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>ITT: /m/ series that /m/ hardly ever talks about

What's that one show/manga/game you like that no one else wants to talk about?
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The sentai is better

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When we all go see Power Rangers on friday we all got to scream the sentai was better when the credits role. The sentai is always better
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SD G Generation thread

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Post your 10/10 mech. Pic very related.
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Tag Team Cup III

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Hello /m/ and /vr/ aficionados.
Is the last Weekend of the Tag Team Cup III.
We currently top the group at six points and will be playing /uv/ shortly at the usual place.

Info at:
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In late 2006, Leiji Matsumoto accused J-Pop singer Noriyuki Makihara of plagiarizing lyrics from the Galaxy Express 999 manga, and announced that he would like to hear an apology from Makihara. In 2007, Makihara Noriyuki filed a 22 million yen lawsuit against Leiji Matsumoto for "repeated demands for an apology and false accusation." The Tokyo District Court ordered Leiji Matsumoto to pay 2.2 million yen in compensation for defaming Noriyuki Makihara.

Justice served I guess.

Bad art aside, how can anyone actually like Matsumoto? He's an asshole.
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Would Power Rangers still be a thing if Saban had used Jetman as the first season?
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What'd you think of that new Power Rangers movie?
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