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Where did the translation for Cyber Newtypes come from? As far as I can tell, in Japanese they are just called 強化人間 or enhanced humans. I find the name to be really dumb, there's nothing cyber about them.
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UC timeline is the only timeline cannon in the series. All the rest is fan fiction garbage.
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Weed Gundam

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Okay now that some time has passed since the reveal of weed gundam I want to know your thoughts. What do you like what do you hate and what are you curious about?
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All right, going to watch this series. Where do I begin?
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Post your favorite Mobile Suit or Gundam and the anon below you tries to guess what it says about you. #3

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Did anyone else feel like the final conflict with Agrippa/Gym and the ending were kind of rushed, or did it just feel that way because the bulk of the show's pacing before it felt fairly slow?

Why is UC timeline full of autist fans?

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Why is UC timeline full of autist fans?