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Garma, if you can hear me, blame this on the misfortune of your birth!
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Shin Godzilla Theatrical vs. Blu-ray

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Welp, just like the Evangelion Rebuilds, here we have Shin Godzilla 1.11. Looks like they updated some shots.

This was the only major one I found. Have any of you guys found others?
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New Digimon revealed

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Blitzgreymon and Cresgarurumon, they apparently are gonna be in the new V-pet for the twenty anniversary.
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What is it about mecha anime that people find unappealing? When I talk to other anime fans it seems mecha is the one genre they can't get into.
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Lynn Minmay's singing is so terrible it made aliens lose the will to fight.
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If the Federation had three times as much manpower as Zeon then where the fuck do all these remnants come from?
How the fuck did the OYW end?
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>kind and caring
>smart and civilised
Isn't she a perfect girl?
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