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When did you finally realize that Anno Domini is superior to all other timelines, including UC?
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Man it must really suck to be a zeek, you literally always lose

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Matsumoto: Star Wars imitated Yamato in other ways, too. It proves that we have American fans. For example, the round meters that appear in Star Wars were named ‘Leiji meters’ and this continues today.


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Strelizia thread

this thread had a lot of pics too

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1st Annual Gunda/m/ Fight

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With the release of New Gundam Breaker on June 22nd, 2018 for PC, the Gunda/m/ Fight Committee will be organizing the 1st Gunda/m/ Fight; a tournament involving 3-man teams who will battle for supremacy and to prove who is the greatest pilots on all of /m/!

The tournament will be held on August 1st, giving a little over a month from the release of the game for all teams to procure their suits/parts of choice and train for the competition. The team that wins the tournament will be declared the Gundam Fight Champions and shall "rule" over all of /m/!

The Discord for organizing the tournament is: https://discord.gg/f33Rrpw

Team sign-ups will be beginning now and will remain open until July 6th - any sign-ups after July 6th will be not be accepted. All members of competing teams are required to join the Discord.
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/prg/ - Power Rangers General #161

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Donut Steel Edition
Next MMPR issue is coming out tomorrow right before midnight at select stores
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Should Space Squad figure out a way to bring forth the Estevan system as an actual character to be part of the group?
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Strongest "real"?

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On /m/'s opinion, what is the strongest machine fulfilling the following conditions:
-Can't be the vessel or avatar of any kind of supernatural entity.
-Power source must be of physical/chemical nature, require the intake of some kind of fuel, and not connected to other dimensions, supernatural entities, or a pan-universal energy source (like Getter rays or Spiral energy).
-Can't have any device specifically designed to bend the laws of physics or reality itself (Inertial canceller, Psychoframe technology in general, Gn drive's TD blanket)

pic unrelated
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What the fuck is this newtype bullshit /m/

I've been watching MBS and Zeta for the past few weeks and was throughly enjoying it until episode 30 something when this magical shit suddenly popped in and became a big fucking plot point. Why? Who the fuck thought adding space psychics to a "serious" show was a good idea?

I also just finished Zeta and what the fuck is all this magical bullshit, why is every character relationship defined by how well their autism connects with space magic? Where the hell is the good show 0079 was giving me?

Please tell me ZZ isn't also just magical space autism all over again.
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ITT we post sexy mechs

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Because it hasn't been done enough before
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