Planned outage this weekend.

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This Tiger comes up and slaps your girls ass. What do you do?
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>Russia's Ministry of Defense posted this picture to its official Twitter account, claiming it displayed evidence that the U.S. military allowed an ISIS convoy to escape from the eastern Syrian town of Al-Bukamal. It was later discovered to be a clip from the computer game "AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron"

Why is russia and russians so fucking worthless?
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Anyone else have family members who don't understand firearms/home defense? Sister visited my city and stayed the night, saw that I keep a loaded gun near my bed side (no fucking idea what she's doing snooping in my room while I'm at work but ok). Tried explaining that it's perfectly safe because I have the safety on, and the holster covers the trigger completely. Won't calm down, insists that I'm crazy for wanting to protect what little I have. What can I do to turn her to the right side of the fence? I've offered to take her shooting numerous times, but she always declines.
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Does anyone know where I can buy full-body NIJ IV armor? I want a setup like pic related but I'd also like a helmet as well as shin and arm plates if possible.
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My friends are going apeshit over this:

... while for me, it is just another tool, another weapon with its strenghts and flaws.

Am I wrong, /k/?
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what kind of weapon should I trust my daughter with?
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First Rifle

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Sup /k/. I've been doing a lot of research over the years and I am trying to finally decide which rifle to purchase as my first long gun. Let me preface this, however, by saying I am very up to speed on firearms knowledge, current market trends, and hands-on experience; I qualified as a rifle expert every time at the range. Since I've gotten out of the military, I have amassed several pistols and most recently a pistol- caliber braced AR. I live in a notoriously crime-ridden city, so my collection has a decidedly HD slant.

I was looking at several 12ga recently and talked myself out of it. I thought as a home defense firearm, it'd be redundant with my AR9 in that scenario. I'd kicked around the idea of a rifle, but there are no rifle ranges within convenient driving distance like there are indoor pistol ranges.

But.. a bolt-action rifle looks eminently fun. And if I get one, I'd want it to be practical as well, which means suitable for hunting if I were so inclined. And I ended up looking at the Savage .270. I like the ballistics and suitability for game (I live in the Southeast US); I don't anticipate seeing much that I couldn't take with it. Anyone have any experience with it? I'm also not opposed to some bolt-action military firearms (like the Mauser, maybe?) just for the sake of the fun department. I dunno. But I'm leaning most towards the Savage.

>tl;dr is a Savage .270 a good, practical first rifle
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HELP with laser boresighter

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Hi, I bought a laser boresighter from someone and did get the manual along with it. It's a "CenterPoint" if anyone is curious, saw both good and bad reviews on Amazon so it's possible that the device is to blame but most likely my fault since I don't have the manual.

Anyways, doing it on my AR, and I have the .22 caliber adapter tightened as much as it'll still slide in. I put it in my AR and aim at a wall ≈25 yards away from me. This is offhand and sitting down with my elbow on my thigh.

I tried this with both MBUS and a 4x scope. After I matched the sights and crosshairs to the dot, all should be good, no? If I took the boresighter out and put it back in, the dot would not match up with the sights. It'd be thrown off completely, usually even moreso than before. I tried correcting the sights to the new location a few times before realizing that I was getting nowhere.

Should I be doing this from a bench/vice? I can't see why that would throw off my adjustments that much, and I know for sure that I'm putting the thing in all the way. What could the issue be? And yeah, I should really find a manual online or something to that effect, sorry to bother y'all with this instead of just doing that.
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Bren VS Spandau

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This has probably been posted here before but i thought it would be funny to see what you guys say.

part 1

part 2

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Was their trial a farce? They were defending themselves from aggression. Why are they in jail? Does America no longer believe in self-defense?
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