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[xPearse] Devilman 1972 Episode 01 [English Sub] [720p]
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Has anyone translated the Stargazer manga? I heard that it shows the conclusion and I'm curious how it turns out in the end

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>far future setting where humanity has expanded throughout the galaxy
>Sea navies don't exist
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Had Scirocco and Haman been able to finish their fight without interruption, who would've come out on top?
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So I've been thinking about this a lot. If it were Amuro vs. Kamille in the Gundam/Zeta who would win?

Would the outcome be the same if Kamille had just as much time with Zeta Gundam and MS in general as Amuro did? Or if say Amuro kept the original Gundam all the way through Zeta?
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The Flash

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What went wrong?

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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Was it /m/?
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I want to get into Garo, where should I begin?

Feel free to treat this as Garo general

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Hurr Durr I'm a millennial who doesn't get zeta because "muh animation" is "old". I can't believe I anyone likes this shit.

Different people like different things: more on the 11 o'clock news.
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Getter Devolution

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So knowing that the Getter in Devo is actually the Emperor, how strong will it be right now or how much potential does it have currently when it comes to its actual power?
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