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ITT: Guns you are in love with

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So what is your true love, /k/ ?
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real man's sbr edition

old thread >>33407211
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/k/ humor tred
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Just want to get some more photos of the Rhodesian military is all.

Some music:
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Armed liberals.

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Ever since the election I've had 5 of my liberal friends asking me for advice on firearms for self-defense and home-defense. 3 of them already bought their firearms (Mossy, Taurus Judge and a Sig Sauer p226).

1 is gay, one belong to minority and one is just afraid of the direction the country is heading. I think it's very positive that we get new people interested, and most likely my 5 friends can influence their friends and firearm ownership becomes less partistan and more normalized.

Have anyone else noticed an increase in firearm-interested liberals lately?

PS. Fuck off /pol/.
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Were Battlecruisers a doctrinal mistake?

It seems like they become obsolete the moment an opponent also has battlecruisers, since BC's aren't protected against their own guns. And they are too expensive to build and operate have enough for cruiser things, which relegates them into the very narrow role of fleet scout.

Maybe there's something I'm missing for the High Seas Fleet and Royal Navy were so enamored with the concept
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Knife Thread General #87: Recent pick ups edition

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Loving the Kershaw Dividend. Thin and lightweight with good lines. Gonna see how KAI's 420HC holds up.
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/k/ related /mischief/

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Who here /mischief/?

>come back from the range
>don't clean my guns
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What variant is this?

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Should I learn Krav Maga? I live in a nocarry country.
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