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Since /ghost/ is dead, get the fuck in here Mogra people. Shit is hype.

Ustream today. None of that Twitch shit.

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Would /meta/ still be up for watching a daily anime stream together?
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/qa/ Bumpbot Thread

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ITT: Link threads that you want the bumpbot to bump.
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On /qa/ there are 4 kinds of posters:
1) The drama posters
2) The spam posters
3) The expert posters
4) The troll posters

Currently drama posters focus on the cross siter conflict.
Currently the spam posters are a mix of frog posters and 2DR posters.
The expert posters are currently without a place due to spam and trolls.
The troll posters feed off of /pol/.

The spam posters battle with troll posters for competetion over people's attention.
The troll poster feeds on drama to incite arguments and warp knowledge.
The expert poster also feeds off of drama, but is more interested in his niche to create more knowledge on the topic. He is repelled by spam and hates the stupidity of trolling.

If spam gets too high, trolls and experts will leave and who remains will be drama posters.[s4s]
If drama gets too high experts and trolls will fight./qa/
If experts get too high trolls will grow in proportion to knock things down./sci/
If trolls get too high all that will be left is drama./pol/
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The new search feature is pretty handy!
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I loved the /meta/ era.

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Discuss the state of /qa/ here.
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