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Sunrise being a dick

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Will Sunrise make an actual fucking series on UC gundam not some shitty OVA that nobody cares about.It's been awhile since we get an actual series on UC,well the last time we get unicorn but it's still count as ova and it take 4 years to finish like wtf...
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Tell me /m/, is Betterman worth a watch?

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Did the ID-0 thread die?
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Shin Getter

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If this thing is alive why does it need a pilot?
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Do you think it holds up today? I think it is incredibly impressive when you consider that everything is practical effects and it was conceived before the actual moonlanding even took place. Reading about the extent of what went into creating this was pretty mind-blowing. Best sci-fi ever put to film, for me.
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What the fuck is this bullshit? I didn't mind Newtypes being introduced but this is just retarded. They couldn't have Kamille beat Yazan normally? Why does he have to become invincible?
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Does /m/ like Steel Battalion?
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>hasn't moved out of her parents' home
>room is filled with toys and posters of tanks
>sleeps with a teddy bear and a shotgun
>wears a pajama to bed
>has an annoying little brother and an elderly mother

So, it's safe to assume that Leona has never known the touch of a man, right?
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LotGH General

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Sup /m/, time for a Legend of the Galactic Heroes General
Get in here
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