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California is still in the fight!

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Is there still light at the end of the tunnel?
Hopefully the new laws can be suspended until this all goes through the courts?

>...the NRA plans five lawsuits in total to challenge new gun laws in California, including one as early as next week that will seek to invalidate a ban on the possession of ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 bullets.
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Can we defeat ISIS with women mounted on assault boars?

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/k/ humor
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>Go to gun store
>Specifically ask to see some 9mm Glocks
>Fudd store clerk keeps pushing me towards the 1911s
>Fucking brings out like 3 different 1911s and only brings out the Glock begrudingly like 15 minutes after bullshitting me about how the 1911 is perfect for me.

How the fuck do you become a salesperson and not learn how to listen to your god damn customers?
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What Model/Weapon is this?

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A friend found it a time ago in his yard, and I searched for it and i didn't found anything.
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Hunting weapons for beginners

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Hi /k/ I'm just about to start hunting, I've been at local hunting club for a while and am considering on getting my first gun, I've already got a license and would like to get your guys opinions on this.
(I'm from Finland btw)
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Is FMJ really the best option if one carries .380 or 9x18?

The only HP ammo I've seen in these cartridges with consistent expansion is Hornady, but the penetration does not meet the minimum standard.
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Carrier Launch

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It begins.
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AR prices are at rock bottom, buy now!

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Holy shit, PSA basic bitch M4gery ARs are $360. Why aren't you buying one right now?
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