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In the year 2100, a gigantic Alien ship en route to Mars is spotted by a Space telescope. They are probably a colony ship, and are picking up speed after slingshoting themselves with the help of Pluto.
They will arrive on Mars in 25 years, and since all attempts on communicating with them failed, you are tasked with preparing a defence, just in case.
From pictures taken by telescope you can conclude that the aliens are not much more advanced than us technologically.

Wat do?
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Bubba thread, "polishing" a turd edition.
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Why can't we own automatic weapons? An SMG like pic related would be objectively the best weapon for home defense. Instead we're stuck with semi auto.

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Is this legit operator?
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SUBSONIC 9mm vs .45

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I'd like to discuss the merits of subsonic 9mm compared to .45 (inherently subsonic). While a normal discussion of 9mm vs .45 is muddled by varying claims about the efficacy of the rounds, when only subsonic ammunition is considered the argument is much more clear-cut. You have two bullets moving at roughly the same speed, but one is 50% heavier than the other (147gr vs 220gr). Make no mistake: In this scenario, the .45 WILL do more damage.

However, other traditional advantages of the 9mm still apply, such as higher capacity, lower recoil, and cheaper cost per round. Also, since a discussion about subsonic ammunition is easily linked and highly relevant to suppressor use, it should also be mentioned that subsonic 9mm is, on average, quieter coming out of a suppressor than the .45.

So as I see it, the .45's sole, but substantial advantage over subsonic 9mm is the increased bullet weight providing more energy and therefore, ostensibly, more damage to the target. Is this enough of a reason to choose it over the myriad of smaller advantages offered by 9mm?
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humor thread

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/k/ute weapons
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How do we weaponise snakes?
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>tfw go to local gun shop. its like an office room in the guys house with gun racks on the walls
>tfw they don't have the gun I want but we order from Buds gunshop.com
>I fill out the transfer paperwork and yes we do paper forms not online
>buy a 500 round box of .22 Remington Thunderbolts.
>inb4 Remington sucks - the Thunderbolts are decent high velocity .22s

>tfw they call 3 hours later because the gun cant be shipped to Illinois
it was a Heritage Rough Rider
>mfw I cant get a Heritage Rough Rider shipped to Illinois from Budsgunshop.com

its all Chicago people. theres millions of them that control the politics of the whole state. they make everything worse

I guess I have to get one from Bass Pro but that's a 40 minute drive in a densely populated area and then I have to go back 2 days later. because of 48 hour wait for handguns
the drive would cost $40 and the gun is going to cost more
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