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Is he the best pilot to ever exist?
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Looks like the GBWC is coming to Montreal this year

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Would you describe Haman as being sexy?
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What would he pilot?

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Gundam Breaker thread

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GB3 Break edition (English subs) came out last night, so anyone that's been waiting for that English version with all the DLC included; it's out now.
It's on the Singapore PS store for 70 Singapore funbucks.

Post your Gunpla.
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>Earth scientists try to make "smart" robots
>they always end up as egotistical, genocidal, emotionally-stunted psychopaths
>"Muh Soul, Muh Free Will, Muh Evolution"
>Meanwhile in space
>robots are just used as courtesans/escorts/prostitutes

When will Terrans learn that androids are only good for sexing?


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The movie is out on Netflix RIGHT NOW
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Why is Gundam Wing so bad?

Just what the hell happened to the plot after 10 episodes or so? It made no sense.
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