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Do children just make better pilots?

Yeah, yeah, all that shit about being a child-soldier fucks them up, but still, for the organization, are children the best bet for good mecha pilots?
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What was the purpose of this scene?
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I sometimes have to wonder what goes through Sunrise's heads upon the realization that it will be decades before they produce something that can replicate CG's level of success. This show garnered so much popularity and earned so much money that it could probably fund every show Sunrise has made since.
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Maschinen Krieger

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What do you think about SF3D/Maschinen Krieger /m/en?
I always think of it as Gundam's UC Hardgraph with power armour instead of giant robots.
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Is there anyone who can beat this guy in a fight?
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Why is there a statue of the Victory II in Rotterdam?
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What are the essential super robot anime/shows?
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