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Please bring ghost /a/ back, or at least properly explain why you took it down and then bring it back. Also please explain why the threads about it on /desu/ have been locked.

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today is the day

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who HOMU here

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eye got bandeded por
habeeng a weel nys konborsayshun wit my nys fwendo!
but yu no...tats otay... pweepaweeng por an intowesteeng jornee~
nd eye tink...tis is por te best...
eye wil see yu al sumtym soon!
but por now...
tis is my pilgwimaj...
tat eye must tayk!
am goweeng
HOHM! !!!!!!!!!

Banned Thread

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What are you in for?

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Is there a reason why desuarchive doesn't show up on google searches?