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08th MS Team

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Finishing this up now. Can someone tell me why /m/'s chart claims this is one of the best Gundam OVAs? Don't get me wrong, it's aesthetically pretty damn good with a tone that at least tries to lean on realism. With that being said, it's plot ranges from average to just outright shit too often. I won't harp too much on the second half going tits up because I was warned. Presentation was top fucking notch for Gundam fans and it had me wishing it was a full length series at times.

How do you guys generally regard the OVA?
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Look at these guys.

Somehow, I expected a bit better from Toriyama, he used to draw some sick machines. I guess I should have taken Magetta as an example of what to expect.

The scientist looks pretty cool though.
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So what does /m/ think of Laserdisc? Is there enough to talk about here to get a discussion going? I just bought a few on eBay & I'm trying to decide what player to get right now.
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General Thread, because there isn't one already, and also there are no resources for troubleshooting your bullshit outside the limited advice on the MSGO english google site.

BNO shifts to running as a background program every time I try to launch the game, and nothing else happens. Obviously I'm running under a VPN. I've tried the ./data shortcut, I've tried adding BNO as an exception to my DEP, and I've reinstalled about 3 times now. I'm not actually getting any errors or anything, and the trouleshooter doesn't generate a .txt when I run it.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm on Win10, also.
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About to read this. What am I in for?

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Just finished this. I give it a 5,6 out of 10. What's next?

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Titans anime when?
aliens fucking suck dick
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