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So does /m/ like big girls?
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Do you think Gundams without mouth vents get made fun of at Gundam school?
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Gaia Gear

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Is there any way to fit Gaia Gear into U.C. after Victory, or it just a lost cause?

Why didn't Tomino animate Gaia Gear?
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where were you when the Legend of the Galactic Heroes series is saved?
this is the anime that will revive the whole series.
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Juushinki Pandora

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Juushinki Pandora a.k.a. Last Hope thread.

Is anybody watching this show, do you like it? If anything, it's Kawamori as hell.
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Flesh Pseudo-Mech "Leviathan"

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A poor country with only conventional equipment gets attacked by a rich country with mecha. The poor country cannot get actual mecha, so they revolutionise their military organisation and theory and create pseudo-mecha combat groups that each function as if they were mecha - armour as legs, VTOLS as body and satellites as heads - pic related comes in as, as the king figure is actually composed of numerous other people.

If you were one of these theorists, what would your doctrine be?

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What is it with so many mecha designs in the past ten years or so either having really small feet or no feet at all?
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Friendly reminder that GBO2 beta starts in 3 hours

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Purest form of love right here boys
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Why is he so fucking cool?