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There are people on this board who haven't seen the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series.

What's your excuse?
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[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Build – 40

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So in the end, how was Xros Wars?

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I was not fucking prepared for this.

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Is it wrong that I enjoy Shadowcell's grimderp rewrite of Destiny a lot more than the original trainwreck?
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So poverty ball edition
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What is Uso thinking to himself in this one instance?
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>literally everyone agrees on it being kusoge
How Bamco managed to fuck up this badly.
Just look at JP twitter feed, no one managed to say anything good about it. People just gone back to Breaker 3.
Aside of terrible performance and input lag, here for example few bugs showcased
Emblems merging together:
Instareload via unequipping and equipping guns:
Parts duplication:
Inability to pick up parts online due bad synchronisation:

And so on, I just listed videos of one guy. You can find a lot of there just text wise.
Game releases in a week. Go try for yourself 5 more days of beta you can get on JP PSN here -
Basically -
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Find a flaw.
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