and Mec-Gar magazines are still relatively available and inexpensive, and these guns take S&W 59 mags, so there are cheap 17 and 20 round magazines that are also widely available. Do Lionheart LH9 recoil springs work in these guns, or were there changes to the design of the LH9 to make parts incompatible with the DP51?
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What rear shooting rest do you use for your rifles?

Can i just fill a bag with rice or is getting one of those bunny ear style ones worth it?