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Rate this shootout, Friday edition
Today's is a doozy.

imo the person screaming "he pulled a gun on us" got the dude killed. God damn.

>A grand jury found that both Dewey and Officer Shawn McKenzie were justified in firing their weapons. A Multnomah County Grand Jury has cleared two Portland State University (PSU) officers of criminal wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of Jason Washington. Washington, 45-year-old African American Navy veteran, was shot outside an off-campus bar in the early hours of July 29 after trying to break up a fight, according to bystanders. While attempting to intervene, Washington’s personal handgun allegedly fell out of his belt holster onto the sidewalk. When a pair of PSU officers saw Washington reach down to retrieve his weapon, they shot him. Washington died on the scene. The grand jury decision, called a "not true bill," means jurors believe both Officer James Dewey and Officer Shawn McKenzie acted lawfully "in self-defense and/or defense of a third person," by shooting Washington. Washington is the first person to die at the hands of a PSU police officer since campus officers began carrying firearms in 2015.