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Rex is Sex. Say it with me now, anon. Rex is Sex.
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Is there an actual reason for the Psycho Gundam to transform?
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ITT: Mini-mecha

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Post Landmates, ARM suits, TAGS, Maddox units, power armor and other near human scale mecha.
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Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202 e3-6

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subs are out:

encode looks good from what I can tell, but youll have to force color change if yellow subs are an issue to you
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>buying plamo of your mecha
Kanoya Rui - /ourguy/ till the very end. I'd love to watch Monomagia as an actual show.
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Thoughts on this series and it's OVA(s)?
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Wow. I'm a big fan of 0080, watched it several times, and I yet I never noticed the significance of this scene.
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Heybot! General - Frogposting Edition

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Godzilla/Kaiju General #4

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Baragon a cute edition
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Forgive me for being late to the party but I just finished IBO season two and I have to ask, what the fuck? Why was this show such an endless bummer? How did Sunrise/Bandai approve this? I know Gundam has plenty of dark themes but ultimately they want to sell model kits and what kid would watch this and want to buy toys of it?

Help me out /m/, make sense of this for me, who dropped the ball?
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