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When did you first realized the Getter Robo Saga was shit? Post your experiences.
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why did it click with burgers so much?
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tanks r better lol
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How unrealistic do dinosaurs have to be to be /m/?

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What went wrong?

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Does this show ever get good? I'm on episode 12 and it's a chore to sit through this. The hamfisted comedy, boring mobile suits, weak villains and little rascals heroes are tiring.
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/a/ is drawing Daicon 4

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Part 1 is almost done, but it's not too late to join in.
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SDF Macross Remastered

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Please help, brahs.

If anyone has the SDF Macross Remastered release by Galaxy Network and Pineapple Salad, please, PLEASE seed the link on nyaa:

We're all stuck at 39.9%, and it doesn't look like the fansub group will seed it again.
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Who was in the wrong here?
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Mobile Suit Gundam Online General
>Basic Info
Mobile Suit Gundam Online is a F2P third person shooter set in the Universal Century of the Gundam franchise. The game features massive battles of over 100 players as well as small scale battles 6v6.

NOTE: A VPN is required to play the JP version
TW version requires "no" VPN to play

>Getting Started with the JP Version

>Getting Started with the TW Version [Embed]
That vid is legitimately the only guide that subreddit had to offer. You can also find some info on their reddit: /r/msgo/
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE .RAR OF THE SUBREDDIT. Their copy is outdated, just download it off the official TW site: the "_")

>Guilds (Server 1)
Federation: Brightslap
Zeon: NEO-GOONSA, WhitePiggu

>TW Guilds

>Japanese Wiki (Use Google Translate)

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