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New gun owner here.

Grabbed my first AR, which happens to be the Springfield Saint 556.

Thoughts on my purchase, as well as advice and/or add ons to maximize the weapons potential.

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grouping thread

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Post targets, post groups, talk shit to the other five people on /k/ that actually shoot until we 404 because someone wanted to post 70 threads on anime and clothing since they can't own guns in their country.

>Euro airgun targets also welcome

Pic related is my Savage model 10 FCPSR in .308 shooting ADI outback 168gr SMK at 100yds prone in gravel off my Harris 6-9" with a weibad mini range cube for rear support
>I have a lot of work to do
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It's happened, your local peaceful™ Communist organization has taken up arms and marching down the street, you cut to the news and see about 40 antifa armed with hi point carbines. What is your plan of action?
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EDC Discussion

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What should a basic edc consist of?

IMO you need these basic items as a foundation for being prepared as an average joe. I'd build up from here as fits a particular lifestyle.
>keys phone wallet
>handkerchief (bandannas work great and can double as a tourniquet)
>200+ lumen flashlight
>self defense item. (Gun, pepper spray, etc.)

what's /k/'s edc philosophy?
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SHARE Act thread

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So what do you like in it?

Favorite part? Other then the can part.
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Will diazepam really make me a better sniper?
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When it comes to smoothbore muskets, can I basically fire anything out of them?
Even small loads of shot? Since the blunderbuss and percussion shotguns existed after all.

2 more days

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/k/ vidya thread

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>Y-Wings are slo-
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