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Conquest of Paradise #13 (CYOA)

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If the Cutie Mark Crusaders had not helped her then she might have become a school shooter.
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Official Aryanne Thread #86

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Welcome to the 4 year anniversary of the Aryanne thread!

Aryanne Hoofler is a female earth pony with a white coat, blonde hair and blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a pink heart with a black swastika in it. She is a military officer from the Maremacht of Germaney and an active politician. In this thread we collect content for the purpose of most possible widespread and archivation. If you find Aryanne related content of sorts, please post it here.

Please enjoy your stay.

HINTLER: If you want to post Anthro art or Pornography, use external links like or the >>>/trash/ board.

MEHR HINTLER: the following things are permitted and encouraged:
- Hitler reaction images
- speaking german
- Third Reich related artwork including military art
- talking about politics and/or social dynamics
- mild shitposting (keep it short and trash the shills)
- bump reasonably (once every 2 hours/ earliest at page 8)

Should this thread somehow attract the ire of obsolete moderational misuse and die off prematurely, crosscheck in the desustorage archives and make a new thread (in case of).

Cover art: Sakura Aryanne by Sugar Morning -
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EQG Waifu Tier list

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R8 h8 and masturb8
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Why do you guys hate him so much?
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>comics come out with an episode depicting trump supporters as easily fooled by propaganda and acting irrationally because of it
>show has an episode promoting the importance of diversity between people and suggesting that Scoots doesn't have to conform to racial stereotypes
>show is replacing AJ (who is both a conservative and pretty poorly written character) with a more interesting version of AJ that is more progressive
>show runs on the idea that there is no one right way to be a woman
>Lauren Faust personally apologizes for writing the single most conservative episode in the show, saying the message was unintended
So why does /pol/ like MLP again, the show has been extremely progressive since season 1. Generation 5 is just further confirming that the show is progressive and I find that to be a really good thing, especially the idea of replacing Applejack.
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How bad exactly did you think life was in Nightmare Moon's "bad end" timeline?
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>be Dining
>see this
what do
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Are their hooves soft or hard?
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