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/sgg/ Symphogear General

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Giant robots and power armor are always leading the discussion here, so let's have a thread to show some love to androids, cyborgs, and other human-sized robots
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Can isekai revive mecha?
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/sgg/ Symphogear General

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This board needs new mods
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Mecha in the 2010s

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Hizakuriger is sad

Cheer him up with /m/ from the 2010s that you enjoyed
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why did the prequels get the best designs in the series

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did /m/ get a new jannie? a thread i made just got deleted when it would normally be allowed on here?
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Has there ever been such a big drop in quality between seasons before? I've never seen a writer do so little with so much, and the final stretch of episodes are so viscerally disappointing it's almost genius in retrospect. Not to mention that randomly introducing relativistic weapons into a setting not designed for it a huge mistake. The last jedi anyone? Seriously though, if your anime is contingent on the fairly far fetched premise that humanoid robots are the most effective weapon of war, ass pulling things that are extremely practical and realistic and then using said weapons to dunk on every single protagonist in one shot is so disrespectful of the setting, the idea of the series, the idea of the genre, and the love of mecha. What the fuck were they thinking?
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Literally the two biggest toy commercials of all time but still attract a ton of pseuds for some reason
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