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I just want to tell you guys that I am a man. I pretended to be a girl for over 10 years and it made me depressed knowing i fooled millions of anonymous for years. I stole some girls pic from Facebook and continued to catfish people with it. Why did I do it? Because it was funny then it started to become weird because I was basically living a double life. Now I'm older I feel like I should apologize for this. That was certainly the weirdest chapter of my life. Anyways,

Sorry for fooling anyone. I don't have a child and I am certainly don't have a hairy vagina. I have quit shitposting and mods have forgiven me thanks to the recommendation of President Trump who has given me a second chance to redeem myself. Thank you all for listening. I love you.

-Nagi Stratos aka the (.40 Glock user)