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new anime gun store

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I'm planning to open a gun store in LA or Cali

> What space guns should I carry?
> Airsoft and firearms, or only firearms?
> What figurines should I stock?

Also trips names my store.
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So which is more effective? Nice cop or hard cop?

>effective at what anon?
You tell me. When do you want a hard cop on the job?
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.357 vs .38

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Is .38 special a good defensive round? I'm planning on buying a .357 revolver but want to feed it .38, what am I sacrificing by feeding .38 and what am I gaining?
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Is it just me or is the sd.kfz 222 good by modern design standards? Modern armored cars have taken on that v shaped hull to become MRAPs. Were the Germans ahead of thier time or was it just a kraut fashion choice? We're IEDs used by partisans and resistance?
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sup /k/

suggest to me a good 1911

partial to springfields for no reason but willing to consider other manufacturers that aren't shit.

willing to spend up to 800ish


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What is the best /k/ thing I can buy for $40?
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How acurate is this song

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For what purpose? Also post manufactured abominations ITT

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Bought a Diamondback AR 15 from a friend (not sure exact model) for a bit under 300 bucks, never fired, looks to be in good condition, function check works out. Never owned an AR 15 before, haven't handled a rifle since the Army. Anyone have any experience with a Diamondback AR? Should I replace any of the manufacturer's parts out of the box? Intended for home-defense and occasional casual shooting.

I know there isn't a rear sight post, I've got one in the mail along with a cheapo but well reviewed red dot. I like red dot because that's what I trained with and that's what I had on my assigned weapon, but may try a zoom optic later.
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Nogunz to Hasgunz

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Just went from nogunz to hasgunz yesterday buying this gun, it’s a savage model 320, did I do good or did I fuck up? I don’t have a lot of money and live in a cucked state so it was the best I could do.
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