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Thinking of building a PCC AR. What are y'all opinions on a 45acp AR vs. a 9mmAR. I'm leaning towards the 45acp because the 9 feels a little light for a full length carbine.
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Cheap fun gun to learn to shoot?

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>Christmas is approaching
>wanted to learn to shoot for awhile
>figured I’d treat myself
>I’m broke AF
what’s a fun, cheap, gun to learn to shoot with? I’m talking like $100-200 cheap.

Figure it’ll have to be .22 for that price right? Or is that not even doable for that price range??
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My new shotgun!

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Share yours!
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Boomer Edition

>M62... yep, now that was a camo!
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WA state thread

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>mfw WA state went from glorious innawoods state to taking the first steps towards a CA style weapon ban
>mfw I am in school and too poor to buy the rifles I want before July 1st 2019
>mfw my 21st birthday is in August

How are you coping WA bros?
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Knife thread

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>ctrl+f knife thread
>no results
Lets get it going boiz
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Are there any other guns similar to this? I like the urban sniper vibe it gives off

Mirrors as camouflage

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Mirrors as camouflage
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What would be the best way to go about making a non-shitty 40k Lasgun stock for a Ruger 10/22? Would it be better to 3D print or to woodwork it, or something else? Anyone else done something like this?