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>Adore weapons and firearms of all kinds
>Find historical wars and war in general fascinating
>Get sick to the stomach when thinking about a scenario where I'd have to hurt someone even in self defense
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Why are there so many American gun owners worshiping the military and the police? What causes a man to lick the boots of those who help the federal government? How pathetic can you be?
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Ugly or unconventionally beautiful?
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Ended up clearing my neighbors house yesterday

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>Neighbor is a single mom and last night she came banging at my door at 11pm
>I ask what's up and she says she thinks there's soneone in her upstairs bedroom
>I say I'll check it out and grab my ar
>decide to go round back and breach through the rear entrance
>clear each floor and move upstairs
>Shout things like "room clear, clear left, clear right, moving" ect

Ended up there was no one there but was still pretty cool anyone else got any cool gun stories?
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best hand gun under $300

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is it the canik tp9sa?
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Have you passed your Advanced Shitposting Training course /k/?
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I went to a big box gun retailer today. I'm glad I did. It reminded me why I buy all my guns from Bud's and all my ammo from MidwayUSA.

>I'd like to take a look at that Colt Single Action Army clone
>proceed to fan the hammer
>"Sir, please don't do that."
>What's the matter?
>"We don't want our display guns to have any slam marks. It's just like how you don't swing the cylinder just."
>Is that so?
>"Yes, sir. It could knock it off kilter."
>I've done that with revolvers before, and nothing happened
>"You just got lucky."
>I've done it many, many times, so I must be the luckiest man alive
>Proceed to walk away contemptuously.

Bozhe moi! I hate fudds and their fuddlore.
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Tactical Training

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Why and when did the art of riflemanship get reduced to raising your weapon slightly and firing at stationary targets 15 yards away?
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How much pain is this guy in?

Do cops have normal paintball guns or worse?
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