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Just lost my house. Need to sell the funds to re coup. How much could I possibly get in an 'ok' market?
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CCW opens fire on car that rams his vehicle and almost rams police officer

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> Parma, OH - A frenetic chain of events unfolded in Parma on Tuesday night when an officer and a vigilante converged on a suspect’s car, leading to a shooting and police chase. According to Parma Police, an officer pulled over a suspect, Shon Burton, 22, of Cleveland at Snowville Shopping Center for driving erratically and running a red light. As Burton came to a stop, the vigilante, a concealed carry gun owner, driving a Jeep blocked the suspect’s car in an attempt to help the officer. The suspect rammed the Jeep and nearly hit the officer, leading the gun owner to open fire on Burton. Burton fled, later crashed his car at Brookpark and Tiedeman Roads, and was caught and arrested at a nearby Sam’s Club. Officers discovered a loaded sawed-off shotgun in the area of where the Burton crashed. The concerned citizen, who shot at Burton, was not charged. He told police he feared for his life, and the officer’s, which prompted him to open fire as his Jeep was being rammed.

So at least he wasn’t charged right? Well at least we can now discuss the finer points of providing cover fire to law enforcement officers on our way back from Sam’s club.

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/nyg/ New York General: upstate only edition

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Post your area code
Talk about a meetup that won't happen but we can dream
Fuck Cuomo
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Remember me?
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HEy guYs

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How to weaponize Bismuth?
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Perfect AK

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If you should build the perfect ak, assemblyng component from all variations, what you will choose?
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Should women be allowed in the military?

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Please use at least 1(one) piece of reasoning or evidence to support your position
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Buying my first AR-15

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Any tips? My co-worker insists that I go with a wood stock for durability.Have not decided yet. I shot a friends AR-15 over 8 years ago one time. I know very little. Thinking about just going to the gun shop and picking up something cheap because they seem so affordable these days, but I don't want to make mistakes and I want to ask the right question.

So here are the points I want to ask about
-Lower polymer vs metal
-Barrel - length, twist rate, ect...
-Hand Guard - plastic vs rail
-Bolt Carrier - cheap vs quality
-Gas vs piston
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The Apex of Modern Military Camouflage

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...is Multicam.

Or rather, it is any decent "multi-environment" pattern. There is no reason that armies should be mass issuing patterns for a specific condition in the modern era.

>blah blah area specific camo works best
While this is true, there is no reason that this approach should be pursued for massive standing armies. Most of the personnel will never even need the functionality that camouflage provides. Camo is simply cheap insurance in the case that a pilot gets shot down over god-knows-where or a truck driver gets ambushed.

>multimeme is only for the dessurt
Multi-environment patterns are, by design, meant for more than one environment. They are also, by design, the best patterns for mixed vegetation and semi-arid regions. Human beings rarely live in extreme monoclimates. They live...and wage war in diverse regions with interspersed vegetation. They generally don't live too well if they can't farm. The requirements for camouflage can change by the minute in most any theater of operations. Here is a short list of factors that can change what you need to be concealed:

-presence of water
-man made objects/structures
-time of day
-vegetation color (or color change)

During the invasion of Iraq soldiers moved hundreds of miles in days, often times through barren deserts and lush, dense orchards. Hamstringing your personnel and their concealment because you think "deserts are tan" is retarded.

>snipers, SOF, direct troops need specific patterns
This is the only place that people should agree that leeway be given. If you're a recon scout in the infantry then yeah, different patterns make sense. If you're deploying to Antarctica or the Amazon, batch issued patterns make a lot of sense. Everything else should be Multicam. ESPECIALLY your standard equipment like plate carriers etc. Until uniforms can be adapted to block out high tech sighting systems like FLIR or microwave multi-environment patterns are easily the best option.
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The /k/illbot

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/k/ is given unlimited funding and tasked with developing the ultimate infantry robot. What happens?
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