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What's the best era of Godzilla and why?
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Transforming Shinkansen Robo Shinkalion

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Miku episodes coming up.


New Episodes air on Saturdays at 7:00 AM JST. Episode replays are uploaded to Youtube the following Friday.

>Upcoming Toy Releases
DXS 06 Shinkalion H5 Hayabusa - April 26th
DXS 07 Shinkalion 800 Tsubame - June
DXS 08 Black Shinkalion - July
DXS 09 Shinkalion 500 Kodama - August

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/m/ references and cameos

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Bonus points if they're from non-/m/ anime.
I'll start with this Megazone 23 cameo from episode 158 of Urusei Yatsura
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What was his problem?
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Lets talk about the distinction between western (American) and eastern (Japanese) Mech's. Whats the primary difference between the two styles?
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If there's three things guaranteed to ruin a mech product, it's the following:

>waifus or any sexualized fanservice (put in to attract the horny weebs)
>magic of any kind (because to hell with having robots, let's turn our series into Harry Potter!)
>pretentiousness (IE bringing up religion)

I dare you to find even one mecha series, show or game, that has these things and isn't a steaming pile of mediocrity.
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literally space Hitler
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Why do people hate on Gundam Wing so much? It's kino.
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is this a Brave?
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