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The strangest thing to me about the /m/ community is this idea that Tomino is some super subtle 4d Chess director whose cartoons can only be understood by the wisest patrician. In reality he just makes weird robot cartoons with VERY declarative dialogue (characters tend to scream whatever they're thinking or thinking) that are usually only confusing because of weird directorial choices (lack of establishing shots, a lack of static scenes instead focusing on action and movement, very odd dialogue). The dude also opens every story in media res, regardless of whether it aids the story, to the point where it actually feels more like an inability to establish narrative on his part rather than an intentional directorial choice

Like it's fine to like Tomino, his stuff definitely has its quirky charms. But just admit you like his stuff for what it is: unusual, idiosyncratic robot cartoons. Don't try and pretend his works are realistic or understated, it just shows how little non Gundam stuff you must watch
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Nanoha now uses the RX-78 beam rifle (Unicorn beam magnum) sound effect.
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What is logically the biggest weakness of the Dom? It seems like the ultimate ground mech. Classwise, it has the durability and strength of the Heavy while being as fast as the Scout. It has great firepower and seems to have decent melee capabilities.
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Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi: New Sakura Wars will be shown soon, is “surprisingly good quality”

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I'm trying to understand how the "transforming mecha" trend developed in 1980's japan mecha anime.

Was Diaclone the first anime series that really used the robot-to-vehicle transforming concept for the basis of its story? I dont know much about late 70s japanese anime but Transformers makes a big deal about how it took the concept of Diaclone and brought it the american audiences.

Macross comes out with the Valkyre in the early 8os.... I'm assuming the Valkyrie's transformation was influenced by Diaclone or some other transforming mecha anime in the early 80s or late 70s?

Zeta Gundam in 1985: The Zeta seems heavily influenced by the Macross Valkyrie, not design wise so much but just the concept of the hero mecha of the show having the ability to transform from jet to robot.

Is this basically how the trend went in the 80s?
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Sunrise teases Hathaway's Flash anime?

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Fellow /m/en, this is one of merchandise products for Gundam NT -- "Gundam Universal Century Memorial" book. Who is on the cover? Protagonists of 0079, Zeta, ZZ, Unicorn, Narrative and Hathaway's Flash. Hathway & Gigi are on the front and their figures are big. So, should we waiting teaser of Hathaway's Flash in the end of Narrative?
P.S. This design of Gigi is so hot.
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Someone refresh my memory, did Klimton actually say this or is it an edit?

Also, what's the context?
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Rescue and science force thread
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Best pg?

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What pg should I build?? my first pg was the rx-178. super cool but, somehow felt like an introductory build. Which was your favorite? pic related. thinking of the unicorn.