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Five Star Stories November issue

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>Bos makes full recovery and discusses his plans with Beauty Peel
>Dr. Mauser and LDI's other cyborg friends are looking for her but have no idea she joined the AKD
>LDI finally accepted by the rest of the younger AKD members
>Sword Saint Auge disguises herself as a young schoolgirl
>Sieg meets up with Jhon and the two catch up
>Sieg mentions his dream about "a woman with a beautiful voice"

The cover advertises Gothicmade playing again in TOHO Ueno cinema on November 5th, and Mamoru Nagano making a guest appearance to commemorate its 5th anniversary in theaters.
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Yo, are there any good /m/ books out there?
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Trails of Kiseki

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So what's the verdict on Sen no Kiseki 3? How /m/ does it get?
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Do mecha anime really need 50 episodes in this time and age?
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Darling in the Franxx, January 2018
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Am I the only one concerned with how inherent War is to the Mecha genre?
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No one wants this

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So we know that Power Rangers is a western adaption, it caught on, and become incredibly popular. Getting 25 seasons since its conception... Well, 21 if you don't count the "Super" seasons.

The first time Kamen Rider was adapted was with Black RX, and it fucking sucked. Second time was with Ryuki, and while it earned awards it still didn't stick.

Third time's the charm, you get to pick a season to adapt in a possibly vain attempt to bring Kamen Rider to the west once and for all. To make it a little easier Saban, or what ever company gets the chance, is going to be a bit more forgiving on its censorship.

What season do you pick, what story do you write for it, and how do you explain the crazy ass toys?
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I was gonna come here to bitch about how shitty of an attitude some fansubbers have (and trust me they do) but this fag gave me an idea.

What if we starting timing scripts for series that have no subs, and then release the timed subs for a potentional translator to pick up and use?

The way I see it, if someone would want to sub a series the timing would be the largest tedious thing and drive them away. If there are pre-times scripts then that may be more welcoming. That'd be the best way to show that there's an interest in a show and may make them consider.

We'd probably just release the .ass file or one could mux it with an episode raw. That'd have to be disscussed more. Thoughts?
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What is the appeal of Exia?
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