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/k/anada's archaeological expedition

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Hey /k/anada, Albertafag here.

I'm going on an archaeological expedition in June up north near our border with the North West Territories, up near Fort Vermillion.

I'm getting my PAL this march for this express purpose and I'm wondering what rifle I should bring. My grandmother has offered to lend me my grandfather's sporterized springfield in .30-06(pic related, not the actual one but you get the idea).

Is this caliber good enough for some of the crazy fauna they get up north?

What gun/caliber would you guys recommend?
>this is a university trip so tonnes of beta soys which means I can't bring anything too "assaulty"
>I'm not going to compress my spine carrying around a fucking 4bore or a 50 cal, as chad as that would be
>I am a poorfag so cheap(sub-700) gun and relatively cheap ammo is preferable