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Unpopular Request

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I know you'll hate me for this, and you're right to--the anime club for a local university wants to show 08 MS Team. Unfortunately, they're feeling particularly prudish, and are considering knocking it out of the running because of topless Kiki in ep. 2--and approached me about because of my known fondness of UC OVAs and TV series.

Anyone have any idea where I could find a censored version of this? Or should I plan to crack open Premiere Pro and drop a bunch of censor bars over her nipples?
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I heard Novel better than Anime ?

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Very more Serious and Violent.

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Is this /m/?

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Would you watch a Gundam series/movie by Michael Bay?
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I've been rewatching Medabots as of late, what are some good Medabots games?
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Was Quattro being Char supposed to be a surprise reveal when Zeta came out?
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I bring you new toy I finish last night, use it wisely!

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Gundam Katana Volume 3

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Greetings gentle/m/en. Gundam Katana Volume 3 is ready to be served! Big thanks to Delta as always for shopping!

Past volumes and other works we translated can be found here:
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This is now a Zaido thread.
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Gunbuster/Aim for the Top Thread

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What am I in for?
Is this real robot or super robot?
Are there any prerequisite shows?
is it wrong to fap to Noriko before watching it?
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