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Skinny AZN
with no soul and a big pole
Twin Draco Twin glocks with extendos
I declare war fair game on your kinfolk
Catch you at the light, boy i hope you got your pistol
I just broke you off, that was me up in the rental
Oh you like to talk? .223 to your dental
Finger fuck the Glock, let it bust it's a nympho
Not too late for scams but I grew up on that kick doe

Ban shounenshit on /a/

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Please can the mods ban these threads because they are shitting up the culture and archive. There are multiple battle shounen threads every single fucking day. The worst offender of this are the Dragon Ball threads with Jiren/Broly/whatever the fuck posting and it is toxic and unproductive for /a/

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Won't forget /meta/.
it's kind of sad to see how it is these days, but I guess it's a sign we have better alternatives now.
Thank you again desumin for helping us in our time of need.

ThunderGirl doll/d

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Some one remember Thunder Girl? She habe low audience and i and my limited draw skill and inglish are working on that uwu

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you the search thing is fucked when I try to use it it closes

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Duelgundam2099 is a furry pedophile who has made /m/ virtually unusable not just by filling the board with horrible posts but by having his janitor butt buddy delete posts he doesn't like.
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b-stats is the worst fucking archive on the planet

it's broken to shit, EVERY thread I try to see on b-stats just results in that dumbass science guy's face

why does 4chan X default to b-stats instead of archiveofsins.com? archive of sins actually works

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If I get a 4chan pass, how likely is it that the mods ban me for some stupid shit just to take it away from me? I spend approximately 70% of this year being blocked, or I get banned out of nowhere for the dumbest reasons (often my ban had nothing to do with what I actual did). I just want to be able to post normally, like I was able all the years before, without being constantly blocked. But I really fear that I say something a mod doesn't like and he just takes my pass away.
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