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>its another "secret new-neo-neo-zeon faction comes out of hiding after the OYW ends to raise a ruckuss before getting wiped out to a man" series
Why doesn't Bandai just make an AU where M'Quve did whatever it was he needed to do to make sure Zeon's war against the Federation lasted another ten years like he said it would? That way they can continue to milk UC indefinitely without awkwardly shoving in side stories and super-prototypes into a ridiculously short span of time.
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Gundam Seed

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The ULTIMATE Coordinator
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Childhood is when you Idolize Kira
Adulthood is when you realize Gilberts plan was the best option
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Excuse me sirs, I've come to win the Gundam Fight.
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MSGO - Mobile Suit Gundam Online General

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>Basic Info
Mobile Suit Gundam Online is a F2P third person shooter set in the Universal Century of the Gundam franchise. The game features massive battles of over 100 players as well as small scale battles 6v6.

NOTE: A VPN is required to play JP but not TW.

>Getting Started

>Japan Guilds (Server 1)
Federation: Brightslap
Zeon: NEO-GOONSA, WhitePiggu

>TW Guilds

>Japanese Wiki (Use Google Translate)

>I'm having errors when trying to launch the game
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Worst Investments in Gundam

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What do you guys think were the worst investments that any group in Gundam made. I think Cyber Newtypes are by far the worst. Every single cyber newtype proved themselves to be worthless shitters. Also the stable ones are weak while the insane ones were powerful so they might as well have not bothered with them.
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Space Sentai Kyuranger – 11

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ITT:Antagonists who ended the up being right
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Was it autism?
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