A new search server has been setup. Multiple terabytes of hard disk storage was also installed.

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I'm going to make this place my new home!
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Been off /qa/ for 3 months now AMA
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April Fools Containment Thread

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My ip has been banned from 4chan and the IRC. I waited two months and did two appeals and both got rejected. Literally have no other choice but to ban evade
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I have work later today, can someone go to the IRC and tell mods to unban me? I've spent the past two hours trying to register a nickname but still haven't gotten a reply email. Thanks in advance
Just show them this https://desuarchive.org/qa/thread/1944586/#1949062
faggot mods went ban happy, I wasn't spamming
Also Fireden has been shitting itself for the past 3 weeks
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burger king foot lettuce

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hai evfurrynyan!!!!!!
let’s party makeovers for all the uglies!!!
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