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I’m building a SHTF not coming home bag. Got my BaoFeng etc.

Need a rifle, down to AR or AK. Please provide input.
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Constitution Thread

Post em. Yes I'll start off
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Why was the F-15MTD cancelled? I could find literally no reason to just retrofit all existing f-15 with this configuration plus add some stealth features.

Need helping choosing gun for work

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Hey /k/, I just got an armed security job that pays $19.50 an hour patrolling a military weapons factory. This is my first armed security job and I still need to buy a holster and duty belt. That being said.... I can't decide on the pistol to carry for work! I have 4 guns to choose from and I was hoping that maybe you guys can help me choose. Here's a few details about the job and my guns.

It's an evening shift that ends at 11pm and I'll mostly be inside watching cameras. However, I have to do a patrol every hour that requires me to go outside and check on the parking lot and perimeter fence. I won't be working alone, we are a group of [redacted] working at one time and we patrol do [redacted] man patrols.

These are the 4 candidates.

1)Sig SP2022 in 9mm: da/sa polymer pistol with 15+1 capacity that has rail for light and phosphorescent sights.

2)Beretta M9: da/sa aluminium framed pistol with 15+1 capacity and 5 inch barrel. No night sights or rail.

3)Springfield stainless 1911 Mil-Spec 45acp: steel framed pistol with 8+1 capacity. No night sights or rail. My most accurate gun.

4)CZ 75 compact 9mm: steel framed pistol with 14+1 capacity. Phosphorescent sights, but no rail.

Also any other armed security with interesting stories or advice?
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Or whatever the fuck it was called. Where did they go what the fuck happened
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>mfw we are getting gunz
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Was this the best tank in ww2?
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You know I keep that mf thang on me

Is this the most Beautiful CZ pistol that you have ever seen?

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Try not to get too erect..
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>has no fighters
>still has this logo