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recaptcha pains

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I'm using a "non-modern" browser and some websites have made it increasingly difficult to continue using it. Most sites I have encountered, like or slack are satisfied if I just send them a version that's higher than a certain amount. In fact I was able to access both of those sites when I set my useragent to "Mozilla/5.0 (platform; rv:geckoversion) Gecko/geckotrail Firefox/71.0" however with google's recaptcha I seem to be unable to find a useragent that works. I even copied the useragent from the browser I used to post this and it didn't work. I even deleted any cookies that turned up on searching the text "goo" or "desu" but that still failed.


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where do you like to go?
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Post in this thread!
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Welcome back, /meta/! I only had to solve about 22 captchas to post this! Then I got an incorrect captcha solution error and did more! Awesome!
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Do you like to write letters? Do you have penpal freinds??
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do you like big shopping?
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rename /meta/ to /meat/

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rename /meta/ to /meat/