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Gundam Local Type N. American Front

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It makes Zeon wet their shit
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Hitler's treasure!
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With Devilman G coming out in the US on Halloween with the original manga, Devilman vs Hades and Devilman Crybaby coming out in March are you ready for normies to ruin Devilman?
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School Shock Animated Version Japanese Dub Fansub Project

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Hi there everyone. Beginning to sub the Japanese version of the animated adaptation of the Chinese comic School Shock. After I finish the project, I know I should take to varying download sites, mega being one of them, and Now then, anything else to do, you know like, when do I have to come up with a name for my fansubbing business?

Other than that, you people might ask why I'm doing this? Well, the comic was animated, but obviously made in China. You can view the original Chinese version here:

As I mentioned before, it got a Japanese dub. You can view that here:

In short, I assume people would prefer to watch the Japanese dub, so I decided to slide in the English subs used for the original Chinese version into the Japanese dub, though with some alterations.
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Choriki Robo Galatt

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Was Galatt any good?

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Quite a bit of Amuro wanking recently so why don't we talk about the real legend.
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Laura Rolla

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Is there ANY woman better than Laura Rolla?

I don't think so. Try to prove me wrong, /m/. You can't

Let's look at the facts

>brown goddess
Her mocha skin just makes my dick diamonds
>blue eyes
Holy shit, can my erection get any bigger?!
Look at that hair. This is a woman who knows how to enter a room and look damn good
Remember how I said she was fashionable? Well she's also a lady with some fucking class. She doesn't whore it up like your Chara Soons and your Katejina Looses.

She's also kind of a shy girl. Be still, my heart!

She's got a kind and nurturing soul. Which means she'd be a great mom. That's good to know, since her body was made to be fucked lovingly.

>Great Mobile Suit pilot

She's also apparently skilled at piloting a mecha.

Why we don't have like ten threads about her, and only her, on a daily basis on /m/ is mystifying to me
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/m/ wallpapers

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Dump desktop wallpapers. Mobile backgrounds greatly appreciated.
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/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1609 - Best Reluctant Couple Edition

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>How to get into KR and where to start?
>List of subbed series
>Direct Download Links

>See You Finale Game
>Build Trailer Subbed

Artist Cred:
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I tried asking /toy/ this same question a while back and didn't really get a response to my satisfaction.

What is, objectively (as far as is possible) THE single best-engineered, best-designed, best-produced mecha toy in existence?
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