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>buying plamo of your mecha
Kanoya Rui - /ourguy/ till the very end. I'd love to watch Monomagia as an actual show.
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Gundam Breaker

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Post your builds, let's get a room going
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00P ch 4+ 5

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We finally have Gundam 00P chapter 4 and 5 ready. It's been basically a year since it's last update. I know, I'm an asshat for taking so long. Many apologies.
Big thanks as usual to Delta for editing my 3rd grader prose into something presentable.
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Just finished watching Armor Hunter Mellowlink. How does /m/ feel about it?

I thought there was a lot of really great stuff in there - the first episode did a great job of pulling me in to the series, had a lot of badass moments. The Silver Fox fight, the ep in the crashed ship and the fight with Boil in the castle were all big standouts for me as well. Only thing I didn't really like was Carradine ending up as the final boss, cause I liked him a lot. Other than that, great show. Feel like anyone into 80s /m/echa should watch

Kamen Rider Build 03 [GenmCorp/O-T]

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ITT Fan Designs
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For as dark as Victory Gundam is, it sure gets pretty weird at times.
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Gundam: Recoguista in G

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/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1337

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For a superior experience please add !C9UNU3S59A to your filter and help to override their theme songs

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