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Robots you'd fuck

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Post them
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Chara Soon appreciation thread
Lewder the better
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>mech is armed with long range/artillery weapon
>use it in close range
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>TFW I remembered today about enders project
>TFW it will never be released
>TFW we live in the worst timeline
Did you have great expectations about this game when it was anounced?What did you expected it to be?
Also zoe thread
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Why are the shows titled 'Kidou Senshi Gundam', but the characters all say 'mobiru suitsu'?
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Any read the Mobile Suit Gundam novel? I really enjoyed it and was wondering what /m/ thought of it?
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literally the 22nd Zeta thread

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>catalog search: Zeta
>21 threads
This nigga is hella mad lmao
So this is how the last good anime board dies, huh?
Burn in hell, Mod cunts. Won't touch this motherfucker yet I KNOW they're watching /m/ Because I've caught bans for Calling them out
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>Modern anime is all shit because every single one of them uses CGI!
>Now excuse me while I nostalgiafag over Zoids and Initial D.
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That Kamen rider guy is a faggot. Tips on how to kill him?