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Haman Karn

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Was she a virgin?

Gundam Music

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Hello /m/asters, looking for some downloads of Gundam music. More specifically Gundam, Zeta, ZZ and CCA. Looking to put them on my ipod for work so I can pretend I'm watching Gundam rather than my soul-crushing job.

Any help is much appreciated my /m/en.
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>tfw you will never have an exia as your house wife

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New Hulkbuster for Avengers 3
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Heat-Blades on Beam Blades

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This is possible and done in a lot of Gundam settings, but I've never found an explanation as to HOW its possible. What is so special about the Zaku heat tomahawk, the SUMO hand blade, Sandrock's shotels, the Gouf's heat sword, etc, that makes them able to clash with a column of high energy particles that are otherwise shown to tear through solid matter in any other situation? I think there's even some examples of non-heated solid swords clashing with beam sabers. Is there any in-universe explanation anywhere that says why this is possible?
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Uhh Char what the fuck is this?
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I'm sorry I'm late, but here I am again with part 2 of the ship's thread.
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what does /m/ think about the mecha of the 40.000 millenium ?
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Bionicles are objectively better than Throwbots
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So, here's the /m78/ thread.
So, during a live stage show in Japan, the action was cut short when a rainstorm suddenly hit.
MechaBaltan decided to beat up a few other Baltans while they waited for the rain to ease up, all while dancing to Ultraman themes.
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