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Can you please ban this spammer. He is making literally 100s of posts like the following for the sake of trying to spite and harass people.
>>>/a/132653972,114 >>>/a/155505452,17 >>>/a/155198194,18 >>>/a/155700439,22 >>>/a/155509406,21
>>>/a/155381886,18 >>>/a/155427915,22 >>>/a/155476900,17 >>>/a/155496996,18 >>>/a/155509406,19
>>>/a/155700439,19 >>>/a/155381886,16 >>>/a/155427915,20 >>>/a/155476900,15 >>>/a/155496996,16
>>>/a/132653972,112 >>>/a/155505452,15 >>>/a/132653972,110 >>>/a/155198194,14 >>>/a/155505452,13
>>>/a/155476900,13 >>>/a/155427915,18 >>>/a/155381886,14 >>>/a/155700439,17 >>>/a/155613061,14
>>>/a/132653972,108 >>>/a/155198194,12 >>>/a/155496996,12 >>>/a/155476900,11 >>>/a/155427915,16
>>>/a/155700439,15 >>>/a/155613061,12 >>>/a/155509406,15 >>>/a/155505452,11 >>>/a/155427915,18
>>>/a/132653972,106 >>>/a/155198194,10 >>>/a/155505452,9 >>>/a/155496996,10 >>>/a/155381886,10
>>>/a/155613061,10 >>>/a/155509406,13 >>>/a/155509406,11 >>>/a/155613061,8 >>>/a/155700439,11
>>>/a/155476900,7 >>>/a/155496996,8 >>>/a/155505452,7 >>>/a/155198194,8 >>>/a/132653972,104
>>>/a/132653972,102 >>>/a/155505452,5 >>>/a/155496996,6 >>>/a/155476900,5 >>>/a/155427915,10
>>>/a/155700439,9 >>>/a/155613061,6 >>>/a/155509406,9 >>>/a/155198194,4 >>>/a/155509406,7
>>>/a/155700439,7 >>>/a/155381886,4 >>>/a/155427915,8 >>>/a/155476900,3 >>>/a/155496996,4
>>>/a/155613061,18 >>>/a/155613061,16 >>>/a/155198194,16 >>>/a/155496996,14 >>>/a/155509406,17
>>>/a/155381886,12 >>>/a/155381886,14 >>>/a/155700439,13 >>>/a/155427915,12 >>>/a/155198194,6
>>>/a/155381886,6 >>>/a/155613061,4 >>>/a/155505452,3 >>>/a/155427915,24 >>>/a/155476900,19
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Look at this. Hiro must be rich.

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/qa/ is still garbage.

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Maybe one day there will be a staff who doesn't hate /qa/
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What do you get when you ''merge'' two pictures?

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General discussion thread 2.
Previous thread: >>>68
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What's was it that made /qa/ a fun board ?

I think the big thing was that there was a sense of competition.
People felt forced to change and evolve the board or else it would become something generic.
The posters wanted /qa/ to be something unique, a place to escape from the rest of 4chan so it always had to look at the competition and change.
Maybe there are some more complex reasons though.
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Banned for three days for reporting a rule breaking thread

What the fuck
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Miles NoMorales

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