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/GQ/ - Gear Queer

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Solid Camo edition

>/gq/ Basic Guide to Gear (it's not really useful)
>/gq/ approved IFAK(Medical) guide
>/gq/ approved pouches
>/gq/ holster list
>/gq/ approved Radio Equipment
>google drive of current /gq/ issues
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Cute military vehicles

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Post them
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/UKG/ - United Kingdom General

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Revived this because some Nigger wanted to buy a paintball gun instead of a rooty-tooty point and shooty if/when this place hits the fan.

To Promote the Discussion of and Encouragement of legally owning firearms in the UK

>What type of shooting will I like and where should I look?

>How to Obtain a Firearm

>Additional Information (Reasons to own a firearm and how long it'll take your local police to grant your certificate etc):

>What guns can I own with my FAC or SGC license?

>I suffer from/used to suffer from X will this affect my application?

>Where is the Pastebin for the OP?

>Other Topics
Increasing the community's size is the most important thing to focus on.
>Good shooting resources?
Youtube is one of your best friends here. (government got to him)

>Anything else?
What Guns have you bought recently /RABG/ / /UKG/?
Spoken to anyone and turned them on to shooting?

If you have any questions regarding legal firearm ownership, feel free to contact anyone through /k/ or myself at [email protected]
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FAL Thread

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Post and discuss FN FAL variants!

Old Tripfags

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does anyone currently here remember duke nukem, boof, squid, etc.? are those guys still around? havent lurked on here for a good 8 years
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Why the actual fuck would people go out of their way to pimp out their glawk as much as physically possible? It makes no sense. Why not just get a different fucking gun rather than sticking with a gun that gets out performed by alot of other guns on the market?

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What went wrong?
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Why is he shooting like this?

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>inb4 "the public would chimp out"
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Jorg is german spirit of /k/
meet the airringer.
an item that is not classified as a firearm or weapon by german law, therefore it is legal to obtain and carry for everyone (even children).
this is possible because the german law states that shooting means a projectile being pushed through a barrel and a crossbow stores mechanical energy. So this thing is unclassified and therefore legally speaking a toy.
finally something decent to get shooo the rapfugees out of my house.

>what does /k/ think of jorg
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