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airgun thread / air rifle general

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/k/'s semi-regular air rifle thread. I need to take some new pictures edition.

Want to share? Have a question about air rifles? Shoot.
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>you will never ***get to*** use your gun as more than a toy
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Are there any online sources for learning small unit tactics, grand strategy and similar military education?
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Thoughts on /k/ getting a carrier?

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Combat/Hiking boots thread. I need some recommendations from you guys on some good boots for rucking with a 100lb loadout. I want either a combat boot or hiking shoe. It needs to have a cushioned midsole. Right now I’m using these shitty USGI Belleville hot weather boots and they don’t really dissipate heat at all. I’d like to find something that is ventilated with nylon mesh like a running shoe that’s the biggest issue. I’m mostly doing this on the treadmill right now so they don’t have to be extremely durable. Another problem is my feet are very large, I usually wear a 13-14 XW. Regular EE wide widths won’t work they have to be EEEE extra wide. I’ve tried regular width before and had terrible problems with my feet for over a year. Almost thought I had permanent nerve damage in my feet but thankfully they recovered. Never going back to that again.

Here we go with the propaganda

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Everybody take a moment and laugh at the Army "Intelligence" Officer who doesn't know what a helical mag is.

Also, judging by the filename, I can only assume that Fox News pulled pic related from 4chan. It's gonna be a /comfy/ summer boys.
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What's the alienware of guns /k/?
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Guns in England

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Is anyone here English?

Looking for advice on joining a shooting club, I'd like to learn how to target shoot and get my own rifle down the line
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Can we get an a e s t h e t i c s thread going?

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AR camo

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Post some pics of /k/ approved rattle can Ar camos. Need some ideas for my first kiss rifle.
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