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Prep thread

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Couldn't help but notice that we didn't have one.

Here's something I've just saw on another board. If the value of money really is always going down and the price of food really is always going up, is there ever any good reason to not prep?
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Classic Milled Edition
>Thread #362

Old thread here >>34615283
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Dunkirk Thread

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Any /k/ommandos seeing or have seen Dunkirk today?

>pic unrelated
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/k/ Patch Thread

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Represent /k/ on the battlefield with fresh embroidered memes.

>Storelist for newfags:

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/thg/ - treadhead general

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Last thread drove off a bridge edition.

/thg/ is a thread for discussion about tanks, tracked armor and other armored vehicles. Please keep things civil and cite sources.

The US Medium Tank M2 was an attempt to give Armored Branch something approximating a medium tank after decades of little funding post-WWI. Based on Light Tank M2 and using many of the same components the Medium M2 was accepted in 1939 and was armed with a 37mm gun in a rotating turret and eight .30cal 1919 machine guns, including two fixed guns fired by the driver. A notable feature of the M2 was the use of bullet deflectors installed on the rear fenders of the tank. The idea behind these was that the tank could fire its machineguns into a trench it was crossing by hitting the deflectors. These devices were not installed on any latter tanks. This number of machine guns was excessive for the five man crew.

In December 1940 an improved version of the M2, the M2A1 was accepted into service. The M2A1 featured a new turret with a hatch on the top rather than a door on the rear, an improved gun mount and splash deflectors on the hull front. Armor thickness for both the M2 and the M2A1 was 1.135 inches on the hull. A total of 18 M2 and 94 were accepted into service. Obsolete the moment it came of the production line service the Medium M2 never saw combat, being used exclusively for training purposes within the continental United States and being redesignated as a training machine.
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Daily reminder that if you are fat you will die within the first 24 hours of shtf and sadly that is most of /k/. My question is how do you fat fucks justify spending all your money on guns and gear that will belong to whoever finds your dead ass on the side of the road when you can't be bothered to do a fucking sit-up which last I checked is free.
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Can I actually trust this sperg? What does /k/ think of him?
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Law enforcement weapons

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Why are U.S law enforcement replacing MP5s with AR-15s in 9mm/45 ACPs? And why are they also switching from glocks to M&Ps?
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