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Anemone: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 2

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I watched it.

I liked it. I liked it more than Hi-Evo 1, and AO, and Pocket Full of Rainbows.

I actually also enjoyed it more than the majority of the original TV series, which I feel is loved mostly because it had a good final part even though a lot of the early/mid parts of it were kind of dull and mediocre, but that's just my opinion.

First of all:

90% of the movie is completely new animation which looks fantastic. There's a bit of reused animation, but it's mostly battle scenes that still look really great. The transition to 4:3 is kind of jarring, though, and a lot of Anemone's expressions in the reused footage really don't match the new version of her character.

The preview from the end of Hi-Evo 1 was a load of nonsense and has nothing to do with this.

In fact you can skip Hi-Evo 1 completely because it seems to have nothing to do with this at all.

Charles and Ray are alive.

It DOES pull some weird bullshit at the end but it wasn't THAT bad.

The spoilers in the other thread left out or were wrong about the majority of things.

I'm typing up full spoilers, will be posting them here.
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Why does /m/ hate this?
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Goranger English Dub Blu Ray

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/m/useum Thread IV

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It's boring shit
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Discotek's Baldios BDs released today. Who else ordered it?
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What the hell was her problem?
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Is this the comfiest gundam?
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Should I skip it?
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