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what is your opinion on the design of the barbatos?
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Harutoshi Fukui, people.
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Again, the worst excesses & violence committed by the Federation have been declared to be legal by the Federation; the population of Colony 30 was murdered by the Titans and the Federation decided the only improper action taken was property damage.

Let this radicalize you if you have not yet been radicalized.
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Yeah, this summarizes you guys pretty well lol
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What does /m/ think of mechs with Charged Particle Weapons?

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Like the Berserk Fury?

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Is there a more overrated Super Sentai show?
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For me, it's Getter-2.
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Ms. /m/ contest when?

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Since /co/ finished their waifu contest with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch being this year's winner , why can't we have our own?
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So this is the mecca board. Huh
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are you ready /m/?

really not looking forward the live action movie premiere
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