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Test thread

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Use this thread to test post.
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Copypasta Thread

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Post copypasta in this thread.
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So this archive started archiving boards since 2015. How come the archives go back as far as 2010 for /a/? I can look up posts from 2010 to following live thread reactions, but anything from 2011-2014 is missing.

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Since /qa/ and /qa/ ghost aren't working lets post here

/meta/ discussion thread

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Discuss anything you want in this thread
Last one couldn't by replyed to because it hadn't been replyed to for nearly 1 month.
Previous thread: >>742
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Since /ghost/ is dead, get the fuck in here Mogra people. Shit is hype.

Ustream today. None of that Twitch shit.
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/ghost/ is still gone. I miss it...

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Would /meta/ still be up for watching a daily anime stream together?
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/qa/ Bumpbot Thread

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ITT: Link threads that you want the bumpbot to bump.
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