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If Garo and Symphogear count as /m/, does Witchblade?
If so what is your favorite incarnation?
Just picked up the first issue of the remake and felt that it was a little feministy, but it was overall pretty good.
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I got a model kit of this guy as a gift for Christmas. I have never done a model and this one doesn't seem to have instructions. I have found Japanese instructions here

but is there some sort of repository with english instructions for these things? Do they normally come with only Japanese instructions and I need to suck it up and get to work?
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ITT: Your all time top five mecha. Let's see how diverse the taste is here.
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We're getting a new Mazinkaiser fig by good smile.
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>she wears blonde wig
>she dresses in red, red is her motorcycle's main color until Bubblegum Crash
>she has a collar with a golden eagle similar to the one on Sazabi's shield
So, Priss is a human-Sazabi?
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Why does Episode 7 of Legend of the Galactic Heroes look like THAT?
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Have you worshiped your Queen today?
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how would a one week war shoot 'em up game work?

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or would zeon fans cry BS immediately at the concept?

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Keith Courage I mean Wataru fans rejoice!
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