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Any good mecha designs that are realistic?

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Any good mecha that can seen on the battlefield?
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Space Sentai Kyuranger 25

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I Wanna start Gundam

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Anyone know where I can watch the original Gundam series online? I've watched Iron blooded orphans and a bit of Gundam unicorn but I want to start from the beginning to better understanding what's going on

Mai Hime

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Zoids, robot girls, space installations, and laser canon satellites. Is Mai-Hime /m/ enough to have a thread?

What did other /m/en think of it? I liked it quite bit, and I liked that it wasn't plagued by having nothing of consequence happen for episodes on end--something that is seemingly ubiquitous in most anime these days. The ending being a get out of jail free card, more or less, was really disappointing though.
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Gundam Friends

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Will Tatsuki be able save Gundam?
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Post Bots you'd fuck Pt II

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Old thread reached image limit >>15622050
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By the most accurate estimates, Klan Klein is 12.5 - 13 meters tall, which is roughly between 6.9 and 7.8 times the height of an average human woman. We will take an estimation of 7 for the purpose of this study.

A human woman peaks at milk's production in the first 4 weeks after birth (see Jacqueline C.Kent, Hazel Gardner and Donna T. Geddes, Breastmilk Production in the First 4 Weeks after Birth of Term Infants. 2016). The average daily milk production capacity at this time is 700 ml/day, though with extremal as low as 100 ml/day and as high as 1300 ml/day. As Klan Klein is a healthy Meltrandi with exceptional breasts, and as we know that in healthy (non overweight) human women, breast sizes are correlated with milk production (Kent, J.C.; Mitoulas, L.; Cox, D.B.; Owens, R.A.; Hartmann, P.E. Breast volume and milk production during extended lactation in women. Exp. Physiol. 1999), it is not far fetched to assume an average of 1 l/day for Klan if she was human sized.

Due to the square-cube law, 7 time the height gives you 49 times the surface area and 343 times the volume and mass. Milk production is tied to the numbers of epithelial tissue in the breasts (Neifert, M.R., J.M. Seacat, and W.E. Jobe, Lactation failure due to insufficient glandular development of the breast. Pediatrics, 1985.), which it itself correlated to the volume of the breasts. Ergo, Klan Klein can produce roughly 343 litres of milk per day.

A standard bath tube is between 150 to 280 litres. Consequently, Klan Klein can easily fill a human sized bath tube with her daily milk production.

What would you like to see in the next Macross, /m/?
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what's your favourite VS, /m/?
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Zeta Gundam

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>You will see the Tears of Time
I understand most of Tomino's stuff but the meaning of this still eludes me
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