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Kamen Rider Zi-OOO – 10

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Just watched the Macross Delta movie

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I was holding off watching it cause I heard it was the same thing and decided to watch the Geass compilation instead and that was a waste of time and resources, with only one character arc cut (Shirley). But fuck, this one was actually a great remix. There's a lot of unnecessary shit cut, some events orders switched around and new scenes. They made a boring 26 episode series into a nice enjoyable 2 hours movie.
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I am making a F2P mecha game akin to GBF.

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It is just a framework, gameplay is stat driven, like, each part has its own mass and this effects recoil on that part, say, right arm is heavier than left, then weapon on right arm will cause lower recoil, and mecha will turn faster towards the right. Movement too is influenced by mass, and so is physical force (say from an explosion).I have no models, nor any maps, since 0 fun but I expect people to make their own if they want, kinda like DnD? Make your own stats, models, mechs, etc, and possibly if you can code, write new functions.I could add my own default models and maps as a template, but that will require time.Parts are stored in simple .json format, so you can edit that easily.The final idea is to have a GBF like game, that people can play locally even on dumpster machines. I maybe idealistic, but what else do I have to do lol
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40 more days until Christmas! Lets start posting /m/ related Christmas pictures! Hanukah also welcomed.
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What did Robin Williams mean by this?
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Hey /m/, did you like Gaim?
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pirate stuff
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Damn, those designs are wonderful.
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If disney make a watered down shitty version of gundam what will it happen ?

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I/m/ages You Can Hear - Theme Song Edition

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Post 'e/m/
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