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/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2116 - Rising Hopper Edition

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Hey Kamen Rider fags, why won't you allow ishimorifags in your threads? At least he'll stop spicposting in every Dynamic Pro thread he finds.
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Has anyone ever BTFO /toy/cels, snapshitters, and videogame playing manchildren as much as he has?
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I've finally got around to watching Ideon. Currently on the white flag episode. Man this anime is filled with Tomino women. There's a bunch of Reccoas running around. Also what the fuck is Karala's problem? This whole thing started because of her retardation. This is going to be one frustrating show to watch. Cosmo is cool but the other characters haven't exactly endeared themselves to me
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What is it about Eva that closes people's minds? Virtually everyone that starts with Eva stops with Eva and never goes on to watch more mecha. Everything they see is viewed through the lens of Eva. Does the show have subliminal messages that tell people to never watch anything that Anno or Gainax didn't make?
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An anime adaptation is inevitable. Nihei's never had good luck with adaptations, but this seems like it was tailor-made for one.
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I have a cute girl in my class whose a big time Macross fan, but i'm more a Gundam, Giant Robo, Tetsujin 28, and basically anything done by Imagawa and Tomino, and the only Macross show I watched was Frontier on google video.
So is there anything to talk about regarding this, to her or I stand no chance.
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Great pilots with underpowered mech.
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Storytime: Menace #11 (1954)

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