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METAL HEROES Thread - Shaider DDLs edition

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Shaider 46/49 - Almost complete, completely watchable with 1 movie + ending, no facebook required.!jBZAQSwA!vDHf9TCKq1bhgLlLkfOKfw

For more info:
Metal Heroes GUIDE:
Metal Heroes ARCHIVE:

Next show: Space Squad - Gavan vs Dekaranger (June 17).
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Tekkaman Blade/ Teknoman

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What do you anons think of Tekkaman blade? To be honest I kinda find it hard to think it's a tatsunoko work but I like so far regardless.

Extra points if you know it as Teknoman.
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Transformers Prime

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Thoughts on this show? Looking for something new to watch.
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Nyaa Recover Mark 5

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Nyaa is still dead, recovery is going on, one of the Shaider movies might be lost forever, nobody recovered the showa Kamen Rider movies or the Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy subs, and SD Gundam OVAs have not been mentioned once.

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What the fuck did I just watch

Why did she arrest herself?
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it makes his survivals better or worse?

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Heybot Thread - Nejikill Edition

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previous thread:
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Macross thread

Is it possible that the next Macross TV series could somehow be worse than Delta?
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Was he evil?
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/Squaresubs/ - Beyblade, Let's & Go!!, Medarot subs

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Hey, /m/
It's been ages since my last thread here, sorry about that.
As some of you already know, we're still working on Beyblade and L&G, and we're also (still) hard at work to release the batch torrents of both those and Medarot.
I promise, this time it's really almost done.I really don't know how to apologize for this huge delay, we subbed Medarot 52 more than one year ago.
Beyblade 31
L&G 30

Our blog is at
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