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Post your favorite art of your favorite Gundam

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Yo dawg I heard you like mechs so we built a mech for your gundam so you can pilot while you pilot
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Kallen and Fyana disput for Chirico
Who the winner?
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Raws when?
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Heybot thread - MILF edition

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Since the one on /mo/ is pretty much toast let's have a proper one.
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Muv Luv spinoffs

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I loved the shit out of the original trilogy, Total Eclipse was 24eps of ejaculation and Schwarzesmarken was...well, enjoyable.

Is there any way to read more without japanese knowledge? Are there underground translations or something?

Does anyone know if any other translations are in the works? I'd love to read the day after and total eclipse
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Zeta is so overrated XD nothing the characters do make any sense
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Hi guys! Just want everybody to know that the correct spelling of the series isn't Gundam Seed or Gundam SEED Destiny. It's Gundam SEED DESTINY. That's right, all caps. Just like Gundam AGE.

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Doraemon - v2

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We managed to keep the old Doraemon thread alive for over 3 months, but we finally hit the bump limit bois

Doraemon Discord:

So it seems that the new Doraemon movie for 2017 kind of came out under our noses:
Has anyone seen it? What do you think of it?
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