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Zanmataisei Demonbane was first released on 25th April 2003; Today is Demonbane's 14th anniversary

Let's have a Demonbane thread to commemorate.
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Isn't this fun everybody?
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webm thread
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SD Gundam G Generation Overworld ENGLISH Thread

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Post your teams, tips, rants and whatever.

Overworld translation patch:

Overworld cheats compilation:!m18GmK4Y!NrsQKE7NL3iqGTN61iuYAT1batBSRxG4-XNpDk2Mx7s

PPSSPP additional fonts (replace its font folder (\ppsspp\flash0\font) with this for "∀" and other missing characters):

Other G Gen games:!HYRD1BrA!xDkoPg4yDhL04dMLbt5Ucw
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Is this the most power mech ever made?

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what is your favorite /mechakino/, /m/?
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Soukyuu no Fafner

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Any new info on Beyond? I've been away from /m/ for a few months.

Gundam F91

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Just finished the movie. The fuck did I just watch? The animation was fantastic, music was neat, but I felt lost nearly the entire time. Are the Crossbone Vanguard just more angry spacenoids like Zeon? Who the hell won in the end? Why does this feel so incomplete? What did /m/ think of this movie? Most importantly, will Victory Gundam be as confusing?
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