Planned outage this weekend.

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An Unboxing : gift for /m/

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some package arrived what could it be?
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was getter robot go nagais magnum opus?

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Kinda off topic but for the love of god do not pay money to watch this shit.

Spielberg is removing all references to Ultraman and Mecha from the end of the story and replaing themeith 2016 pop culture horse shit so that it is more appealing to normies.
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Nyaa Recovery Thread #10

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Previous thread:

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Is it worth watching? I love the Macross I've seen so far but this has a bad reputation.
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/exvs/ - Gundam Versus and EXVS General

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What does cpr skills have to do with dancing?

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Why is it always Australia /m/?
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Why did Power Rangers succeed while pic related and other Ameritoku like Beetleborgs failed?
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Is Boba Fett still cool?

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I thought he was when I was a kid.

But then the internet point out how he doesn't do much in the movies and dies like a scrub.
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