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Gamera 3

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Was it rape?

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Merry Christmas, /m/! Today is the 25th, post winter mecha!

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Best design ever.
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After watching Gundam Wing, and then read Frozen teardrop, i came to a conclusion that sumizawa hates this guy and and made sure that he would suffer with his music at mind

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Is this design the Turn A of our generation?
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Has anyone else noticed that "Beginning" by Daisuke Inoue in the third MSG movie is a clear ripoff of "Prince Rupert Awakes" by King Crimson?

Time Bokan 24

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The last episode next week.
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SRW 4koma related thread

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Post yours!

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Childhood is idolizing Char.
Adulthood is realizing the Zabis were right all along.
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