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Post your favorite art of your favorite Gundam

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Hello fellow feddi- uhh, I mean Earth Federation pilot! I believe I spotted one of those dirty "zooks" headed off into that canyon! Let's go get that spacenerd together, no need to call for any more backup, we have this my friend!

Sieg Earth!
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So Harmony Gold just released some actual glimpses of their upcoming Robotech reboot comic and I'm...actually surprised; for once they've somewhat grew some common sense and finally decided to start diverging away from Macross designs, characters and mechs alike, at least for the most part (SDF-1 is still the same). They even ditched the UN Spacy logo and insignia.

Not that the new designs are actually good or anything, but its kinda shocking that they went out of their way to attempt some new designs of their own when they really didn't have to since they can do pretty much anything they want with Shoji's stuff in comics. Apparently they even got rid of the Southern Cross uniforms in favor of some Spartan armor knock-offs.

Whelp, its finally happening everyone. Welcome to the universe Carl Macek always wanted; a world where he can actually use shit without getting sued.
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Godzilla Thread. Go!
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In the end she just wanted Chirico dick?
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Is it Ple or Puru?
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>everyone that died in IBO
>didn't feel sad at all
>Mao lost in toy fighter game
>dem feels

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I refuse to watch this show due to absolutely shit character designs.
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Anyone else enjoying the new MST3K? I've got minor gripes but I'm six episodes in and they're really finding their groove. Really feels like classic Joel episodes with a bigger budget and slightly less dated references.
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