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Serious question, how many different sets of English subs are there for Evangelion TV?
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Should I get it?
The only other show I can think I'd even consider buying is Ideon+Be invoked but it'll never be brought over.

Other than War in the Pocket once the BD comes out.

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Hi! This is Sinanju-chan! She's the pride of the neo neo zeon forces! Say something nice about her!
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Gundam Build Fighters

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Rate my collection

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/m/ rate my collection please
I will start with my fav Aaliyah-03
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Regardless of the actual quality of his works, can Kawamori be considered an auteur director?
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You like the mecha of 40k?
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I just started this, how many episodes can I skip until it gets good?
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The following /m/ media are objectively worse than Sonichu:

-Infinite Ryvius
-Active Raid
-Fate/ franchise (all)
-Serial Experiments Lain
-Skull Man
-Doomed Megapolis
-Gargoyle of The Yoshinaga House
-Nanoha franchise (all)
-Prism Ark
-Kigurumikku V3
-Straight Title Robot Anime
-Iron Blooded Orphans
-Excel Saga
-Puni Puni Poemii
-Soul Link
-Ultimate Girls
-Papillon Rose
-Five Star Stories
-Otaku no Video
-Clamp on Wonderland
-Southern Cross
-Mai Hime
-Casshern Sins
-Cosmic Fantasy
-Macross Frontier: Nyankuri
-Dream Hunter Rem
-Black Lagoon
-Outlaw Star
-Girls und Panzer
-Patlabor (all)
-SD Gundam Scramble
-Daimajin Kanon
-Bio Planet WoO
-Shougeki Gouraigan
-Kamen Rider Kabuto
-Kamen Rider The Next

We give Sonichu comics too little credit, there are far worse things out there plaguing mecha and toku.
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