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Canada General

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I've sunk so many hours into this game and it's still fun as hell, how the heck has this game survived the test of time so well?

I'm honestly baffled how shooting a bunch of slavs and mutants manages to stay fun for so long.

Why exactly is this game so good /k/?

also, post anything stalker related.
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Hi Powers, CZ 75s, and other metal wonder nines

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Post your all-metal wonder nines

I'm really sold on a FN Hi Power and i would seriously fucking murder for an FN-made one, the kind they imported to the United States back in 2003-2006.
Anybody know where to get one like that, or at least a near-new FN Hi Power in general besides lurking Gunbroker forever?
They've got exactly that there, but in fucking 40 S&W which really hurts.
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Fun .22s to Shoot

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Lately I've been in the mood to buy some kind of fun .22, a big box of cheap ammo, and go plinkin'

What are your most fun and favorite guns that use .22lr?
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STEAM Sale reminder

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Emergency Broadcast: Summer Steam Sale has rendered all three STALKER games in to a bundle for 10.99. First two alone are 2.99, Call of Pripyat is 4.99.
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Cold war optics thread

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post your cold war optics or anything related
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Midsummer Madness Edition
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Tell me about the 5906
I rarely hear anything about it
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Because Racegun Edition
>Thread #335

Old thread here >>34360306
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