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>no wait you can't just go for my crew compartme- *SWHING*
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Help get the Robotics;Notes VN localized

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Robotics;Notes is basically /m/: the visual novel. It's about huge mecha fans that seek to build a giant robot in real life. That's why it's more a story about /m/ than a traditional mecha.

Some of you might have already seen the anime, which as an adaptation is a mixed bag due to pacing issues. If you liked it, you're bound to like the VN even more. If you didn't, I believe you can still like the VN. A lot of the content that would appeal to /m/ doesn't exactly make the cut either.

One of the things that's really interesting about the R;N VN is that its engineering aspects were directly supervised by JAXA to make it as accurate as possible. It goes really in-depth about the challenges and limitations of building a giant robot in real life and the science behind it. The whole building process is very detailed.

The whole story is overflowing with love for the mecha genre and it's filled with all types of references to the classics. There's plenty of discussion about mecha tropes and so on, and I'm personally really fond of the ways it finds to incorporate those tropes into its own story.

Anyway, a group of fans organized a petition to get the game localized. I know petitions have a stigma of being useless, but in this case, the publishers have actually expressed interest in localizing this title if there's enough demand. So this is actually the perfect tool to show the companies involved that there's a demand for the title. With enough signatures, we know that it will be effective this time.

Please lend us your help, /m/.
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Mazinger Z Infinity

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First reviews are in. The movie's not perfect, and suffers from a few problems depending on who you talk to, but overall, it seems that people enjoyed it plenty nonetheless.
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Does anybody have any official lineart of pic related's round mover equipment from the actual front?

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So in the end, did Amuro and Char transcend into some being like Stephen and joined the Axiom?

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>Draw a girl
>Call it a mech
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how do you people enjoy this shit?

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>monsters on screen for like 20 minutes
>human parts of the movie are mind-numbingly boring and retarded
>monsters don't speak, just big and dumb

genuine question, what do you guys get out of these movies?

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What's next for Go nagai?
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>why did people go back to thinking "Newtypes are just good pilots" in F91?
>It's obviously because of a massive re-education cover-up by the Earth Federation in response to an even huger event than CCA/Unicorn/NT that'll happen coming soon
Why is Fukui still allowed?
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