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prepper thread. need infographics especially. but post your strategies and gear loadout and literature lists please i need ideas, especially for medical gear/knowledge, which i have none so far.

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I put one of my rifles for sale on Armslist. Where's a good place to conduct the transaction? I was thinking one of my local gun shops, in the parking lot. I need some of you experience fuckers to throw some advice my way
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What are some surplus items everyone should have?
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The only good part of the ayy arr is the inline recoil
Change my mind
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The Future

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What do you think weapons, military vehicles, and other things used in conflict will look like?

Pic related
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/k/ loadout ultimatum

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Post your dream gear... All of it.
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So let's say China builds bases in the Philippines. They can use Clark Air Base which Americans used before. They also can use Leyte where Americans had a big battle against Japan and build a Chinese Naval Base there. With the strategic location of the Philippines, it can cut off the eastern part of the Asian peninsula not to mention access to the Chinese islands being held by Japan, direct access to the Chinese islands in the Pacific and the Historic Chinese lands in Australia.

It also puts strategic bombers in direct access to Guam. How can Americans counter such a move?
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Why do you choose a 16” barrel on a rifle which shoots a cartridge that has a significant increase of power even at 20 inches?
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family photo thread? family photo thread
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I brute force all what matters when using a knife?

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Wheter it is in a knife fight or just when planning to murder your neighbor, does physical raw strength matters most when using a knife to stab someone? Or is it all in the explosiveness and skill like in boxing?

/k/, answer.
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