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Zeta Define

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Who the fuck gave this piece of shit the green light?
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Knights & Magic Ep6 - Rushed to the End

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New episode out; for the 5 of those who keep up with the series.

They blew through Tzendorg's development and most of the volume in one episode. Personally, I found this disappointing, since it blows over all the details and effort that actually went into such a machine (and Eru's further breaking of that world's common sense), as well as some fun character-building moments from the novels.

They've also made the NTR lab the Silhouette Knight Lab, made their dwarf mechanic more insane rather than the grizzled Dwarf mechanic veteran from the novels, and added about 10 seconds worth of light fanservice (Helvi/Addy river bathing) that wasn't in the novels. On the other hand, the anime did increase Helvi's interaction with Addy and subsequent work related to the Tzendorg.

In related news; the prologue of V5 was translated and posted to the usual site; with updates happening weekly. It's a battle between mad scientists as they attempt to co-opt each others tech.
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I don't get it
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Mobile Suit Moon Gundam

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Story: Harutoshi Fukui
Manga: Takamasa Toraya
Mecha Design: Ippei Gyoubu
New manga for Gundam Ace November issue
With gundam head that looks like a beetle
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Godzilla/Kaiju General #3

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This is the Regent of Neo-Zeon Haman Karn.

Say something nice about her.
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Why do all Bubblegum Crisis threads get deleted now?
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what did he mean by this
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Can we take a moment to congratulate everything he did for humanity?
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how did they get away with this?
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