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Newly Acquired Guns

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Has /k/ gotten any new weapons lately? I picked this bad boy up today. Hopefully I’ll get to go tests it out tomorrow!
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Just grabbed myself a Moist Nugget for under $300.

I think I made out alright?
Came with a bayonet but it doesn't match the serial number and it's very fuggin tight on the muzzle so not trying to put it on for anything besides the fact it looks cool.
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Washington State Alert

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/msg/ Military Surplus General: Favorite 'surp you own Edition

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A thread for shitposts, good deals, bad deals, collection photos, price checks, and any other number of topics tailored to our own specific flavor of autism. Sometimes, you might even learn something.

Pic related is my '43 Smith-Corona M1903A3. Easily my favorite rifle, but I hope to supplant it with a Swedish Mauser and/or an M1917.
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Fuck boys is it happening in ny
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Is it a meme gun?
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Went to my lgs today.... you guys like bubbad surp?
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Recreational Shooting Edition
>Thread #760

Old thread here >>40328307
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Why can't most soldiers shoot to kill?

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> Marshall's work on infantry combat effectiveness in World War II, titled Men Against Fire, is his best-known and most controversial work. In the book, Marshall claimed that of the World War II U.S. troops in actual combat, 75% never fired at the enemy for the purpose of killing, even though they were engaged in combat and under direct threat.
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