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3 day ban for reporting.

Please be nice for me...
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What is going on on 4chan? No one can post for now and images give "SSL handshake failed" error.

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Now that was one dumb ban. First off "spamming/flooding" makes no sense because that was the only thread I've ever made on that subject, and if they're going to waste time banning people for posting memes their work will never be done. It's also a direct quote from the film so it's not like one of these made up Raimi Spiderman moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdG6gUUasVk (Maybe next time I'll link the video in the thread.) Maybe they mistook Colin Firth for Stephen Colbert and thought it was THAT spammer?

Just goes to show how arbitrary bans can be. Basically based on whether the mod's having a bad day or not. I already evaded it because it's not worth my time going to IRC to contest it and hear some bullshit justification from the mod. Seriously, I've come to learn that regardless of whether the ban is fair or not, best thing to do is just evade it and resolve the matter in less than a minute. Anything else takes too much time for too little payoff.

Anyway. I was wondering if anyone knew which cookie it is that bans are stored on? I delete all of them except the nws_style and ws_style ones because I have no idea what the others are for, and that always does the trick, but I feel like that's probably not necessary.

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So now it is now official that /bant/ is the new /b/ and /b/ is the new /porn/?
According to the rules /bant/ is literally /b/ without porn.

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Look at this. Hiro must be rich.

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/qa/ is still garbage.

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Maybe one day there will be a staff who doesn't hate /qa/
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