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>Okay, Anon. But since you're not licensed, I'm legally obliged to confiscate any and all weapons from your car, then I'm going to have to write you a ticket and schedule a hearing with the court as soon as possible and... uhhh... uhhh... it says here on your record you once got a shark pregnant?

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Is there a bong serviceman here who can get a picture of the L85 gas block without the handguard on for me?
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> I cant be your gf if you dont reload your own ammo.
w-what do?!?
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Is it possible to make a Ruger 10/22 fully automatic? How so? Is it even worth it?
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Bubba thread: Hey, I actually kinda want that edition
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Good ccw for women? Want to get one for the wifey. She has a small frame (5ft). Was thinking of the ruger lcp. Not looking to break the bank either, around $300.
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What was the biggest job you've ever done to your car?

Just finished replacing the timing belt on my Honda Accord. I had done all the research and assembled all the tools to handle any situation and still had a rough time of it.
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Show me the best commercial sniper on the market!

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Pro tip, it has a scope.
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F, he looked sexy in that chocolate chip.
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Home Defense Story Time

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Had my first minor home defense situation the other night.

>Own a house in West Detroit with my wife. Rent out rooms to 4 people.

>get package in mail addressed to our home with a different name.
>next day neighbor knocks on door asking about package. Play dumb, figure this has got to be some kind of scam I want no part of, otherwise how would they know exactly where the package went.
>Send package back in the mail like you're supposed to.
>A couple days later another knock on the door. Roommate answers.
>Two men asking if he knows anything about the package. He says he doesn't know what he's talking about.
>Neighbor then flashes a 1911 at my roommate.
>Roommate calmly says, "ok, one minute." then closes the door and locks it.
>the two men on the porch see me through the window flying down the stairs with a loaded 590 in one hand, a loaded 500 in the other and a bandolier of buckshot across my chest.
>Neighbors start walking away immediately as my wife screams she is calling the cops.
>I set the 500 by the door and brandish the 590 through the window.
>The two men walk a couple houses down, open the trunk to a car then get inside. Car slowly rolls down the street.
>I hand my 590 and bandolier off to my roommate and run back upstairs. At this time my wife picks up the 500.
>I come back down with my Vz2008 strapped to my chest loaded with two clipped together magazines. I'm wearing my SMIRSH rig, loaded down with eight full thirties.
>I stand in the front bay window in full view as the neighbors roll back and forth down my street.
>cops arrive and park in the ally across the street.
>Neighbors go home, nothing else happens
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