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Hey /m/, how does a newfag get into mecha in fucking 2020? Could you recommend a crash course? Shows, movies, games, whatever. You all talk about mechas like you're car guys and I desire to understand.
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ITT: Stupidest shit /m/ has said

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>Rahxephon doesn't rip off Evangelion. It borrows more from Raideen and Megazone 23
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Shows which couldn't previously be discussed

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Now that the wicked witch is dead, what else can we finally discuss in peace?
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worst OYW suit hands down

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I don't like her. She's a cunt, the type of girl that makes me more afraid of women.
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Hakaiou Chapter 53 is released, GaoGaiGar Thread.
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Shittiest show of all time
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Turn A Gundam

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I'm starting Turn A. What am I in for?
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Bros, why did you lie about this? Did anyone even finish this? It went from alright to absolute garbage in no time at all. And it just cuts off before skipping to the end like they didn't even know they were getting canceled. What a mess.
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