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Once this Federation prototype is mass-produced Zeon will be finished.
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So why is it that we never see funnels of any kind in the Late UC? I'm aware that there are plenty of crazy psycommu weapons present, but where did funnels go? Did they get outlawed like nukes?
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ITT: Underdog heroes

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He put up a good fight but I guess it's impossible for a lone man to stop gravity
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Has anyone here successfully learned Japanese in order to better enjoy /m/ related content?
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What was his fucking problem?

But why giant robots?

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We all know they're unrealistic, but we love them anyway. What are some good in-universe excuses for putting giant robots in a story?
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/m/usic Thread

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Post /m/ related tunes.

HARD MODE: Post a song that also sounds awesome slowed down, or sped up.

Example - Play on x.75

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ITT: Heroes that will never be forgotten
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I need a quick rundown on this.
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