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Can't wake up.

My home is inai...

Pictures from /test/

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From testing that went on over the last week. Possibly related to April Fools and/or the new ads.
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Don't mind me just populating the catalogue.
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So do we all agree shes the best Idol?

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So has anyone gone to IRC to talk to the mods yet?

I find it appalling (if also unsurprising) that they spend all this time refusing to even acknowledge /qa/ and then they freeze it once it starts giving them too much work. I'm sure they were just waiting for the right excuse to get rid of the board and they finally found it.
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Anon! When do you think they'll unfreeze my board? I want to go play outside!
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Official anime thread of /meta/. What anime are you watching right now? What do you think about it?
All kinds of anime welcome!
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/meta/ is still full of shitposting
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The timer for me on /qa/ just updated to 3 minutes

I wonder what happend
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