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What is the best release for Brain Powerd? I have the link for [CS], but I heard something about [AM]?

Gundam Build Divers Episode 11

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Ayame's Tears.
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What is the purpose of neon lights/trim on bodysuits and armor?

Just for flashiness/rule of cool?

Or depending on the setting, some kind of status?
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What's some more android-core? I've only seen Shinzou Ningen Casshan
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IBO general discussion

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I remember there was a livestream/radio show a couple of weeks ago, regarding IBO, presented by Mika and Kudelia's VAs, but I missed it. Does anyone have a link by any chance? Also, general IBO discussion thread.

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You fuckers lied to me. I was told SEED was shit, but it's been the only good Gundam series so far.
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/m/ projects you are working on thread

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Post any /m/ related projects you have been working on aside model kits. It can either be 2d art, comics, 3d models, games or literature (fanfics are allowed)
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Code Geass

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Code Geass Handou out subbed
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Looking for online mech game

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Hey /m/, don't usually come around these parts. Been a huge Mech fan for years. Gundams, armored Core, ect.

I used to play Chromehounds back in the day and really wish it was still around, so getting to the point my question is:
Are there any good online mech games around?
Preferably Japanese-flavored.
Literally anything similar to Cromehounds Online war mode will do as well. I understand if this gets moved to /v/ but I thought I'd start here.
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What does /m/ think of Anthem. I'm happy I can finally live out my power suit fantasy.
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