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Glock Perfection
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I dont know what this meme is called but this. More of this
>Gun gf meme? I guess
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Revolver General

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Old thread: >>34553937
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Why are body cams becoming a thing for non-LEOs?

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Went to Cabelas the other week to look at potential funs. Wait about 40 minutes for the one guy working the gun counter to sell a $100 rough rider then I get excited because they had some stuff I wanted to check out and I was finally up. The younger guy selling the rough rider disappears then this older salesman comes to help me and I notice he turns on a device on his vest. Looks to be a gopro and it's glowing blue- this fucking guy is recording me as I am shopping for guns as if this is some liberal candy camera session or something. This guy was also rude as shit and didn't know a whole lot about guns it seemed so I ask to just look at one of the things I wanted to see and leave. Last time I fucking shop at Cabelas... Their shit is all overpriced anyways except for the occasional online sale item. Anyone experience anything similar?
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Anti tank rifles thread

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Can they be useful in a situation where shaped charge weapons are not available?
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Anyone ever try and fuck ballistic gel

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Pic related
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Boner or Cringe?

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mosin nagant 91/30 ina AI L96 pattern wood stock...

I'm getting some serious mixed feelings but overall i think this is pretty badass and i really want this stock
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WTF is this?

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Thoughts on the Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount 1? What's with the fuck-huge button on the switch?