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Urban SHTF

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So i live in a city, a crappy one at that, in a not so good and densly popluated area.

If a SHTF senerio happens what is the plan for us city folks?

I have a good stash of guns, ammo, food, water, tools and medical supplies. but its all inside my apartment.

So far my only plan is to load up my larger car with everything and drive south until i can go innawoods and hide out the intial storm thagt is roaming hoards of niggers and starvation.

Would it be better to baracade myself inside, that way i wouldnt be forced to leave some things behind?

Ive read that in a real SHTF senerio there will be roaming herds of starving people within 7 days of the food supply being cut off, and by 14 days 25-50% of the population will be dead. so if i can out last 2 weeks i might be able to survive inside the city, where i could easily find more supplies and things i need.