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Best /m/ projects that weren't made.

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So it's pretty much a given many creative endeavors don't end up materializing and /m/ stuff is no exception so what are some of the best /m/aterials that never were?

My personal favorite is the Yamato continuation "Dessler's war" which was to be about Dessler taking on other threats that face the universe after final yamato.

There's also that live action Macross movie Kawamori pitched and, another Matsumoto work, Danguard Ace movie.
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Babylon 5

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Was he King Arthur?
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Is Shin Mazinger Z - Shougeki! H-Hen and Shin Mazinger Zero vs. The Great General of Darkness scanlated anywhere? I can't seem to find them
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Does anyone else see the Eva pilots as the Newtypes of the Evangelion universe?

If Asuka was a newtype in the gundam universe, how would she rank against other Gundam pilots?
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A new day has come, and no you don't have a giant robot, but rather YOU have been reborn as the giant robot. What do?

You are now a 25 meter, kick ass robot that can fly. (You can go into space, but reentry can be tricky when first getting the hang of it)
Shoot lasers, fire missiles, and have a cool beam weapon.(Kids and /m/en love it, if and when you yell out your attacks for some reason)
Nanobot clusters that will repair you with time(2-3 hours tops if damaged very badly)
Can connect to the internet from anywhere on Earth.(So you can still shitpost on here)
All children around the world will look up to as a hero and a burning hope for the future.(You will protect their smiles right?)
Governments of the world will want to work with you.
A new age of hot blooded men will arise.
The Yotsuba mode will quadruple you powers and functions. (Over use can make you core unstable, you become a walking bomb)

Can no long go into your house(You stand out)
Governments of the world will want to "STUDY" you. (Don't be surprise when other robots start to show up for a visit)
Adults will have fears and doubts about you, thinking you are a nothing more than a thinking weapon.
/m/ and the hot-blooded men of earth will seek you out and want to pilot you.(They never stop talking about you.)
May or may not attract the attention of evil hostile alien empires.
Pic related is just a place holder, how your new form look is up to you.
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Post robots you want to hand hold
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/prg/ - Power Rangers General #145

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Heathen edition
Old thread: >>15838633
News: The next season (which might be a Kyuranger adaptation) is already in pre-production, as it seems.

Enjoy some tunes:!UIsSwYza!OK3_8gou_yxy_d5-MGPzxw
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R-Type Tactics 2 translation finally Released

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Well, after 8 years, it's here. The translation of the currently,-and-likely-to-continue-to-be last R-Type game is complete and available here:

You'll need a PSP or emulator (PPSSPP works) and a copy of the game (or its ISO). I'm too much of a cunt to be helpful, so get to getting them if you want to play it.
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/tkg/ - Tokusatsu General #0 - Experiment edition

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>How to get into KR and where to start?
>List of subbed series
>Direct Download Links for KR
>Direct Download Links for SS!94IVTKDC!p7Pzw5Me6IdTvL5tv8k6qQ
>Direct Download Links for Ultraman!ZK5AiDxC!g9pWm099d0ooVxbqA-R4Sw!IfpXhLKQ

>Ultraman Geed Episode 12 Preview
>Kyuranger Space 31 Preview
>Kamen Rider Build Episode 4 Preview
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Mecha Sand Filter?

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So, if a mech war broke out, i'm thinking gundam, pic related. Would a mecha that normally needs a sand filter in the desert, need a filter for coal dust if it was fighting in a region like Pennsylvania where everything is just coal, mountains of coal, coal dirt. y'know, with fine coal dust being highly volatile.