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Which do you like more, /m/:

Mecha or women?
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Why is the RX-75 guntank so unloved?
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Gundam 40th Anniversary Project

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Project will be announced on 11/21 on livestream. What are you guys expecting and what do you want the 40th anniversary project to be?
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Aquaman is now /m/
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Mazinger Z Infinity US Release?

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Anyone know if Viz is ever going to do anything with Infinity as far as a US DVD or Blu-Ray release?
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Have you forgotten her, /m/?
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Is this actually good?

I’ve seen a bunch of dudes saying how “underrated” and “amazing” it is, but half of those are probably /a/fags, so it’s probably shit
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/acg/ Amored Core General

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>still no Armored Core 6

Previous thread: >>16938391

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>For Answer
>Verdict Day

So how's that 20th Anniversary Soundtrack?
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Best /m/ parodies?