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Venerable B-52

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Why is the B-52 always referred to as the "venerable B-52"? Is this some kind of running joke? It seems like every publication calls it that.
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Guns on a Plane

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If the Second Amendment is an absolute, inalienable God-given right, does that mean I have a right to open carry on a plane?
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How el33t is Army Airborne?

Muzzleloaders??? LOL They are out-of-date and totally inaccur... Oh

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>plastic sights
>no forward slide serrations
>no optional slide safety

remind me again why this thing is so popular? there are so many other options at this price point
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>look outside window
>see this on your front porch
>wat do
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I know mechas are not practical in battle due to cost, and being a missile magnet. But what about small biped walkers like the ones in StarWars or MGSV?
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EDC Thread

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Heres mine
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Spanish Civil War/Francoist Spain

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Alright, I'm curious as to the hardware the Spaniards used post civil war. I know they were using a Mauser variant during the 40's, but did they have any sort of stop-gap before the CETME was introduced?

Also, general Spanish military discussion thread.
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Cold War: I dream of the Fulda Gap edition

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Post Cold War photos and other related things here.
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