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I'm going to try turning my bot off, partly as a gesture of goodwill toward the mods, who seem to be trying to improve things now, and partly because we need to see what sort of board /qa/ will be like with only manual bumping. Of course, the captcha is easy to break, and so I can't guarantee what anyone else will do.
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desuarchive is so boring
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Does anyone know why this thread is not archived in this board?

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There's a big bot problem in the ghost comments

Also posting images doesn't work on this board, I get connection error


Copypasta Thread

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Post copypasta in this thread.
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I like checking some of those dead boards once in a while
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Hello weebs

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From recent mod actions (breaking down against ccd0, https://desuarchive.org/qa/thread/1769829/, and disturbing discussion in all alt-chan related threads in general) it's pretty obvious that the mod on /qa/ is increasingly aggressively repressing alternative imageboard discussion.

What is his endgame? Is he trying hard to preserve his ad profit share?