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Old Kamen/Sentai Shows?

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Been thinking of watching some oldies since I haven't before. The only ones I can think of are Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Super Sentai, and 70s Spiderman.

Anything else noteworthy out there?
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fake gundam thread
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Whoa... is it UC? I don't recognize it.
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Can anyone spoonfeed me an anime track mp3? I can't find it on any websites and it's a sick track. It's from AGE volume 2, it's called Zeydra.

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>the titatns are supposed to be wrong and evil racists
>turns out that they got subverted by spacenoids and that's what caused their downfall
What did Tomino really mean by this?
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Ground Mecha

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Do suits built for ground combat make more sense than those built for aerial and/or space combat? I feel like jets would just be more viable in the air while mecha would be somewhat justified for ground combat cause they’re nearly all terrain.
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Why can't she be real, bros

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Kamen Rider Zi-OOO – 10

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Just watched the Macross Delta movie

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I was holding off watching it cause I heard it was the same thing and decided to watch the Geass compilation instead and that was a waste of time and resources, with only one character arc cut (Shirley). But fuck, this one was actually a great remix. There's a lot of unnecessary shit cut, some events orders switched around and new scenes. They made a boring 26 episode series into a nice enjoyable 2 hours movie.
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