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Do you think the Desert Tech MDR could be a good service rifle for the/a military?

Solved the right/left shooter problem, good trigger, quick caliber conversion and generally seems to have fixed a lot of flaws bullpups previously had.

Why would or wouldn't it be a good service rifle?

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How the fuck do rappers get there hands on military type weapons?
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Any Texans out there?

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I'm moving to Texas in under a month and while I know that's one of the most lax places in america as far as guns go, I'd just like to check in here and see if there's anything I should know.

Do any of you know if its legal to open carry a LONG RIFLE without any kind of permits? And I'm aware that on a federal level you have to be 21 to purchase a gun, but do you also have to be 21 to open carry because my 21st is still a few months out.

Reason I'm asking is because I prefer doing my target practice somewhere quiet rather than at ranges.
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ITT: Madlad weapon designs

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Georgy Shpagin, designer of the famous PPSh-41 submachine gun, and co-designer of the 12.7mm DShK heavy machine gun, also developed a rifle for the trials before the end of the war. His weapon was an attempt to directly translate the PPSh-41’s design into an intermediate assault rifle, and was unsuccessful. The weapon’s unlocked, straight blowback breech resulted in a very heavy moving mass, and very violent action that spoiled the weapon’s controllability. After only 315 rounds fired, the Shpagin assault rifle was dropped from the competition. However, his design led to a mandate that all further Russian assault rifle designs trialed must be have some kind of breech locking mechanism.

>Enter a design so inherently shitty that the actual trials rules had to be changed because they didn't expect anyone to enter a straight-blowback 7.62x39.

Shpagin is absolutely based.
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It's finally time, gentlemen. The great and glorious God-fearing land of Jefferson shall soon be invaded by a horde of autists which shall claim, for four whole days, their own GHOST TOWN.
Here's the info.
Date: May 25th-28th.
On the 25TH we rally up at the Lodi Denny's at (701 E Kettleman Ln) at 10AM. We'll arrive at the Oroville Burger King (855 Oro Dam Blvd) around NOON. From there to Taylorsville Tavern (4442 Main St, Taylorsville) and we'll try to arrive around 2PM.
IF YOU ARE SOCAL/CENTERCAL rally up at the Coalinga/Avenal Northbound Rest Area, Huron, CA at 7AM.
If you are going on the 26TH we rally up at the Lodi Denny's at (701 E Kettleman Ln) at 10AM. We'll arrive at the Oroville Burger King (855 Oro Dam Blvd)around NOON. From there to Taylorsville Tavern (4442 Main St, Taylorsville) and we'll try to arrive around 2PM.
>But they're exactly the same for both days!
That's the idea, except if you go on the 26th there will be no preliminary stop in Huron for anons coming from SoCal/CenterCal on I-5. Follow the rest of the stops as normal.
The idea is that wherever in this horrible communist state you reside, you can jump in with the /k/onvoy at the closest stop to you. If you have a radio, keep it tuned to FRS Channel 4 for lulz and occasionally essential information.
We had a guy go up last week, and from what information was gathered there seems to be a wall of snow blocking vehicular access about 1 mile from the ghost town, so once our 25TH group departs from Taylorsville on the final leg, we're gonna start looking along the route for alternate spots as close as possible for us to park and set up camp. We will organize trips to the ghost town daily, and backpacking-equipped people inclined to stay there are welcome to.
Remember to bring cold weather gear and enough food to not starve.
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My breakfast for this morning.

What you having for breakfast /k/?
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Czechoslovak army airgun

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Hi Anon!
I have this old Czechosslovak vz. 47 airgun with bolt mechanizm and I am trying to disassemble it. after I took off the stock I noticed how fucking rusty it is. Should I blue it with Permablue or will I booga it? It's rusty as fuck.

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What kind of can is this?

Bonus points if you know whose gun this was....
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How do IS fighters keep taking over armed towns?

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Does the local police not have the fire power to resist an overthrow attempt?

>IS fighters took control of a part of Marawi city (200 000 + inhabitants), capital of Lanao del Sur
>Anti-terrorism jail under their control, prisoners freed
>the jail and police stations are being destroyed
>AFP (armed forces of the philippines) are on their way to counter attack
>Marawi city mayor says that IS fighters didn't face resistance from army and police
>IS linked medias spoke about a major IS operation against the philippinian army in Marawi
>AFP says that the clashes started after they tried to capture one of their leaders (Isnilon Hapilon)
>Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao for 60 days
>Heavy fog of war, government tries to downplay the situation while people on social medias are probably overexagerating
>some people are fleeing the city
>more pictures showing IS fighters inside the city today
>Black-out: no electricity in most of the city (unconfirmed)
>very few informations from there
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>plan on going shooting
>pack all my stuff up
>get everything prepared
>have something nice to eat beforehand
>look at all my shit
>decide not to go

Does anyone feel this feel?
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