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FFL fuckery

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Ok, so I bought a gun online and sent it to an FFL that was apparently closing down. The rifle had an attempted delivery on the 2nd this month but was surprisingly completed on the 3rd. I went down there and they had plastic up in the windows and the phone number on the front would not pick up despite multiple calls spread out over a couple days.

So I emailed the guy, respectfully saying "Yo nigga where my shit," and got sent this on the 5th not 6 minutes after I sent him the email;

"Your rifle is in my shop. I will complete the transfer as soon as I’m able. I’m down with very bad flu at the moment."

I responded 3 and now 7 days later and haven't got a response to either yet. At this point I'm really getting uneasy and slightly worried this nerd is trying to dick off with my gun.

Anything you guys can think of besides threatening legal action I could do here? I really don't want to seem like a frickin' frick and scream at the guy about lawyers if he's just actually sick. But then again god fucking dammit I was supposed to have that shit 10 days ago.