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Devs say Gargantia was a huge influence on Titanfall 2

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>Steve, Manny, and the rest of the SP designers worked on ways to adjust BT's tone, and while we were doing this, Steve recommended the team check out Gargantia, a fish-out-of-water story about a sci-fi space robot and its pilot who get stuck on a new planet together. While the world of Gargantia is very different from the world of Titanfall, the way that Chamber (the big robot) and Ledo (the pilot) interact, learn from one another, and depend on one another resonated with us. The symbiotic nature of their relationship - they both need the other, inextricably - was very similar in spirit to the relationship we wanted to develop between BT and Jack during the course of Titanfall 2.

>One of my favorite episodes is #6- "Festival"- where the locals leverage their new space robot friend to help with a little fishing.
So the stupid meme is finally dead