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Doraemon - v2

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We managed to keep the old Doraemon thread alive for over 3 months, but we finally hit the bump limit bois

Doraemon Discord:

So it seems that the new Doraemon movie for 2017 kind of came out under our noses:
Has anyone seen it? What do you think of it?
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What is the best example of a mech design dick measuring contest?

Keroro Gunsou / Sgt. Frog

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Keroro pastebin link

Although there are episode links there, the easiest way to get them now would be just downloading the full series torrent. Still, there's also a link there for manga raws up to chapter 255, with a year of the rooster centered story.

The newest chapter, 256, begins the 2nd part of the 7 wonders of the world story, with a return to Easter Island, this time featuring the movie version of Aku Aku.

The Keroro platoon (girl version) appeared in a new promo image for Kemono Friends in the newest Shounen Ace... although... the Kemono Friends anime turned out to be an odd looking CG thing...

And also related to that, the Kemono Friends cards for the Chaos TCG also will include the Keroro Platoon girls.
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What went wrong?
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Why does /m/ suddenly hate Active Raid?
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GARO Thread

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>Download Links

>Figuarts/Makai Kadou + HnK Boxset Links

>Watch order for series

GARO: Gekkou no Tabibito Teaser

ZINGA: Kami no Kiba Teaser

Raws of the 2005 HD remaster (ep4 not included)!btxEwBrI!L35SCQg4DkB6SZIGVhJECQ
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I am finally ready to start painint this old kit
In my opinion , this is the best looking Valk of all .
What do you guys think of it ?
anyone has picts of finished versions ?
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Is it possible to make cyber newtypes and still be the good guys?
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Atom The Beginning

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season

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Episode 49 - Ver. 3.0
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