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Pick your poison

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Beautiful German mecha embodying the Teutonic school of military robotics;)

Is there still a bright model of mass produced military mecha from other countries?
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Iron Harvest

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Iron Harvest

Mechs in a turn of the century, early 1900's style
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Neo Neo Zeon did nothing wrong
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What was the purpose of this character again?
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SD G Generation thread, beam rifle edition

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Overworld and Other G Gen games:!HYRD1BrA!xDkoPg4yDhL04dMLbt5Ucw

Overworld translation patch:

Overworld cheats compilation:!m18GmK4Y!NrsQKE7NL3iqGTN61iuYAT1batBSRxG4-XNpDk2Mx7s

PPSSPP additional fonts (replace its font folder (\ppsspp\flash0\font) with this for "∀" and other missing characters):
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Fa and the methuss was the real MVP on the Argama.
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/prg/ - Power Rangers General #142

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Cassie's thighs edition
Old thread: >>15653390
News: Saban wet the bed at SDCC
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>Akira Kitamura has a blog about game design
>He's writing and drawing some kind of story about an android or something
>he might be thinking about getting back into game design
>notice the comment section
>notice no one's posted anything

S-should I post something?
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