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>I identify as a glock
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hi /k/ i have an IMI uzi, pre-ban .45 carbine. how much could i reasonably sell this thing for
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>muscle twitching
>painful muscle spasms
>humming sensation
>uncontrollable shaking
>tendons moving
>painful "hotspots" along nervous system
>sudden repeated pain in joints not correlated to heartbeat, specifically the knees
>brain probing sensation
>headaches also not correlated to heartbeat
>rapid heart beat
>backward movement along upper digestive system
>rapid heartbeat
>unexplained hot flash/sweating
>intense itching
>involuntary muscle tensing especially in large muscle groups, ie legs/back
>painful shot in kidneys/heart
>contraction of larynx
>discomfort or pain in genitals
>sudden pain in eardrum, ringing
>mind fogging, sudden dizziness
>cigarette burns, hot sparks on skin
>discomfort/congestion in lungs
>screaming pain in your head
>pain within old injuries, ie fractures, head/brain
>carpal tunnel
>flashing reninal pain
Used for monitoring techniques, these are used to distract and elicit a neural response. Used for sleep deprecation and loss of concentration, you will lose your job and eventually your sanity.

Long range acoustic devices, MASERS, etc.
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Tell me honestly that the Belgian uniform isn't aesthetic as fuck
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We've heard plenty of awkward "thank you for muh cervix" stories, but now it's time to share your stories of when crazy anti-military people harassed you and called you a baby killer and what not.
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USS Fitzgerald did not detect container ship

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Billion dollar ship with tons of radars didn't detect it.

Did Russians hack it??

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Just things.

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A family member broke a rum glass from a battle buddy who has gone to the great combat zone.
Felt like sharing these, have 100 something of'em. Green text battle buddy stories are welcome.
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How can I convince my dad to let me keep my locked and loaded CZ-75 BD on my nightstand? This dingus says that I need to keep it in the closet and unloaded. I've tried to tell him that in the time it takes me to load my gun, he and mom will already be getting raped by the home invaders. Please advise, /k/.
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/bst/ BUY, SELL, TRADE thread

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Sell your shit here.
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