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Is this the most Beautiful CZ pistol that you have ever seen?

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Try not to get too erect..
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>Type 26 Frigate wins Canadian Canadian Surface Combatant competition! Canada becomes third country after the United Kingdom (8 vessels) and Australia (9 vessels) to acquire the Type 26 frigate (11 to 15 vessels!).

Who will be next?
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>has no fighters
>still has this logo

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cavepaint your club pile

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How do I go about getting a firearm in Poland guys?
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>tfw no vintorez
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Disregard truck.

Got a private seller wanting to sell me some funs with a property purchase, can you give me a quick rundown on the following calibres, they're all bolt action but dont know other details
>222 Rem Sako
>8mm Mauser k98k

I want to shoot fallow deer with it, is 222 too small? Opinion on 8mm Mauser? What to be mindful of buying ancient funs?

Old thread
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So how will this affect the U.S. strategic arsenal and U.S. Nuclear policy? Does it even matter with our inability to acquire tritium to maintain current weapons systems.

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Why iron sights and a rail if you’re just going to scope it anyway?
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