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>Where can I find patch?

Put them on jackets, hats, backpacks, gear, whatever, you can get velcro loop from ITS Tactical.

Dont forget to check the pastebin! If a trip/namefag posts its likely its theirs.

>Thread Theme
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Historical Operators

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Post historical operators.
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Does the US have actual war plans for what to do if they had to go to war with North Korea tomorrow?

Is there a plan that tells which brigades and regiments to attack where or will the Americans just play by ear if war comes?
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what should I write on my helmet?
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Posting a new thread because other one got pruned before I could share this resource

Also anyone here actually 3D print, model or hand cut anything along the lines of a firearm

Im personally interested in carving wax and trying to cast it in a hardenable aluminum alloy.
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Explain yourself

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What the fuck is this shit.

Guy who's designing the pepe liberator 9mm, explain yourself.

Nigga design a stock like he never hold a gun before.
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Sub Compact CCW 9mm

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Looking at a CCW gun. I have tried several of these out but looking for additional feedback.

Have experience with:
>Glock 26
>SIG 938
>Steyr M9
>Springfield XD
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How would you use these /k/?
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Do you think the Desert Tech MDR could be a good service rifle for the/a military?

Solved the right/left shooter problem, good trigger, quick caliber conversion and generally seems to have fixed a lot of flaws bullpups previously had.

Why would or wouldn't it be a good service rifle?

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How the fuck do rappers get there hands on military type weapons?
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