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How do we fix Australia so they can at least try to defend their own territory?
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/AK Discord

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HEY Kommandos! Do you enjoy weeb shit?
How about guns?
Maybe vidya is what gives you a hard on?
No matter what kind of entertainment fetish you have, come on down to the /AK discord!
We have waifus, the Jew galil, and dank EU4 hosts. What are you waiting for? Come join the autism today!

Tonight @10PM EST we are hosting a EUIV game we currently have 15 players and would love more.

gear queer thread /gq/

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Post your kits as they are today edition.

>/gq/ approved LBE + IFAK + More (embed)

>/k/ holster list (embed)

join us on Discord (if you're gay):

old >>33372411
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Does Chad carry?
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Canada General

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Join the Conservative Party of Canada so that you can vote for Maxime Bernier:

You must buy a membership by March 28 in order to be eligible to vote for CPC Leadership on May 27.

Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights & Maxime Bernier interview:

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What does /k/ think of Knife Rights?
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She's right you know.
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Machine Elves Edition
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Manhattan Killer weapon

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Can we talk about the fact that this dude straight up killed someone in the street with a Coldsteel Gladius? I always thought they were gimmicky but holy fuck I guess they get the job done.
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