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Let's keep the politics to a minimum, because this ain't /pol/ (which is weirdly the last place you want to talk about politics). And I'll keep this short:

I'm a white male liberal living in a liberal town (Portland). I'm usually for gun control (or at least better gun regulations) and what have you. But recent events in Charlottesville, and other similar events throughout the 2010s, is starting to make me consider carrying a fire-arm on me.

Because the world, and America, is certainly becoming a less safe place for the time being. And I've definitely had encounters thus far into 2017 that made me wish I had some sort of weapon on me. In addition, I'm not only considering fire-arms for protection, but also have one in the hopes of deterring potential ugly encounters from even starting.

So what's a good weapon of choice for someone who has virtually no knowledge of guns? .45 sidearms have a nice ring in my ear. But I guess I should also come out and say there's a history of mental illness in my family. I've had MDD and PTSD (nothing related to guns) since I was a kid, and made suicide attempts before (but the last recorded instance was 2006). But I've never been committed or arrested for any reason whatsoever.