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What did he mean by this?
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SDGO/SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online

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Could SDGO have flourished with the new resurgence of popularity Gundam has had lately, if it had just clung on for a little while longer?
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Reminder that the Tryon 3 Gundam is the best Gundam. You can't possibly get more Super than this. Tryon 3 for SRW. Best Gundam.
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Does RahXephon get better as it goes on? I watched the first episode and it kinda turned me away from the series.
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Is Airbats /m/ ?
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Synthetic Humanoid Lifeform: Evangelion

So where does this fall on the scale from Kaiju to Mech? Somewhere in between?
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HG please stop...

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More flimsy than the fan racer?
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For Resurrection of the SDGO

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The copyright of SDGO is now in the South Korea Bandai Namco Company. The producers of SDGO are also working there. We have to declare that our pilots are interested in SDGO. If you help me, we can be pilots again.
Need help Need attention

I finally sent an email to Bandai Korea this week.Now I am waiting for results I sent them this signature address, Prove that there are more people plz

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New Darling in the Franxx robot revealed.
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