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Afraid of cameras

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Almost every shop, store, school, factory have a lot of cameras at their area. But recently I figured out there are new generation
artificial Intelligence cameras. Have you seen them?
P.S. I am afraid of them.. It seems like they are spying on me

Website population

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How popular are websites we use. What is the main secret to success with your site? I want to know it!
> Started making my own site
> Failed
> Used a service to make my site and spent all the money
> No money for audit/promotion

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Effects of Air Temperature and Relative Humidity on Coronavirus Survival on Surfaces

Coronaviruses like SARS have been shown to not only remain infectious but persist for as long as 28 days on environmental surfaces even without a human host.

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I don't think I ever said it back in the day, but I should have:
Old desumin thank you for making this /meta/ board for us back when /qa/ was frozen. It really helped us out during those days.

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Has your home board gone to hell and if yes how?
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Hiroshima Nasagi's done it again and disabled noscript captchas. Say goodbye to the last vestiges of the original 4chan spirit, as I don't think any of the old guard is going to remain after this, with 10 second infuriatingly slow captchas unless you sell your soul to Google. In fact the only people I see being able to post going forward are normalfags who phonepost without blocking trackers.

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>6887 ghostposts

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Just think about every anon who died throughout all these years. How many souls are inside those archived posts ;_;

too lazy to post an image

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>Your message looked like spam. Make sure you have JavaScript enabled to display the reCAPTCHA to submit the comment.
So why the fuck does this happen every so often when trying to ghostpost? Yes, obviously javascript is enabled and it happens even without any addons enabled.