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Find a flaw
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pick one

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the underwhelming mech battle and robotwars got me thinking. we cant have both. it either looks super badass or its effective. pick one.

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I think the moral of the story here is that small robots are way cooler and more practical than giant mechs.
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Give my waifu a seed mode goddamnit!!!
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Symphogear General - /sgg/

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Do mecha anime really need 50 episodes in this time and age?
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Tapestry thread

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Go to!/
make an /m/ tapestry
post results
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Anyone ever played this game? It's an SRPG with Sunrise mechas for the PS2. Series list is CCA, Vifam, Galient, Dragonar, VOTOMS, Layzner, Gaogaigar and Raijin-oh.

I only played it because it's one of the only games that has a playable Vifam.

Gameplay is shit, graphics are mediocre, etc.

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>novice pilot picked off the street who could barely shoot early on beats a seasoned pilot who gave even Setsuna a hard time
>he's in a unit made specifically for melee combat
>in tight space with barely any room for maneuvering, giving him massive advantage
>all that while in a sniper unit
This is bullshit
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Evangelion Anima is being reprinted

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What are the odds they'll animate it after they're done with Rebuilds, just to squeeze out more Eva money?
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