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What games would you like to be made that haven't been really made before?

For me I'd like an FPS that takes place during a buoa qu as you slowly push your way into the heart of the principality and fight tooth and nail against Zeek fanatics
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This is how you do Gundam Girls.
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Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 31: Assassins from the Moon

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Hey guys! It's been a while, but we managed to get the next up of Dragonar up for ya!


Check it out if you're so inclined. Hopefully we'll be back sooner next time, me and Star have just been busy recently, but Sky's been very quick so that's been a big help. See you next episode!
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Half-Dressed Mecha Girls

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Looking for images of mecha pilots (preferably girls, but I'll take whatever inspiration I can get) who are half-in, half-out of their machines.

A few years ago I saw this French anime-esqe rpg about scantily-clad mecha girls doing lewd things or something like that. There were a few miniatures made, too. No idea if the game itself was any good, but I remember it had lots of art with the girls in exactly the types of poses I'm looking for, which are surprisingly hard to find.

Bonus points if they are in the process of getting out, but still have limbs inside the machine, pic related being a pretty good example of what I mean.
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Reminder that there is this faggot who keeps shitposting about Gatchaman Crowds over and over again.
He's been doing it for almost a year now.
He's usually roasting every single character in the show and even posting screencaps once in a while , making fun of some of the scenes.
I don't understand this guy. Why would he waste his time hating on an already forgotten anime that ended like 3 years ago?

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Is this a pre-existing mecha or was it designed for this album cover? I don't know shit about mecha.

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>haven't watched a super robot show since 2009
>one two punch of Shin Mazinger being perfect and E7 being insultingly terrible made it seem like the perfect time to take a break from anime
>stop watching most anime in general and start being more /tv/ than /m/
>check out Gridman on a whim
>Gridman reawakens my soul
>start watching the older shows on my hard drive that I completely forgot I had downloaded
Just finished the beach episode of Gravion, show is pretty good. Sandman is based as fuck and the characters are all fairly likable. I've got Godannar and Da Garn on my HDD as well, so maybe I'll watch those next. But where do I go from there? Have I missed anything really good since 2009? I think the only mecha I've really watched in the last 10 years was G-Reco and Build Fighters and I've really missed what its like to watch a proper super robot again. I'm vaguely aware of a lot of real robot stuff that I've missed in the last 10 years like a new Votoms, new Cobra, new Full Metal Panic, but what about good, old fashioned super robots with 1 minute of every episode being devoted to a stock animation transformation?
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Gundam Frame (RED)
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Every tribe get in here.