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For me it’s the ball bearing lock, the supreme gentleman’s locking mechanism.
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Why are guns so expensive?
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Semi-Auto .22 LR Vs manual .308?

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So in the dank fetid smog filled nightmare that is the UK there are severe limitations on firearms. No pistols without huge barrels, nothing full auto and semi auto only on shotguns and .22 LR rifles.
In the event of a huge fallout style post apocalyptic future would it make more sense to have a small calibre semi auto rifle or a potentially huge calibre manual action rifle?
Pic related, I can't own an ar15 but I could tote one of these around without much problem...
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What are these things for? You can't wipe a barrel with them. You need a jag to ensure a tight fit between the patch and the bore.
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Let's say you wake up one day and you turn on your TV to see combine propaganda. The 7 hour war has passed and your nation is now under combine rule. You'll be up against a totalitarian alien government with city scanners, stunsticks, plasma rifles, and potentially more sinister things.

What do /k/?
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ITT: we argue over mag brands
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Is this any good?

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might cop for $400, should i?
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>2018 Not being a NAT-CON

How would you guys setup a political militia ?

Pic related our local National Constitutionalist militia
Newish member here AMA
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Any of you negros go hunting? I've always wanted to but I don't have time. I have memories of my great grandfather and my grandfather going hunting with muzzleloaders. It was the actual worst, honesty. I was young enough that even with earpro their muzzleloaders were literally the loudest fucking thing I've ever heard. So sitting next to an old man hoping a deer doesn't come by so I don't have to lose my hearing isn't a great way to spend your holiday. What sucks is my great grandfather was left handed like me, and had a muzzloader with left handed ergamomics. My grandfather sold it before I came of age however.

Oh no

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He's really running dry here, might as well start reviewing swords or some shit
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