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What does /m/ think about Casshern Sins? Other than KILL CASSHERN DEVOUR CASSHERN that is
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So Harmony Gold just released some actual glimpses of their upcoming Robotech reboot comic and I'm...actually surprised; for once they've somewhat grew some common sense and finally decided to start diverging away from Macross designs, characters and mechs alike, at least for the most part (SDF-1 is still the same). They even ditched the UN Spacy logo and insignia.

Not that the new designs are actually good or anything, but its kinda shocking that they went out of their way to attempt some new designs of their own when they really didn't have to since they can do pretty much anything they want with Shoji's stuff in comics. Apparently they even got rid of the Southern Cross uniforms in favor of some Spartan armor knock-offs.

Whelp, its finally happening everyone. Welcome to the universe Carl Macek always wanted; a world where he can actually use shit without getting sued.
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Random Japanese politician on the morning news
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Fuck this movie why did they have to rip out my heart and stomp on it like that?
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Trails no Kiseki thread

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Sora 3rd coming May 3rd, PC port of Cold Steel announced with extra voice acting.

Zero and Ao fucking when?
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Iok is best boy

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I need to embiggen my Iok folder. Post all the Iok pics, gifs and webms you have.
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What if Saban.........

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Wanted to find the thread of What if Saban adapted the pre-zyu shows, but died.

I know that one was just shitposting, but, why couldnt saban adapt some of the other live action shows from Toei.

Like what if they adapted Sukeban Deka?

G-Reco movie

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Tomino just revealed that the 2nd movie has been green lit and that the 1st one's runtime tis around 1:40 minutes. Still the reception for the 1st movie is gonna be decisive for the project
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Uso, come with me.
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more scales
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