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/SGG/ Symphogear General

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/SGG/ Symphogear General

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Was it kino /m/?

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What do people actually like about NGE? The animation is nice, but the narrative is utter shit. I constantly see people saying it's "metaphorical" and super deep, but nobody gives any specific examples of what it means. I hate throwing this word around, but to me it's incredibly pretentious.
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Sonic Movie

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Well, it certainly looks better than the first design. Overall it seems to be a generic family movie, but some of Robotnik's robots look cool.
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Does this shit get any better beyone the obvious Lord of the Flies premise, and Angsty Shinji Bros.? I forget which episode I'm on but it's the one where a group of them first finds the mecha.
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I'm planning on writing a heartfelt letter to the folks at Discotek Media to congratulate them on all the /m/ stuff they've licensed. I would like to include responses from you guys, what is your wishlist for future releases (be it morkyroll stream or blu-ray) and what do you want to thank them for?
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/SGG/ Symphogear General

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/SGG/ - Symphogear General

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Anyone interested in me writing up a summary of The Blank of 3 Years?
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