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Gaelio Bauduin

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Is this, dare I say, one of the best characters to come out of the entire gundam franchise?
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SDMO General

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Reborn edition

> Discord :

> What is SDMO ?
We are remaking SD Gundam Capsule Fighter.
Come to the discord to help !

> Latest version - 2017/03/18 - Demo version
Still very rough but you can connect online !
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This machine kills Zeeks
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ITT: /ourguys/
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Robot Waifu Claiming Thread

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Claim your robot waifu's here.

1. Must be at least half robot
2. Must post pictures
3. No stealing other peoples Waifu

I will start by claiming Nono
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Post best girls
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Alright you apes. Assuming his power armor is not available, what would Johnny Rico pilot? Also, Starship Troopers anyone?
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Never see a Zoids thread when i pop by so let's have one. Just got back into them after like 10 years of not giving a shit and found out about the HMM models and my new favorite Zoid, pic very related. What about the rest of you, what's the one you would pilot if you ever landed on Zi?
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