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Hey /k/. Usually lurk but I plan on getting my first gun soon. I've always wanted an AK pattern rifle, but I'm not quite a rich fellow. Atlantic Arms is having a sale on Riley Defense AKs. Have any of you owned/fired them? Would it be worth my 500$?
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>mfw I've been called down to the school for the third time this month because my nine-year old daughter's teachers are "concerned about some of her interests."
>First time was her talking about her first hunting trip, second time was her taking an interest in Iraq after learning that her Dad had been a soldier there
>This time apparently she found it fascinating that her parents own guns that are older than her grandparents, and so did an entire history paper on the firearms that are our family heirlooms.

All in all, I think I'm doing pretty well. How are you, /k/?
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Compact, non-pistol weapons

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So this happened.

>Crooks break into rich grandma's house and steal shit while she's sleeping.
>Of course, she's spooked when she wakes up.
>They hit again a month later and more stuff is gone.
>Rather than get a security system, she just wants me to guard the place at night and is deadset on it.
>Place is fucking huge though and all the hallways are narrow.
>She wants me to use an "assault gun" because she doesn't believe in a pistol's killing power.
>Getting paid a decent amount each night + free food, wifi, and the goodwill of granny, so I can't really say no.

So /k/, what should I get? It needs to be small enough to maneuver in tight hallways but powerful and accurate enough to nail burgers from a good distance (20+ yards in house and +100 yards outside house because fuck me the place is big)

I was thinking of an m92 pap. I realize that this is kind of a dumb situation, but I'd rather appease my grandmother and give her the peace of mind than fight.
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Redpill me on the Makarov /k/
Are they worth buying one? Also, does anyone know if the Maks from Southern Ohio Guns come with both the target grips and the bakelite grips, or just the bakelite?
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What does /k/ rate my hiking gun
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what does the average jarhead feel like when he sees a MARSOC/force recon operator?
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Im at a loss of what to do

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So alot of people around me are saying I should go see a therapist, but yet If I do see one I fear if I told them how I actually feel, My gun rights will be taken away as a citizen

I mean its not like I'm a crazed lunatic bent on shooting up a school or a theater or an airport. I'm just simply depressed and lonely, yet if I talk about it, I'll never be able to buy or use any cool weaponry.

like say for instance I want to own a Mosin or Kalishnikov, or even an AR Later on in life or if I wanted to own a .45 or a cowboy revolver. I fear I would be denied an application, yet some hick who just finished smoking meth in their basement would easily be able to buy a gun, same thing with poverty stricken inner-city minorityman meme-lets.

I dont really know what to do /k/ Id like to think when im having my good days, i would be perfectly fine with owning firearms later on in life, but on my bad days I fear that if I did own one Id just end it all. Anyone have any thoughts or comments? I dont want my second ammendment taken away /k/ I just want help in making friends and making my life better...
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Coast Guard at meps

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>Me 18-year-old finishing high school
>Want to become a rescue swimmer for the Coast Guard.
>Go to meps
>Everyone gives me weird looks when they see Coast Guard on my name tag
>Sitting down, waiting for Doctor to inspect my medical waivers
> Fat Marine recruit next to me ask what branch I'm joining.
>I say Coast Guard
>Everyone starts laughing
>Get called a pussy
>In anger I tell him the Marines don't except fatties
>Dead silence
>One of the other applicant's mumbles under his breath, dick move
Why does everyone hate the Coast Guard so much? I just want to become a rescue swimmer ffs.
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I don't have a mosin. I got a dude willing to sell me one of his for $200. Should I jump on this or not
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