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camo ponies

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I need camo pocket horses
>and maybe some fuckaround buddies on ponytown.
but mostly camo pocket horses
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>"We've tried everything from disguises to things I won't even speak of"

What did he mean by this?

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Did the town go too far with this? Why did Rainbow Dash take this so well?
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Is this really what happens when you reveal your power level?
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cute Zecora pictures only
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RGRE: Reversed Gender Roles Equestria

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Harmless Crush Edition

Previous Thread: >>30966719

GoogleDoc Pastebin Archive:

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Prompt collection:
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Plane Pony #106

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can we all just agree...

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That the elements of harmony giving Pinkie pie explosion powers was probably the WORST idea it could ever have had?
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Mane 6 Sex Instructions for Fanfic Authors

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Twilight is a virgin but desperately wishes she wasn't. She has read far too many romance novels and anatomy books and when the possible scenario arises, she makes a fool out of herself and then cries to Rarity.

Rarity has had a choice few sexual liaisons, being both a classy lady and rather picky. She has never been "picked up", insisting on a romantic evening filled with wine and conversation before committing to the bedroom.

Rainbow Dash is not just a virgin, but utterly hopeless when it comes to sex. Her preference is for stallions but even then, her true love is flying.

Applejack is a good ol'-fashioned country mare who would never dream of sex before marriage. She has had a few boyfriends but dumped them all when she discovered that they were either only in it for sex, her farm, or a possible wedge between her family.

Fluttershy is also a virgin, but much like Twilight, wishes she wasn't. Unlike Twilight, she is far too frightened of sexual situations to ever pursue one. The company of her friends is usually enough to take her mind off of it, should her hoof prove insufficient.

Pinkie Pie is a sexual dynamo who believes in free love and rampant experimentation. The number of one night stands she has participated in is truly mind-boggling, and the male youth of Ponyville even view sleeping with Pinkie as a sort of "coming of age" ritual, colloquially called "One in the Pink".
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This board was better back in 1981 when it was still called My Pretty Pony. Haven't watched an episode since, convince me it's worth catching up on.