Planned outage this weekend.

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how fun are 1911's to shoot?
As far as handguns go, all I have is a glock17, a p226, and a sw686. I have been thinking of getting a 1911 but don't know if it's worth it or how much different 45 feels to shoot compared to 9mm or 357mag.

Additionally at my LGS i always see gunsmithing services for 1911s for trigger jobs, sights, etc. Do they inherently require a lot more extra stuff done to them outside of just buying them out of the box?
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Gonna shoot this rooty tooty tomorrow

What do I need to know?
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/k/, it's that time of the month.

Show me your gunfu then I will deliver your gun waifu.
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[THWAPs in Australian]
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Grayman General

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You guys ever thought of wearing temporary tattoos in visible places when you travel to making identifying you harder?
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How are Cz P-01s? I kinda wanna get one for my first handgun.
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Alright /k/, what sort of improvised body armor could you make with only stuff that you have in your house right now?

I could probably do something like this (minus the polycarbonate stuff):
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308 Carbine

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Let's discuss the issue of shorter barrels shooting .308. I'm having an 18" FAL built by a gunsmith (told him "no rush" which was a mistake).
Anyway, I'm told that an 18" barrel 308 will result in a significant amount of the powder going unburnt. I'm also looking to get into reloading. Do any of you guys have experience with carbine-length 308? Is there a specific powder I should use/avoid when I reload? Are there specific manufacturers or types of ammo that I should use/avoid? I've purchased a few hundred rounds of M80 in anticipation of the gun, so far.

Also, general 308 Carbine thread.
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ITT: /k/'s warface
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>One of the most /k/ military sci-fi settings is from normie mainstream video game

fucking how?