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Mazinger Z Infinity

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First reviews are in. The movie's not perfect, and suffers from a few problems depending on who you talk to, but overall, it seems that people enjoyed it plenty nonetheless.
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/m78/ Thread: Should I Stop Using VLC Edition

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They took her smile away from us!!!!!

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Why did they do it!?!?!?!?!?
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Hollywood Gundam movie

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What are your hopes and fears for Legendary's live action Gundam movie? I hope it takes place past U.C 223 or is a completely new AU. I heard the writer's a Gundam fan with extensive knowledge on the franchise, so I'm cautiously optimistic.
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What needs to happen, for the mecha genre to make a complete comeback? Personally I think another groundbreaking series needs to happen, that launches a ton of clones.
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So I am still mad that my favorite Gundam show got cut short. Is there any info out there, about what the original plan for the ending was? Anything at all? Usually when a show is cut short, there exists at least some material about what could have been.
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Sad News

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Hey memory of /m/, one of the Spaceboots here, and I got the sad news today that another of our number has died. Johnny was fascinated by the crazy fanfiction I showed him. Old Spaceboots legends like Comicsnix and Abraxas got dredged up (shoutout to Rob Bricken) from the mists of time and lived again as the disbelieving look on his face. He loved "Doomsday Womb" in particular, and wrote his own Nth part to "Tears of a Steel Moon," which pitted Brain from Inspector Gadget against Psycho Nautilus, and also explored the creepy home life of Lando Calrissian and Ranka Lee. He mentioned "Nukie" every chance he could. He had an infectious laugh, as they say. He will be missed dearly.

Honor him! Watch a bad movie or read a crossover fanfic selected at random! Write something and don't stop for anything!
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Bros what the fuck, China already is building space marine armor. We;re fucked bros. God fucing damnit. If they invade with these its over.

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New Cursed /M/ images

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Bad paintings , poor modeling , questionable taste .
Lets see what you have ....
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