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Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /gbo2/

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New MS banner and special step up tonight at 1 am EST.

Will it be another MS from Chars Counterattack or something different for the spring fest?

Posting text-less banner of current MS, last chance to get Neo Zeons Geara Doga.

Previous thread:

Learn to play Gbo2 with Tenda and Heidegger!

Follow Tenda on twitter

/m/ Discord for all players (Crix's):

GBO2 Discord:

Clan Name: /m/egafagot
Clan Tag: [MFG]
Leader: Mangojoyride
>Status: Full

Clan Name: /m/ Fenrir
Clan Tag: [-m-]
Leader: AV98_Alphonse1
>Status: 8 slots

Clan Name: /m/irage
Clan Tag: [M_R]
Leader: RFAokigahara
>Status: Full

Clan Name: Blue Sparrow
Clan Tag: [Lac]
Leader: Questing_moo3
>Status: 5 slots

Clan Name: Red Raz Army
Clan Tag: [RRA]
Leader: Zero-Gundam
>Status: 2 slots

Clan Name: DOMination
Clan Tag: [Dna]
Leader: EvilRobotUsses
>Status: Full

Current Clan Match Schedule:

>[PDT] 04/10/2021 (SAT) 21:00 – 22:59
>[CEST] 04/11/2021 (SUN) 06:00 – 07:59
>[EST] 04/11/2021 (SUN) 12:00 – 01:59
>Simple Battle, 350, 4 vs 4, Arctic Base

>[PDT] 04/17/2021 (SAT) 05:00 – 06:59
>[CEST] 04/17/2021 (SAT) 14:00 – 15:59
>[EST] 04/17/2021 (SAT) 08:00 – 0:59
>Simple Target, 600, 6 vs 6, Resource Satellite

>Official Game Resources + Color Picker:

>Nipponese GBO players for reference


>Friendly reminder that you can test drive ms by forcibly closing the game without saving after purchasing them from the shop

>If you are having trouble with recon crate drops and completing missions, enter custom rooms called A/B where team A wins and team B lose to farm crate drops and complete daily missions outside of rival mission