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Hero Bank

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Anybody remember Hero Bank? Even with all not too great /m/ shows that aired that year I'm surprised this one in particular that got swept under the rug.


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lemme run this down for you (as somebody who maintains plant machinery and actually knows what theyre talking about)


i have said it before and i will say it again. this will be 2 forklifts with paintball guns. the owners are too scared to break their expensive golf carts so it will just be "uh okay 3 hits means youre out". if you want real robot fights look at robot wars. im not shitting on this or their efforts, i am just telling you it will suck dick to what you think it will be.
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Post short haired /m/ waifus
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why did it click with burgers so much?
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Fuck that trailer was so shit
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Serious Question:

Is Eva considered Mecha? Or does the complex nature of the origin prevent this classification?
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I've been looking all over for this particular piece but I can't seem to find it. It's part of the album "Singularity" by "Duke of Pianeet" or whatever. Regardless of his name the guy is actually really good, his live performance can be seen here:

Image related is the Album cover. The album also contains a piano version of something from Idolmaster if you're into that.
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Post your favorite non-franchise designs
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What is the role of Mechs in a combined-arms focused military (i.e. All of them post 1916)
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Zeta would have been better if Kamille joined the Titans instead of the AEUG
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