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mfw you will turn to the History channel and see them running a documentary on mobile suits from the past wars, with a guest celebrity narrator, and music like this playing in the back ground at certain parts.
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Who's best-bot?
Also, anyone know who the designer was on Navi?
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Daicon III and IV are probably my favorite shorts of all time. What does /m/ think of these masterpieces produced by Gainax in their prime?
Honestly wish there was an entire anime for the daicon girl, or at least one that resembled her.
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Who was the better pilot?
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Can we get a Mazinger Angels thread going? Haven’t heard it brought uo much. What did /m/ think? It’s ecchi fan fiction trash tier but it is enjoyable and I love it personally.

Nyaa Recovery Thread #12

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What is /m/ opinion about the original gatchaman?
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the fuck is this?
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This is the Vocabattling Vocabot, Heybot! Say something nice about him, boneheads!
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