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Post all kinds of images you wouldn't really ever get a chance to.
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What is /m/ opinion about the original gatchaman?
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Char and Amuro in ZZ Gundam

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We know that Char and Amuro were going to be in ZZ if CCA didn't get greenlit, but do we know what that would've been like? Has anyone revealed what the plans were?
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what if xabungle was a girl?
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Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion

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Last Thread


New Episodes air on Saturdays at 7:00 AM JST

>Upcoming Toy Releases

Shinka Gear - March 1st
DXS 03 E3 Tsubasa - March 9th
Talking Shashot - March 29th
Sound Super Evolution Laboratory Base Set - March 29th
Super Evolution Electric Cargo - March 29th
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Any of you guys built the wave votoms kits? I'm thinkinf of getting some and was wondering what can I expext from them?
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Super Robot Wars strawpolls on English translations

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/m/ we have come a fuck of a long way and the day every bit of /m/ content can be enjoyed by all is ever so closer. However we are not there yet and as such I have taken the liberty of conducting three strawpolls on what the future holds for those who still want to see everything that was adapted into a SRW title. Please note for all three you can only do one answer.

Poll 1: Of the following which deserves to have their translations scrubbed by a fansubber or licensor?

Poll 2: Of the following which deserves to be finished? Dancouga: Blazing Epilogue was removed for being only one episode left and might be finished this year.

Poll 3: Of the following with only one or two episodes subbed (some not even that much) deserved to be given a serious translation attempt by a fansubber or licensor?

Yes there was a previous attempt at this, then I realized Jushin Liger was not on one of them. Sorry!
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Call of “D”

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Take back your sword.

Wonder Festival winter 2018
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Laserbeak eject
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It’s gonna suck, isn’t it?
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