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Lineart Thread: Build Divers Soon Edition

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Find a flaw
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name a better kaiju film
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Is there a practical use for bipedal mechs outside of warfare. Obviously, they're impractical for warfare to begin with but can it somehow be useful in, say, agriculture or architecture?
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ITT: Getter Teams
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Scans - Post 'em if you got 'em 2

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Previous thread: >16350896

Dengeki Super Robot Wars Spirits 201 Spring

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Western Co/m/ics

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Besides superheroes with power armor, how many /m/ comics are there? I think Mech Cadet Yu is the only one currently running, and maybe Monsters Unleashed if you're loose with your definition.

I picked up the trade of Chaser Platoon on a whim, just because it had a mecha on the cover. The writers outright admits in the forward that it's VOTOMS fan-fiction that he managed to get published. It's admittedly not great, but I think it's kind of novel that it even exists. Plus it's got robots in it, and I like stuff with robots in it.

What other mecha comics are out there? There's got to be some other weird indie stuff, right?
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Ever since the Nyaapocalypse I've not been sure where to go for older shit that ISN'T on bakabt.

Is this the best release for the series?

It's Bluray sourced, though from the r1 apparently.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Die Neue These - 02

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Pretty good episode
Showed Yang's side of the story at Astarte, and then the conclusion. Thought his plan was pretty clever, and the scene where the fleets get into pic related was pretty cool.

I did notice there was no Dusty, but then again I remember there being that bit about how the OVAs replaced the role of a few different characters with him, so this adaptation might be a bit more faithful to the books, so someone would have to clarify that for me.

Also, when the Patroklos gets hit on the bridge and some air starts leaking out, were those drones that came out and sealed them in the movie/first adaptaton? I don't remember them, but it was a pretty cool touch.

Besides probably valid qualms about the art direction, I think a lot of people are convinced they're going to do the entire book series in just 2 cour, but going by what we've gotten so far, I think they're going to go at similar pace as the OVAs did.
So this season will probably end with the FPA invasion of the Empire (ep 12 of the OVAs), and then the 2nd series will end roughly where the first series of OVAs ended (ep 26 of the OVAs), with Kircheis' death. I've not read the books so I don't know where both of the anime adaptation would place.

The title of the next episode tells me they're also not going to adapt in the same order the OVAs did, as we ended this week with the promotion of Reinhard to Imperial Fleet Admiral, and episode 3 is titled "An Indomitable Prodigy". That leads me to believe we'll get Reinhard's backstory next week (episode 4 of the OVAs), and then the week after we'll get Yang returning to the FPA, and all that jazz with Truniht, Jessica etc. (episode 3 of the OVAs). They might cut out some of the filler, since if they're going to adapt in 24 episodes up to the same point the first series did with 26 OVAs, there's obviously going to be some fluff trimmed.
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