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Pony Horror Thread #7: I was busy and it died, edition.

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Pony Horror Thread #01:
Pony Horror Thread #02:
Pony Horror Thread #03:
Pony Horror Thread #04:

Previous thread stories:

By Waxworks:
The Reanimaretor:
The House Remembered:

By Speaker to Birds:
This is the way the world ends:

By Mshakezilla:
Madness of the Old Gods [Complete for now]:

By LukeDaDuke:
Ocean of Sand [WIP]:

Soundtrack by Radiarc:
Forgotten [EP]:
Mistaken (Album):
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Now that's what I call T H I C C
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CYOA Discussion

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Filly Rape Edition

>We discuss Current, Finished and Upcoming CYOAs.
>Give advice on CYOAs
>Pitch ideas
>Get critique
>Trade art

List of stories:
List of related content:

Read this advice first:

>What day is best?
>What time is best?
>What genre are you interested in?
>What if I cannot into art?
>What race would you play?

Remember: It summons Nips

Previous Thread: >>30373593
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MLP general

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Royal meet up edition. Newfag princess not allowed

711: Not Asking for Trouble
Written by May Chan

Friendship is Magic #55 is storytimed here!

Previous thread.
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Official Aryanne Thread 82

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This is the Aryanne thread of 4chan.

Aryanne Hoofler is a female earth pony with a white coat, blonde hair and blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a pink heart with a black swastika in it. She is a military officer from the Maremacht of Germaney and an active politician. In this thread we collect content for the purpose of most possible widespread and archivation. If you find Aryanne related content of sorts, please post it here.

Please enjoy your stay.

HINTLER: If you want to post Anthro art or Pornography, use external links like or the >>>/trash/ board.

MEHR HINTLER: the following things are permitted and encouraged:
- Hitler reaction images
- speaking german
- Third Reich related artwork including military art
- talking about politics and/or social dynamics
- mild shitposting (keep it short and trash the shills)
- bump reasonably (once every 2 hours/ earliest at page 8)

Should this thread somehow attract the ire of obsolete moderational misuse and die off prematurely, crosscheck in the desustorage archives and make a new thread (in case of)

Last thread:

SFW Album:

NSFW Album:
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Anyone else had their favorite character ruined by the fans.
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Equestrian Dungeon: Bandolier Edition

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Welcome to Equestrian Dungeon, the sequel to /mlp/ Tower. As in the last rendition of the game, the goal will be to get to the end of the segment or floor. Along the way, you will be able to keep items you find (and mischeviously bring along) in the Inventory, as well as work with a set number of players, dubbed "AnonPones," in the thread. AnonPones are created when a player joins the game. There are multiple interactive objects, such as switches, levers, giant metal springs, and the occasional undead or mechanical monstrosity that's out to kill your party. There are also many traps scattered throughout the floor, such as flamethrowers and bottomless pits, that also harm or kill your AnonPones. You have no floor diagram, alas "Flying Blind", and you will rely on
>Greentext parts of the story
to move along.

Version: 2.8
Recent updates: Changes to Summer Schedule and general maintenance.

For new players: Post the nearest three items to your LEFT excluding computer accessories, then post what race you'd like to be (Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn).
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Is EQG canon?
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Dragons in Equestria #2

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Plunder that booty edition.

Few prompts to get started:
>A dragon wakes up somewhere in Equestria
>Were they once human? How did they get to Equestria?
>What are they going to do now that they've made it to magical horse land?

>Dragon anon has been living in Equestria for quite some time and ponies are used to seeing him around. It's only when another dragon shows up that he starts getting worried.

>You're a traveler from the dragonlands that decided to try thing out with ponies as a change of pace. Getting ambushed by things in the Everfree Forest is definitely not a good way to start that.

Image archive:

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Daybreaker: a Hot Mare
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