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Has there ever been a bigger Stacy in all /m/edia?
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Zeta Gundam

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Just finished this anime. I'm shocked how good it was. Multi-layered and memorable characters, lots of subtlety and use of inferred emotion, fascinating set-pieces that go along with numerous simultaneous sub-plots... Extremely believable characters that highlight the contradictory nature of humanity... Just a very genuine, empathetic, and thoughtful work of art. A person aware of their own emotions and in touch with other human beings would truly love it.

What do you love about Zeta Gundam?
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What're the odds of us getting another super robot gundam series
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Greentext this scene

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ZZ Thread

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Just finished Zeta (wtf was that ending?) and I need to see what happens next.

What am I in for?
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If you don't get it then it's too deep for you, oldtype...
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Best Mecha anime

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So here is where we talk about Evangelion?
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What's the point of making a cyborg assassin lady wear skimpy bondage gear?

Also what does "hide hard" even mean?
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Tylor remake

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I just found out this was happening.
Thoughts on this? You did watch the original Tylor, didn't you?
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