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pilot suits

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can we get a pilot suit thread goin

i really like these from F91

also, it's a good wallpaper
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0083 is a really shitty prequel to Zeta. Zeta had so much interesting backstory that could have been made into a great prequel. but all we get to tie it into Zeta happens in the last 5 minutes of 0083. Imo this is how it should have gone down:
>Some backstory on what happened with Zeon after loosing OYW and how Maharaja Karn made Axis their base.
>Char putting Haman in power.
>The whole Gato hijacks nuke and colony drop thing happens in the first 6-7 episodes.
>After that, the Titans are formed.
>Kou joins the titans along side other characters that will become future villains in Zeta Gundam.
>Kou being the straight-laced good boy can't stand the Titans turning corrupt and tyrannical.
>He and some friends try to fight the corruption, but either get framed or targeted and go on the run.
>They hijack some mobile suits and put up a fight, but get taken down by Yazan and other titans. Kou gets killed by a young Scirocco who is working as a private mercenary for Jamitov.
>The titans then proceed to poison a colony.
>The different Zeon factions (thanks to her supporting the Delaz fleet) unite with Haman and Char begins to fall out with her.
>Char leaves Axis with his men and alongside Blex and Henken, puts a start to AEUG (and Karaba gets formed on earth).
>Private companies like Anaheim and Luio start funding the AEUG, thus becoming the annoying shot callers.
>They plan to raid Side 2 for the new Gundams.
>Kamille gets called a girl.
Now that would be Zeta: the origin. It would set the stage for Zeta by showing the origin and the inner politics of all 4 factions, while having just the right amount of fanservice that is necessary for a prequel.
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/m78/ General: Kero-chan tells us to get over now edition

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Previous thread: >>16183411

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Mecha is saved!
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What are some of the biggest ships in science fiction, mecha, Eastern or Western. Live or animated?
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*oppresses you*
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Happy Valentine's /m/. Better claim your waifu quick
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What are the essential tokusatsu films and TV shows?
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Super Robot Wars strawpolls on English translations

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/m/ we have come a fuck of a long way and the day every bit of /m/ content can be enjoyed by all is ever so closer. However we are not there yet and as such I have taken the liberty of conducting three strawpolls on what the future holds for those who still want to see everything that was adapted into a SRW title. Please note for all three you can only do one answer.

Poll 1: Of the following which deserves to have their translations scrubbed by a fansubber or licensor?

Poll 2: Of the following which deserves to be finished? Dancouga: Blazing Epilogue was removed for being only one episode left and might be finished this year.

Poll 3: Of the following with only one or two episodes subbed (some not even that much) deserved to be given a serious translation attempt by a fansubber or licensor?

Yes there was a previous attempt at this, then I realized Jushin Liger was not on one of them. Sorry!
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