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If the US moved enough troops to the Baltic states and Britain and France provided 50-75k troops each for an invasion. How long would it take to see a trio of US/UK/French flags flying above the Ural mountains? How intense is the fighting going to be? Could we see Russia make a WW2 style comeback just before Moscow?
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I'm thinking about getting the cz scorpion evo 3 s1 w/ faux suppressor as my first rilfe. Budget is not the problem and I personally like to have a 9mm carbine. What is your thought /k/?

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What are some good general histories and memoirs to read about the SS? I'd like to focus on the combat units and security services, not the Totenkopf.

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Most aesthetic weapon and why is it the G3 with wooden furniture?

Ugly Gun Mods

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>ITT: Post disturbing firearm chimeras
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>Buy brand new benchmade
>Edge won't even cut paper
>call benchmade
>"Sir, who knows how long the retailer had it."
>"Sir, you can send it back at your expense and we'll sharpen it."
>"Sir, the knives are sharpened by hand, mistakes happen."
>"Sir, we're all human."
>"Sir, nobody is perfect."
>"Sir, they're hand sharpened so there's going to be inconsistency"
Why didn't I buy a SpyderCo for half the price?
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First 9mm Subgun

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Ok folks my next dive is into the realm of a subgun and I need suggestions. Heavily leaning towards the scorpion evo due to price as well as aftermarket support im definitely open to other suggestions, bonus points if there are pistol braces on the market
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what did you gents do after your enlistment? my four years as an 0331 are about to be over and im considering going to FSU or UF to get a degree in mech engineering.
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Why isn't the vz58 considered one of the best rifles of all time, way better than the AK?
>designed 1958
>short stroke piston
>striker fired
>only 6.5 pounds
>folding stock
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