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Anyone here have any experience with the USAF Pararescue Specialist training? It's what I want to do when I join. But like... How hardcore is it? I want it to almost kill me.
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ATF memes

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let's all make fun of the ATF
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Boots on the ground to fight ISIS

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Would it be a good idea, yes or no, and why?
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Are bolters a possibility with today's technology?

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We all know that automatic rocket launchers are pretty much a fantasy, but how possible would it be to actually make something analogous to one using current day technology? The MK19, the frag-12 munition and certain types of artillery have some elements of the bolter, but aren't exactly the same thing. We have large caliber rounds propelled by rocket, we have fuses designed to explode after impact and we have automatic firearms that have somewhat controllable recoil and fire comparably sized rounds, so what will it take to tie all of these together to make bolt guns?

Another thing to ask would be if this weapon would actually be effective on the battlefield within the laws of physics if made successfully, and if it would be feasible to use it. Would the rocket propulsion be redundant at all, or can it be used to stabilize the round?
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Middle Eastern Wars thread: he's so fucking gay edition

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I guess I need to be making these threads more, I always wait on others to but no one has recently.

Interesting rumblings that Turkey, Russia, and Assad have hashed out a deal where Assad will clear out the SDF holdings in the north and Turkey will back down it's meddling and receive S-400s. Rumours most of it, but I have a feeling a gov't vs Kurds war may be on the horizon once those two sides find themselves staring at each other.
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Are SBR worth the trouble?

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Has anyone done the paperwork? Does it really take a full year? Was it worth it?
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is the F35 really the right choice for Canada?

The F-35 only has a single engine so in the event of engine failure and the pilot has to ditch in the north, they will not survive even with a survival suit till help arrives. A twin engine aircraft at least has the chance to hobble back to an airfield.

Like the CF-18, the F35 will also require external tanks to cover the Canadian north what will external tanks do to the stealth capabilities of the F35?
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Opposite of Space Shuttle Door Gunner

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What's an MOS that's so lame no one will ever call you out for stolen valor?

I just want those sweet tuesday night buffet discounts
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Gear Queer General /gq/

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Footwear edition

>/gq/ approved LBE + IFAK + More (READ FIRST)
>/gq/ approved IFAK(Medical) guide
>/gq/ approved pouches
>/k/ holster list
>/gq/ approved Radio Equipment
>join us on Discord
>google drive of current /GQ/ issues

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hey dudes someone how could I make a good homemade grenade? or some poor explosive to throw inside my mate's bedroom and make a mess
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