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>your favorite /m/ series
>your political views
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Okay /m/, redpill me on good manga, just caught up with pic releated, give me something similar or even better.
I'm relatively new to mecha besides Gundam.
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IBO is about prohibition from believing adults.
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So, the RX-123 Woundwort. The forbidden apple of Advance of Zeta; beautiful but always out of reach. HG Never. Let's talk Woundwort.
First up, whoa. The first impression is: this is not your grandad's RX-78. It's not red, white and blue, and it doesn't look like a bunch of cardboard boxes. But it is, still, a Gundam. Those eyes and horns give it away. If you look closely it even has the V at the waist. But enough about how it's the same, let's talk about how it's different.
Woundwort looks like it's from the future. It's the most 00 you've ever seen in UC - a sleek silhouette and loads of vents, with prominent curved panels. It's also almost entirely white, which contributes to the perception that she's from an advanced product design team. iGundam, you might say. So white, it almost verges on angelic, but without the ridiculous wings of the Wing Zero Custom. And there's enough contrasting dark colours that it doesn't look blinding, or like a lazy paintjob. Definitely a prototype from a science fiction, and not a toy for kids.
Now, looking closer, her proportions and form are very weird. Huge, enormous legs. Loads of thrusters. Tiny arms and chest. Massive, colossal weapon. And where are the feet?! There's no mistaking it, Woundwort is a space superiority mobile suit. Some people say Gundam fights on the ground, but for me all the important action is in space, so this specialised machine is perfect for me. The small frame means it's hard to hit, and the thrusters and legs work towards immense zero-g maneuverability. Designed for an iconic battlefield that can only be done in scifi like Gundam, this is not a tank, it's a fighter jet - so light and fast you'll never hit it.
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Symphogear General - /sgg/

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Symphogear AXZ PV/trailer released! New season in July!
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>Songs, CD/BD releases, lyrics and general information

>Hibiki Radio Station

>Main S4 Site

>Main S3 site

>GX Zesshoushinai 1 [H&D]

>GX Zesshoushinai 2 [H&D]

>GX Zesshoushinai 3 [H&D]

>GX Zesshoushinai 4 [H&D]

>Episode 13:
[Commie] -
[H&D] -

>Sixth BD Volume [RAW]


>[ExSCNet] Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX [320Kbps]

>GX Mega Folder!19FVyBzQ!eKkp4fzmcyybty7rY5r0mA!wptxxQzI

>Live Rip (Top dad is our greatest ally)!40MjgSiK!Ki1DqttioZpaoV71gjnpHg

By shedding many tears, the reality you face is Serena

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GaoGaiGar: Project Z

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Through some hypothetical twist of fate Project Z begins production and you are put at the helm. How do you write it?
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Job John

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Job John
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Is this /m/?
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