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Recommend mecha series for person who likes anime, but haven't gotten into mecha genre yet.

I've only seen few such as Evangelion and Full metal panic, but gundam and most of the older series are still unknown to me.
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Is there any mecha stronger than pic related?
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Gundam Wing

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What the hell was her problem?
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I just realised that the main pilots in the Mazinger trilogy got progressively more whiny while it's the total opposite for the original Gundam trilogy.
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If given a chance, would you become a CAST?
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Geass movie 1

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Geass movie 1 covers Clovis stuff, Narita, and Toudou rescue. School stuff gone. Ends with them discovering that Suzaku is Lancelot’s pilot.

Hostage incident skipped (some of it is shown as part of a digest but none of the actual hostage stuff). Zero never meets Euphie.

Viletta finds out Lelouch’s identity and Diethard, not Shirley, shoots her (Ougi finds her as usual after)

Shirley has two new scenes where she follows Lelouch outside after spotting him but loses him.

A few new scenes but the only real change is Diethard shooting Viletta.

Kirihara scene is completely redone (Zero meets him in a garden instead and isn’t threatened) but nothing new there. Scene feels weaker too. (Kirihara is less excited)

Next episode preview includes Lolo
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Can we have LOGH rection image thread?
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What was his fucking problem?
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Is Anno considering suicide again?
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Super Hero Time / Sunday Morning Block

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8:30 AM JST / 7:30 PM EST: Kirakira PreCure a la Mode
9:00 AM JST / 8:00 PM EST: Kamen Rider Build
9:30 AM JST / 8:30 PM EST: Space Sentai Kyuranger

Website streams: tvasahi @ || sherming99 @
Chat with others:

Japanese discussion & screen caps now that 2chan's liveboard is dead:

Groups that sub:
Kamen Rider Build: Over-Time, TV-Nihon, Genm Corp
Space Sentai Kyuranger: Over-Time, TV-Nihon
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