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/gg/ General General: Why some many generals in DOD?

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US Marines: 60 Generals, 186,000 active duty
US Air Force: 300 Generals, 318,415 active duty
US Army: 231 Generals, 476,000 active duty

Why is this? The US Air Force has the same amount of generals it did in 1947 with a force of 1.1 million active duty as it does today.

The US Marines had 81 Generals in WW2 for a force of 474,680 and only lost 21 billets to command a force 1/4th of that size.

What gives?
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/k/ humor

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Just been banished to the friend-realm once again /k/omrades.

help me drown my sorrows in /k/ humor
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Vehicle thread

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Post pictures of your favorite vehicles.
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Cruiser Thread

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Cleaveland Edition
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>its a fucking retards drove out onto the testing range looking for aliens AGAIN episode
Stop fucking doing this shit, its cold as fuck outside and you arnt original or clever or sneaky or funny, you can see all the cool airplanes from Tikaboo with your mommies binos you fucking tards
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What does /k/ think of this tactical fart enthusiast?
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/ktg/ Knife Thread General - Middle East Commando Knife edition

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talk about knives

>I want a knife recommendation
Answer the following questions:

Do you want a fixed blade or folding knife?
What size knife do you want?
What is your intended use for the knife?
What is your budget?
Are there any specific features that you want?
Are there any relevant knife laws/restrictions in your area?
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/msg/ Milsurp General

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That's right, finally a thread to discuss all your milsurp related topics.
I think we should discuss shooting and weather.
What is your favorite weather to shoot in, I personally like cold and cloudy.
What about you?
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What does /k/ think of American militias?

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Don't get me wrong, I fully support the Second Amendment and what it has to offer, but I think the concept of a "militia" has been dragged through the mud.

In colonial days, the militia was your community fighting force and main form of protection from all enemies foreign and domestic. Nowadays, you have Neighborhood Watch groups looking after your homes, HOA security if you live in an upscale neighborhood, and a National Guard to provide serious firepower with the best the US military has to offer. So what effective fighting force do these militia groups claim to have when most of their members are a bunch of old, fat guys sporting some kind of $400 knockoff AR-15 and probabaly can't even run across the street without their CPAP machine? They think that piling half a dozen of their beer buddies in the truck bed of a busted up Dodge Ram is somehow going to send a message to a bunch of physical fit, 20 something year olds with fully automatic weapons, riding a heavily armoured personnel carrier and a drone overhead providing close air support. Even the drug cartels are probably laughing at them with their full auto AK's and ability to effortlessly cross a hundred miles desert with only a bottle of water.

I feel the only roles of the militia in today's society are to offer security during city riots and legal protests, and offer disaster relief through means of supply runs. I might even go as far as saying they might have a role in being educators for the US Constitution, but even this they mostly fail at because most of them are uneducated on language and history, and think that somehow defending Christianity in America has something to do with the Constitution. Some militias claim to work with law enforcement and provide tips on criminal activity in the area, but Officer Henry is probably just laughing at himself and telling Mr. Black Widow Commander to head off back to his neighborhood BBQ.

All jokes and sarcasm aside, what does /k/ think?
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Underrated/under the radar weapons of the last 5 years

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I'll go first:

>Pic related
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