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Would you consider military officers to be the last vestiges of nobility and aristocracy officially and overtly enforced by the US government.
>strict caste system, with official greeting according to title(adressing as sir/ma'am, salute) no sexual relationships between officer and enliststed, etc
>officers are reqd. To attain atleast an undergrad degree, traditionally an achievment that was class dependant.
>superior housing/facilities compared to enlisted,including officer only areas on instillations and ships
Im a former e5 in the army reserves who commisioned into the navy after 10 years, even as a lowly ensign and now an 0-2 just the sight of me can strike fear into lower enlisted and even petty officers who dont know me. My dad is a naval O-5 and ive noticed its even more dramatic with him, and extends to my mom and youngest sibling who lives on installation.