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>iii I wanna go home /k/, I wanna go home
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Night vision thread

Thinking about buying used pvs 7 cuz they are aesthetic af desu
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>you will never serve in the Grande Armée

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What's k's opinion of Magpul's pants? I'm concerned they rely on brand recognition and provide a shit product. has anyone here ever purchased anything from their clothing line?
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What tank is this?
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Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?
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NZ Forces

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Thoughts on New Zealand's new service rifle?

It will be replacing the Steyr Aug.
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Why do American cops always shoot to kill? Pretty sick desu.

Here in Japan, police are required to fire a warning shot first. That usually does the job. Even then, I think police should try to shoot the criminal in the hand, not fire with the intent of killing.
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Why do Americans make their tanks so fucking tall?

Why make the tank a bigger target? Fucking get low or get shot.
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