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Infographi/k/ Thread

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Hello, I never browsed /k/ but i'd like to buy a military backpack suitable for everiday life and maybe post-apocalypse , any advices ?
(I live in eastern europe)

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Kornet destroying a Turkish Leopard tank (allegedly 5 tanks in total). Any thoughts?

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Hey guys, I recently opened a chest I forgot I had and found these, among other stuff.

Any information you can give me?
How much can I obtain if I sell them? I'm not saying that I will, but I'd like to have a reference.

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My old man was trying to tell me that reactive armor isn't to improve crew/occupant survivability, but rather just vehicle survivability and recoverability.

He thinks that reactive armor would have a concussive effect that could harm the occupants.

While I'm fairly certain it doesn't work that way, are there any repercussions to the occupants of a vehicle when reactive armor goes off?

It is a large explosive right on the side of the vehicle
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Object 279?

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Why did this thing never work out? Why did they even bother with an full scale prototype? Why did the Soviets make full scale prototypes of everything?

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Whatever happened to helmet writing? It seems that Vietnam was the only war where it was used, also was helmet writing ever utilized during ww2?

Se/k/ret Santa 2017

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Se/k/ret Satan Edition

Also UNOFFICIAL edition, since I'm not Big Boss and I don't have the copypasta but I'm too impatient to wait and see if he makes a new one.
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/arg/ - AR Thread/AR General/No bully zone/Tripfags are welcome here

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Anime DMR edition

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Speak up: Unconstitutional ATF Bans

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Time to stand up for your rights. If you are reading this and you remain silent, you are allowing the ATF to start banning anything the like at their discretion. Speak up now. Don't kick yourself later if you lose your gun rights. If we're going down, let's make sure we go down fighting.

If the mods take this thread down because it's "political," you need to repost it if it's not in the catalog... This could not possibly be more weapons related. Gun rights have never been so threatened as they are now. Don't rely on anyone else to save YOUR rights. Get your ass up NOW and let your voice be heard.

https://www.gunownersamerica.com/atf-speak-up-now/[email protected]
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