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Heybot thread - Manny Edition

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Anybody have a copy of Victory V?

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Anybody have this stupid manga. I'm craving it all of a sudden. Its by the author of Crossbone, so its guaranteed to be pretty average, but I really need to read it again.
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Fafner in the Azure Chapter 1

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Best GARO series to start with?

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All of the suits for this show look awesome. Which one should I get into first?
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Did mecha anime changed your life, influenced you in a good way?
Kinda like teaching you values and that type of stuff.
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Is there any /m/ approved shit on Netflix or Hulu right now?
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Firstly I want to say I am not a typical /m/ user so if the following is not allowed then please know I didn't mean to post it as a means of shitposting. With that said.

Is astroboy allowed here? I have played astro boy: omega factor for years now and from just that game have come to love the character. However I never have actually read any of the manga of the character. Can someone tell me if there is a physical release of the mangas they recommend? I am a physicalfag and am willing to buy the comics if I can. Thanks.

Astroboy thread.
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Does Gigan count you guys?