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Zambot 3 is Eva done right
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Super Hero Time / Sunday Morning Block

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7:30 AM JST / 6:30 PM EST: Space Sentai Kyuranger
8:00 AM JST / 7:00 PM EST: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
8:30 AM JST / 7:30 PM EST: Kirakira PreCure a la Mode

Website streams: tvasahi @ || sherming99 @ || KANTO-ASAHI TV or KANSAI-ABC @
Chat with /m/ and some cancerous nobodies from elsewhere:

Japanese discussion & screen caps now that 2chan's liveboard is dead:

Groups that sub:
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: EXCITE!, RTA, TV-Nihon
Space Sentai Kyuranger: Over-Time, TV-Nihon
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/m/ music

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Hey /m/ working on a mecha themed mugen thing and I need some tracks to accompany all this mecha on mecha combat.

Thunderbolt S2

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>hating the Atlas
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Legal sources for Toku

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Hey /m/en,

I'm looking to get back into the Toku game and also want to support the makers. Which streaming services carry these shows and are there any must-sees on those?

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Should /m/ start using poster IDs in order to combat derailment?

Before you try to prune this thread, take a look at pic related. This thread is sanctioned by Hiro.
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>Best Gundam Show
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/M/ Plates

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Got myself a new car and I'd like to get some personalized plates, any idea? Obviously the easiest route would be model numbers, like OZ-02MD, but what are some more creative ones?
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