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22y/o Australian here
>went for the military and was offered a job as a firefighter/emergency responder at 18, but turned it down due to wanting to join the police after my brother
spent 2 years waiting for the police and passed all the tests until I was rejected due to not enough space (not a woman)
have to wait a year until I can reapply (fuck you Vic Pol)
fell out with my brother and second guessing the police due to not wanting to do another 2 years of waiting to be rejected again and it's almost been the full year until I can re apply

I really fucking regret not joining the military, I'd be a year from being out of contract by now and a few of my mates have gone through and spent a few years in now

should I swallow the 3 years of wasted time and just re apply?
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/k/ approved war movies? Anyone have any good suggestions?

>Black Hawk Down
>OP Restrepo
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What was the biggest /k/ meme you fell for? I fell for the Nugget meme. Only took it to the range two times and every time it was horrible. Horrific recoil that gave me a bruise every outing. I still have it but I'm so glad I bought an M&P Sport
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scoped pistols

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interested in the idea of a getting a scoped pistol. mostly for fun, practice and having a lighter weapon with an optic for hiking around inna woods. what pistol calibers would be a good choice? automatic or revolver? kinda thinking about putting a scope on a 1858 new army
post scoped pistols
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EDC thread - Everyday Carry

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>search catalog
>no EDC thread
>just got my carry gun
>wanna show off my EDC
I'll start a new EDC thread.

In cargo shorts (pic related):
>Svörd Mini Peasant knife
>keys and a Swiss Army Classic SD knife on a key chain
>Kahr CM9 with 6+1 in a Remora IWB/pocket holster
>8 round magazine and multi-tool in a BlueForceGear double pistol belt pouch
>pill bottle full of toothpicks

In backpack (I'm a student at university):
>water bottle
>flashlight (if I go out at night this is on my person)
>locking pocket knife
>mid-sized Swiss Army Knife clone
>ear protection
>a pencil
>pocket sized New Testament plus Psalms and Proverbs
>pocket sized U.S. Constitution
>laptop with charger, mouse, mousepad, and flashdrive
>phone charger with charger battery pack
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can we all just take a moment and consider what an amazing success this company is? yes a lot of their shit is overpriced, and yes they get you with proprietary traps.
regardless, the quality and variety of their products is great.
most companies make a few great products and then a bunch of inferior trash. but most of all magpul's stuff is solid, or at the very least looks cooler than most alternatives. press M to congratulate Magpul.

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Will companies like General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman ever be contracted to make any killer next-gen equipment? Or is the government solely bound to LockMart and Boeing now?
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>Glocks in .40S&W are too snappy, impossible to shoot these guns without breaking your wrist
>Glocks in 10mm are really tame, very nice gun to shoot

What is wrong with you idiots?
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USS Fitzgerald did not detect container ship

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Billion dollar ship with tons of radars didn't detect it.

Did Russians hack it??

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Battlebuddy thread?

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Let's see your /k/ombat doggos!
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