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Will these frequent downtimes cause
4chan to bleed users?
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So does the search work at all?

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Alright, folks. Let's talk about the future of imageboards and hopefully trying to steer it into a positive direction by making plans for the CAPTCHAlypse.
If by some miracle you don't know, the v1 or "legacy" CAPTCHAs will be discontinued by google on April 1st, 2018. This will make posting very annoying for those that use computers and make use of the fast, simple convenience that we've enjoyed for years. It is a chance for a great revival of sorts of imageboards with people that you might possibly enjoy sharing a board with will be the type of user most affected. This isn't about oldfags or newfags, but people that have grown so frustrated by 4chan yet have been unable to break the habit.
So... let's talk about it!
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4chan is frozen again because /r9k/ killed more people