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ahhhhhh, why is this thing so hard to find. I have the money
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Hay guise can we haz a wheelgunz thred?

.357 magnum gets me moister than an oyster.
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Gun Jesus Dump

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Alright boys. Its sunday, its the sabbath. Time to praise our lord and savior, Ian
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China continuing to BTFO USA

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Chinese predator drone clone complete with a working targeting system. not just reconnaissance but full blown weapon delivery platform.

costs 20% of the American version(1 million USD only). Several thousands produced and being sold to every dictator and failed state without any strings attached

Iraqi army version above. Americans spend a trillion and a half bombing Iraq and all the reconstruction money goes to china and Russia kek. What a bunch of fags
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/ak/ thread
webm edition
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ITT: Childhood /k/

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Why they don't use firearms?
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Laser or red dot?
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Harsh Truths

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I'll start:
Anyone who isn't mature enough to politely but firmly tell whichever friends, coworkers, and family members say they shouldn't have guns that they're a grown adult and will make their own decisions about what personal possessions they'll keep, shouldn't have guns. If you can't stand up for yourself with words, you'll never be able to stand up for yourself with weapons, so don't bother having any until you grow up some and get a stiffer spine. And don't whine to me about it, because it's not my problem and I don't care.

So which harsh truths do you want the world to hear, anons?
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Are shotguns good for HD?

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I want to get a Benelli m4 but I'm worried that the flash would blind me indoors at night? Is there any issues with this that you know of? Side topic since we're on the topic of flash: are nvgs effective for HD? Will the flash kill them if you don't have a flash hider?
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