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So we've all realized after countless threads that he's a whiny man-child. So why is he so admired by everyone and viewed as a "cool/bad-ass" character?
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What sci fi franchise has the best starship designs?

For my money it’s Star Trek simply for the romulan warbirds.
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How truthful is this?
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why is ryo retarded? the natural order is wrong because it only determines only one value, not to mention that the negative consequences it has is false due to current population trends.
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Post your favorite unit insignias

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pic related is mine
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Is this the best non-animated /m/echa movie of all time? I seriously can't think of a better one.
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I am a simple man who loves turrets

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Can someone give me a quick rundown of the changes made to him in SRW Z that somehow make him much better handled as a character?
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I still don't understand this scene. Why do the people just suddenly turn into ash? Is there a scientific basis for that?

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/exvs/ - Gundam Versus and EXVS General

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