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Mazinger Z Infinity

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First reviews are in. The movie's not perfect, and suffers from a few problems depending on who you talk to, but overall, it seems that people enjoyed it plenty nonetheless.
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Terminator anime on Netflix

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>The most terrifying killing machine in sci-fi history is back, just like it promised. Project Power’s Mattson Tomlin and legendary anime studio Production I.G are teaming up for an animated series set in the Terminator universe.
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Hello, floof department
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My three year old was just diagnosed with autism and ehlers danlos syndrome. It makes you highly flexible but with low muscle tone. The doctor said his body(soul) is being held down by gravity. I unfortunately gave my son newtype genes 100 years before he would be ready to use them. For the high functioning autists on this board that make over $200k a year, what do you do for a living?
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Are there any originalfags/oldfags who can please help out a newfag with something?

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Reposting this from >>>/qa/3983223
/m/ is one of four boards on 4chan whose exact birthdays are unknown, but have some saved threads showing the earliest day they're known to have existed. (Sauce: Bibanon and the 2015 /j/ leak):
>/u/ (≤ Mar 28, 2004)
>/m/ and /cm/ (≤ Aug 16, 2004)
>/j/ (≤ Dec 16, 2012)
Anyways while looking up shit I'm pretty sure I found something that can help narrow down /m/'s birthday:
>August 14, 2004 in Anime or Science Fiction
That second link's title refers to August 7 when 4chan came back online again and has the earliest link to /m/ I can find on there, and I think there's a possible acknowledgement of /m/ from April 2 in that same forum section and search results page that could make it even older, but trying to decipher the contexts of these posts is making me feel like I'm getting into Game Theory-tier bullshit. So far search engines and archives aren't giving me anything else to go off of for any of the aforementioned boards.
Is there anyone here who has any recollection or screencaps from back then that can help out with this?
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Gundam Fanfic's

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Place For Gundam Fanfic Recs and Discussion.
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Cursed /m/ images 2021 version

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08th MS Team

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>Muh realism

Gundam in the rain forest. It doesn't really work for me. Rain forest of 40 meters and taller trees, and at least 5 meters apart, without obstructions in between, also solid dry ground that can support 60 tons, really?

Maybe if the mobile suits are thin, smaller, lighter, and with monkey arms, maybe that would make sense.
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