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Why Japanese mecha is godlike?
Why western mecha ls shit?
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The Gouf Custom is the sexiest mecha to ever be conceived.

Yes or Yes?

/m/-related books and artwork

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soo , i just finished this book , even if its some young adult novel , it has some sci-fi fighters , and some /m/ related material .
If you ask me to give out a scor to this one i would say 6.5/10 , from an old fart POV , you could tell how the rest of the plot would develop from 5 miles away as soon as they give you 2 tiny pieces of information . If i were the target audience of under 20 i woulf give it maybe an 8.

and now going into details.
even if the fighters drawn in the book itself look terribly cartoonish , barely even fitting the authors own description , they use some neat concepts.
The setting calls for some anti grav ring device that works like independence day antigrav engines , only less efficient so most ships tilt this device to achieve certain maneuvers ... and also they use some anchoring device to aid in tight maneuvers thru debree fields .

i´m not sure if the original book has some trouble with some militar jargon due to it being a cultural degradation thing , as the setting calls for the people to be some space refugees crashed on a formerly " shelled" planet , or if its due to some mistranslation as i purchased the book in my mother tongue because it was 5 bucks cheaper....

welp , you know the drill , either comment on that one or add to the list of m books like
>sentou yousei yukikaze
>all you need is kill
>starship troopers
>enders game

webm thread:

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I wanted an excuse to post this.
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I really don't like the character of full frontal.

I count myself as one of the view folks here that actually enjoyed Unicorn. I wouldn't say it's objectively good, but as a big budget, grandiose sequel to CCA I got a lot of excitement out of it.

Full Frontal was a really weak antagonist though. Tomino, for all his faults, really had a talent for compelling antagonists. Gihren Zabi feels like a very realistic sociopathic dictator, like Hitler or Stalin. I find Bask Om very dull, but Sirroco is a very interesting choice of villain, an enigmatic space hippie that claims to idealize women while actually using and despising of them. And Char is fascinating for how human he is. Beyond all the rhetoric and politics, he's really just a prideful man who constantly tries to settle grudges. That CCA is basically an extended suicide march on his part makes that film incredibly rewatchable.

In comparison, Full Frontal feels too conceptual and JRPG-ish. You have the idea that he's a vessel that's gone 'beyond the time' and come out full-blown nihilist, which could have been an interesting twist I suppose but is only really set up in the last two episodes. Then you have the idea that he's a more political materialist version of Char due to this nihilism, which is fine but basically leaves us with a less interesting version of Char. And then you have the idea that he's possessed by the phantom of Char, or a fragment of the phantom of Char, which is confusing and doesn't feel like it adds much.

And now we have NT where the antagonists appear to be a rogue Unicorn unit and... another Char clone

I mean, I don't feel Full Frontal was ever meant to be a fully conceived character. He's a 'vessel' and mostly used for Fukui to write dialogue exploring the idea of Char within UC, some of which was sorta interesting. But I really think these new UC Gundam stories could benefit from compelling antagonists
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What's the show's damn problem ?

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Gundam ibo is overrated as shit compare to 00 or seed ibo is shit and the main character is a midget piece of shit.
That's all
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Thoughts on IBO nearly 2 years later

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While IBO was airing I was really disappointed.
I feel that my feelings of disappointment may have clouded my viewing of the show, especially throughout the second season.

Looking back the show had a premise that introduced an interesting idea with its depiction of child soldiers and used of Mars as an analog for 3rd world countries and colonies.
Now that I'm more calm I'm thinking about revisiting IBO to see if I was being too harsh.

Do any of you anons feel the same?
Have you ever gone back to watch a show you initially believed was horrible in order to see if maybe you were making a misjudgment?
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Best Version of Megaman

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Chunky Boy Edition

Held down by Earth's gravity >>16974336
To activate english text, activate HARO, and pick the second option from the bottom, then pick the second option from the bottom again. Go right once from the starting choice(Japanese), then back out and confirm. The game will reload, with ALL text now in English

Current drops https://bo2.ggame.jp/jp/items/
How to join http://mobile-suit-gundam-battle-operation-2.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_download_the_game
GBO1 parts http://gundambattleoperation.wikia.com/wiki/Custom_parts
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The strangest thing to me about the /m/ community is this idea that Tomino is some super subtle 4d Chess director whose cartoons can only be understood by the wisest patrician. In reality he just makes weird robot cartoons with VERY declarative dialogue (characters tend to scream whatever they're thinking or thinking) that are usually only confusing because of weird directorial choices (lack of establishing shots, a lack of static scenes instead focusing on action and movement, very odd dialogue). The dude also opens every story in media res, regardless of whether it aids the story, to the point where it actually feels more like an inability to establish narrative on his part rather than an intentional directorial choice

Like it's fine to like Tomino, his stuff definitely has its quirky charms. But just admit you like his stuff for what it is: unusual, idiosyncratic robot cartoons. Don't try and pretend his works are realistic or understated, it just shows how little non Gundam stuff you must watch
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