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It's coming back my niggers
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post robots you'd kiss

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ill start.
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Watching through Turn A Gundam now, and is it just me, or is this a refreshing and wholesome series?

Also, is Corin Nander /ourguy?
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ITT: autistic shit you did/do because of /m/ shows or other media
>used to watch one episode of Kakuranger a day
>would spend around an hour looking up the MOTW since they were based off Japanese tales
Do the same with the Fate series and Kemono Friends though.
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Gundam Build Fighters: Battlelogue

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Why did Gainax have to become shit and cancer after these?
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The Code Geass spinoff about Kallen and Suzaku starts next month
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Since IBO did such a shit job of it, how would you design mobile suits based on Solomon's 72 demons?

Keep in mind that they all have to be based on the same chassis, and they are all roughly as powerful as one another.
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Guntank thread?

Other tank/tank mechs welcome
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Why do I feel so uncomfortable after watching this?