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>be Zeon
>put giant, single, red eyes on your robots
>they don't shoot lasers out of them

Zeon i am disappoint
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>get captured
>let's just make her sex slave because she clearly has no value whatsoever despite being a fucking newtype clone. Loli sex slaves are a rarity!

The fuck?
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I kind of hope Stark keeps this color scheme from now on on his next few suits. Gold on red was getting kind of boring.
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>no muscles
>no giant tits
>no rape backstory
>no older woman design
>no shark chest mouth thing that looks like a snatch
>no futa cock
Did I miss anything?
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You may choose one and only one to be your legal guardian
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Metal Slug

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Do you guys like metal slug?
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Amuro is the 'White Devil', Char is the 'Red Comet'-- post what everyone else's epithet should be.

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In the end she just wanted Chirico dick?
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Great /m/ Endings

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Has an /m/ finale to a show, book, or movie ever made you feel completely satisfied? Incredibly glad that you gave the story a chance?
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