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I miss /qa/...

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NOTE: There is nudity and sex in this if you're successful.
It's time to play a classic dating sim, dudes. There were two votes for True Love and one vote for Lost Paradise. We can play Lost Paradise another time, but for now let's play True Love.
Here is the link to the in-browser version: (I think it uses java?)
Protip: Hold control and then roll the mousewheel up (or hit + on numpad) and you can lower enlarge the window for the game. Mousewheel down and numpad - will do the reverse.
If any of you have played Persona 3 or I think 4 you should understand dating sims pretty well already. You select things to do for the day to increase your stats or relationship level with girls. Your starting personality just determines which stats you start with, but you can always choose to raise different ones. Different girls like different stats. One of the options for the day is "Promise", which is when you promise to meet a girl on a specific date and you need to select that to meet her.
I hope this thread can survive for at least a few days as we play the game and upload screenshots of our progress. Try not to spoil major things for others.

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I want to kill myself, give me advice on what I should do, please?
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Good night /meta/

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Thank you desumin!
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