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ITT: Plebeian/Entry-Level/Baby's First Mecha Cartoons. Starting with an obvious.
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I'm thinking of watching the Brave mecha anime series, What is /m/ opinion on which ones are the better series out of all of them.

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Does this count as Mecha?
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Soukou no Strain

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Any more like this?

more like pic related

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I've been looking for more illustrations like in pic related since they're so detailed and I also like the art. Do you guys have more like it preferably in HQ ?

So what if...

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Let me preface this by saying, I'm surprised how different an impact the MSG Trilogies have on me, when watching them stoned. It's really quite amazing.

I never really considered the character impact that Lalah and Amuro's encounter in space had for the entirety of the series (beyond the obvious Char/Amuro rivalry being rooted in the death of a mutually loved one).

What struck me the most was how absolutely distraught Lalah seemed to be, that she "met Amuro" too late and that she had already decided that her reason to fight was to protect Char, the one person who found her, gave her purpose, and perhaps truly loved her.

I've never done LSD or DMT, but I like to think the experience of being connected, feeling truly connected and understanding a person, things, feelings, the universe, existence itself, etc... truly becoming "one" in a metaphysical sense, is similar to the experience Lalah and Amuro had.

With that said, shouldn't such a profound experience of being the first 2 humans to fully, 100% understand one another in an instant, be more than enough for someone to rethink his or her intentions/reasons for fighting/reasons for existing? I am surprised that Lalah chose not to reconcile, rather to recoil in disappointment.

It's worth noting that in the MSG novels, i think it was Chalia Bull who made a similar mistake-- he tried to "push" too hard to become one with someone (was it Kusko Al? I can't remember!) but the person reacted in a similar way-- it was far too much to understand and take in, and so the advance was met with rejection.


1. What if Lalah reconciled, fully took in the Newtype encounter, and joined Amuro? Would she or he even still wish to fight in a war?

2. One step further, how "connected" could 2 newtypes truly become? Is there a limit? If Amuro and Lalah had kept the encounter going, would there be something catastrophic like a Second Impact or similar? What are the physical consequences of a pure Newtype resonance?
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I still want an Astray spinoff.
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What did he mean by this?
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Brace yourselves for more mind-melting madness with Episode 07 of Ultra-Combining Magical Robot Ginguiser!

Hot springs time! :D
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