Best UC Gundam suits

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The massively underrated Victory 2
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Post all kinds of images you wouldn't really ever get a chance to.
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Post the worst mechs in Gundam
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Zeon Gundam: The Gundam That True Fans Want

In the universal century Zeon Char Zeon, the coolest Zeon in all of Zeon, was being oppressed by the big bad evil meanie federation. GMs and Jegans which are lame and stupid were oppressing the zeons so he got in the Zeon Gundam, which was like the RX-78 but spiky and bright red. Zeon Char Zeon then unsheathed his zeon made beam sword which was made out of newtype minovsky particles that were folded over a million times and cut through the jegans. "Nothing personal kid" he said as he teleported behind a jegan with his newtype powers and cut him into a million pieces. And then Captain Bright came but because he's cool he's a zeon now and he took Zeon Char Zeon onto his new ship called The Glory of Zeon where he gave Zeon Char Zeon the Zeon Gundam Cross Buster Double XVI Booster Gold with TWO beams swords folded over a billion times each. With his new weapon he went down to earth and started killing all the GMs Jegans and Federations with his Zeon Gundam Cross Buster Double XVI Booster Gold and his army of Zakus which cut through all the other GMs and Jegans like they were made out of tinfoil. Zeon Char Zeon then killed the entire Federation and destroyed the Earth so the environment could be free from earthnoids. Zeon Char Zeon was relaxing after his victory when suddenly a bunch of stupid lame pirate guys with midget mobile suits showed up. "Who the fuck are you losers?" Zeon Char Zeon said. "We're the Crossbone Vanguard! Will you be our friends?" But Zeon Char Zeon laughed at them cause they ere losers and said "You wish you were as cool as Zeon!" and killed them. Then a bunch of retarded guys with even smaller mobile suits that had bug eyes and beam helicopters were gonna ask if they could be friends too but the Zanscare was even lamer than the crossbone losers so Zeon Char Zeon killed them before they could even ask. Then Zeon ruled over everything forever. The End.
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Symphogear General - /sgg/

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Armored VF-31 pics

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What show aside from FranXX of course :^) could be classified as "Evangelion but better"?
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Evangelion is 100% a deconstruction. This isn't up for debate AT ALL
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Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion

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New Episodes air on Saturdays at 7:00 AM JST

>Upcoming Toy Releases

Shinka Gear - March 1st
DXS 03 E3 Tsubasa - March 9th
Talking Shashot - March 29th
Sound Super Evolution Laboratory Base Set - March 29th
Super Evolution Electric Cargo - March 29th
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Is /m/ excited about New Gundam Breaker? Tell me your expectatons for the game.
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