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>70s mecha
>characters faces look like a Down syndrome 12 year old's DBZ fanart
>robot looks like a giant fridge wearing a diaper
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Can someone explain to me the significance of this show and why it was so huge? I see the occasional Devilman thread here on /m/, and I've read it was very influential on mecha anime in Japan.
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Hey has anyone uploaded the Great Dangaioh soundtrack yet?

[GenmCorp] Kamen Rider Build - 31 [74BBB327]

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Shin Getter and Getter Go

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Finished reading Getter Go last night and Shin Getter just now. Thought Go was spectacular and is my favorite getter series so far, while reading Shin however I thought it was a bit too short and could've had more content/explanation and could of just been longer in general. Thoughts?
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Why is modern western sci-fi robot and ship design so painfully overdesigned and generic?
From video games to TV to film, everything just so fucking overdesigned to a ridiculous degree (often with flowing plates see Thor 1 robot or Xmens Sentinals or Edge of Tomorrow aliens) while not actually achieving any sort of iconic shape or aesthetic.
It's like all designers in the west can think about these days is how "intricate and cool" they can make something.

Not even Star Trek has been saved from this, the ship design in the JJ films (Narada, drone ships) and Discovery (both Klingon and Federation ships) are atrocious and overdesigned to fucking hell and back, where Star Trek has always prided itself on incredibly clean and well defined shapes design work.

Are designers ever gonna break out of this shitty fucking trend of over designing everything?
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Why is Getter Robo so cringe?
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Vote on worst Gundam

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Lets settle this once and for all
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If Leina Stol was tiny she'd be Leina Smol

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Vote for the BEST Gendum

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