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Since the jannies seem to be having so kuch fun pruning fun threads and leaving up bullshit.

Post your fav janitor bots in fiction. They're probably better then the ones running the board.

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Trider is shit and only actual boomers like Terada have shit enough taste to unironically like a childrens' cartoon
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What are you watching/reading/playing, /m/?
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Name a more badass and chad moment in the entire Gundam franchise.
pro tip: you can't
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>cowboy bebop
>best anime ever
>is also technically /m/
>meaning its therefor ths bestest /m/anime as well.

Lets talk some cowboy bebop
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Can we all agree that the Geass franchise has the prettiest female designs in all of mecha?
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Well /m/ I'm only three anime away from seeing every mecha anime that ever appeared in Super Robot Wars (ignoring download only OE and X-Omega). Mechander Robo, God Sigma, and Sasuraiger. It's been a hell of a journey since I first started this goal, but these three don't have enough episodes in English to dive off into. If I were to watch any of these raw which order should I watch them in and is there anything I should know?
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PSA that an /m/tard actually killed someone.

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The mods can delete it but you can't deny that /m/ actually murdered people and paid $250,000 to an E-thot.
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>/m/ hates Okawara now
What the heck happened?
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Best mech control set up is keyboard and mouse

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There is a lot of fancy cockpit set-up with all the joystick, but isn't a simple keyboard and mouse the best way to pilot a mech?

All you need is WASD for movement, space to jump, shift for boost, all the complex movement (like punching) would be macro and you would press p to punch.

Is there any disadvantage to this setup?
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