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Meanwhile in the offices of Dai-Shocker......

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Gundam Versus PS4

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Flag fighters unite.
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At what age did you grow out of Gundam?
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Delta regret

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I was on the way home and going through my songs when I saw the first Walkure OST in my playlist. It's the first real OST I downloaded. I realized I hadn't listened to any Delta music since it ended so I figured I would put it on for a listen.

God why did this show have to drop the ball so hard? I was really pulling for Delta, defending it every week and I really saw the potential during the first episodes. But that second half is so fucking boring and turns to shit. Listening to those old songs really didn't help because I could really remember when certain scenes played x song and how much I liked it. Especially Axia.

And the worst part is that Delta isn't even bad for the things you'd think it'd be bad for, like too much focus on girls or plot armor or something. It just becomes so fucking boring and obviously poorly planned
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/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1558 - Jin kills Nanaha and proceeds to eat her corpse edition

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>How to get into KR and where to start?
>List of subbed series
>Neo-Pastebin(Please don't remove)

>Kamen Rider Ex-aid episode 36 Preview

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Other than the asymmetrical funnels, what is the appeal of the Nu Gundam's design? It's your typical bland UC lead Gundam.
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Does /m/ read? Are there any novels out there that deal with mechs? I just really want to read something that deals with robots that look like robots, and not cyborgs that look like humans but some weird quark, like they type really fast, makes them "inhuman." Am I aiming for the starts on this one? I need to write it myself, don't I? Man. Boo.
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METAL HEROES Thread - Space Squad Edition

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New to Metal Heroes?

+ Metal Heroes GUIDE (.jpg):
+ Metal Heroes ARCHIVE (pastebin):

Space Squad movie + Girls in Trouble movie launched last saturday. Any anon from JP already watched it? Spoilers FREE.
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