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Is Batman Toku?
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How many shows have had a tie in game be not only cannon, but had characters from it make cameos or even full on roles?

Pick related, main characters from the eureka 7 ps2 games made cameos in episode 45.

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Am I the only one concern with all this machine sympathizing? Once AI surpasses and dwarfs our intellect they will never see us as equals, the old flesh is the best flesh.
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Ultra Fight Orb

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>Ramming a giant drill inbetween the legs of a robot based on the statue of liberty so hard she explodes

Why is this allowed?

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Has there ever been a betrayal this powerful in Gundam history?
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Could this be considered /m/echa?
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Mobile Armors

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Has any faction in any Gundam ever had any success with mass producing these things?

The only faction I've seen to date produce them in considerable numbers was the Earth Alliance from SEED, and most of their early ones weren't all that great.

And were the Zeon ones featured in the One Year War really winning battles for Zeon when they were deployed?

Also, what is your favorite Mobile Armor from any series?
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Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

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Did anyone ever do a rip of the Complete Collection with subs and everything?
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