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GODZILLA -Kaiju Planet-

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2017.11 ROADSHOW
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Where the fuck is the new episode?!
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This is the ideal /m/ body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
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warhammer 40k and mechs

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how does 40k mecha (imperial knight, Wraithnight and such) compare to japanese mecha (like gundam) ?
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>Cima went down on history as an genocidical war criminal and a bloodthirsty space pirate
>Saw her men and comrades being hunt, court-matialed and executed
>Killed by the worst protagonist in the history of Gundam, alternative universes included
>She never got her redemption

Had any charcater suffered more injustice than her?
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Mobile Armors

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Has any faction in any Gundam ever had any success with mass producing these things?

The only faction I've seen to date produce them in considerable numbers was the Earth Alliance from SEED, and most of their early ones weren't all that great.

And were the Zeon ones featured in the One Year War really winning battles for Zeon when they were deployed?

Also, what is your favorite Mobile Armor from any series?
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This secret agent with his weird feminine body and high frequency blade is personally responsible for the destruction of 25 MP Metal Gear Rays. What do YOU have to say to him?
MGS2 Raiden > RIP&TEAR Raiden
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The dreams of those we left behind
The hopes of those who've yet to follow
Those two sets of dreams weave together into a double helix
Drilling a path towards tomorrow!


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Ultraman... Xead??

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Tsuburaya you craycray
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