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Ghostposting is under extreme vetting by new moderators to mitigate spam. Crackspamming or responding to any is a bannable offense.

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So this archive started archiving boards since 2015. How come the archives go back as far as 2010 for /a/? I can look up posts from 2010 to following live thread reactions, but anything from 2011-2014 is missing.

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Since /qa/ and /qa/ ghost aren't working lets post here
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What does /qa/ mod mean by this? The moderation on /qa/ has been really pedantic and paranoid recently.

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What are we supposed to do now that /qa/ is a frogshitter board? Where do we go?

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This board is boring as shiet

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards and archives you visit.
Last one couldn't by replyed to because it hadn't been replyed to for 10 days.
Previous thread: >>36
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So... where do we go from here? I try to be positive about these things, but I don't see a way out of this one. /qa/ is now a permanent fixture in the board list.
I have nothing against desu or ghostposting, but a real imageboard would be nice, too. I don't think we need another small imageboard, so maybe we can join another community out there.
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/qa/ bunker thread

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This is the /qa/ bunker thread
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