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I have the balls to say that this show is better than SEED even at it's lowest point.

Fuck you all, SEED fags.
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what's the worst mecha anime you guys seen

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and why is it not Aldnoah.Zero?
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Mecha Drawn by Same Designer Years Later Part 2

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Other thread died too quickly because of new series announcement. let's continue
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Thief Sentai Lupinranger VS Police Sentai Patranger – 11

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ZZ Thread

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Why is my peepee so hard /m/.
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The definition of hackery
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Gundam 00

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I just finished the anime, I adored s1 and s2 had its moments as well. In what order should I watch all of the post-anime content?
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You need 3 movies for "Hathaway goes jihad on the Feddies for a bit and then gets captured and shot"?
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Cutie Honey Universe #3

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Here's your Cutie Honey for tonight.
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