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Railgun Problem Solved

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>mfw having solved the railgun problem
>why does this work?
The rails themselves can be rather lightweight; in fact, they can be so threadlike that they burn out on the first shot... but, with a railgun, you only really need one shot. Fresh rails can either be hoisted up from the surface tender or spooled out like thread by some futuretech method we don't have available yet. If the nuclear powerplants & supercapacitors are aboard the tender below, all the blimp/dirigible above requires are wires to carry power & signal (targeting computers are also below on the tender) up to the rails. The airship can be steered remotely, but why wouldn't you want a couple of crewmen aloft in the highest crow's nest on the high seas? The airship sees for hundreds of miles in every direction, and can point trajectories based off satellite data over the curvature of the earth to rainbow arc rounds for thousands of miles.
>the railgun is about a mile above the surface of the ocean
Let's discuss. Yes, I know that the cables will be heavy, so maybe it's only a kilometer above the water instead... although materials technologies are such that carbon-nanotubes woven into super lightweight superconductors could solve that problem. This seems like it should work; it would be nice to see some math.