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What the fuck i just read
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>be the Not-Zeekfags-For-Real-Honest Organization
>commit all the same war crimes and more, "b-but we're not like Zeon I promise"
>best pilot on the force isn't even the advertised """rival""" character
>the advertised """rival""" character is so bad of a pilot and so unlucky that literal scores of the organization's better pilots get killed under his command
>infrastructure is fucked, every other major officer/pilot is a defector at some point, betrays or murders someone else in the organization, or otherwise has ulterior motives
>sinks laughable amounts of resources into programs for the production of genetically engineered space retards that do next to nothing for them, and constantly require literal retard handlers to function at all as pilots or human beings
Is there any faction in Gundam that JUSTs quite as hard as the Titans? inb4 Titansfags start screeching the same tired insults at everyone else
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We need more Space Sheriff reboots

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Are there any recommended books or text about designing mecha?
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Most Godzilla flicks are shit
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>We'll never get a sequel to the best Mecha show ever

It hurts even to think about it. How do you keep going /m/?
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The Gouf is nice.
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Name a bigger jew

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protip you can't
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This show is so fucking underrated. I think it's easily one of the best mecha shows ever.
>non-autistic non-teenager main character
>motorbike powersuits

What do you think of Genesis Climber MOSPEADA? Also it got pretty rad Blurays so if you haven't seen it yet, check it out.
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