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Unattractive / Low Self-Esteem Ponies no.10

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We double digits now.
All ponies welcome, as long as they aren't a cute.

The Prompt:
>Rainbow Dash isn't attractive
>At least not to ponies
>Her eye color
>Her rainbow mane and tail caused by some rare genetic defect
>Her muzzle is just a little to short

Your pone is unattractive by pony standards. Maybe it's because of how different their beauty standards are. Maybe it's because of a million little imperfections that you can't see. Either way, they're doomed to being a kissless virgin.

Want to romance a waifu who has no idea how perfect she is? This is your thread.

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The Literate Populace

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How much of the Equestrian population can read? If I had to make a guess, with the basis being composed of the numerous showcases of ponies reading books and newspapers, the existence of a Manhattan equivalent, examples, however few, of such sciences as physics and chemistry, and the existence of libraries, I will assume that the percentage to be around eight to ninety percent. Any other guesses and perhaps discussions about the specific literary works of the ponies, will be gladly accepted; those persons who do not wish to discuss or guess, please do not degrade those who do; this is a simple world discussion: nothing more or less. NO damage shall be done, and there will be no role-playing for those who are afraid their will be.
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Pony Town vs. Everfree Outpost

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Was wondering /mlp/'s general consensus on if Pony Town or Everfree Outpost is better.
For the uneducated:
Pony Town's an online be-your-oc chatroom which is a work in progress.
Everfree Outpost's an online be-your-oc Minecraft-esque survival WIP.
Discuss either in this thread
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This is Starlight Glim Glam, future autotraric ruler of all of Equestria.
Say something nice about her!
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A Historical Perspective (CYOA) Thread the IX

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Still jarred from your surprisingly soft landing on this grand contradiction that is solid liquid, you and Shale stand up slowly. Starswirl's marefriend and Lenna stare at you eagerly, awaiting your arrival on the edge of this oddly energized pool. Best not to keep them waiting too long, you suppose.
Still tentative of this bizarre experience, both you and Shale make your way gingerly across, the "ground" beneath your hooves feathery soft with each step. You wonder at the sorcery Rain must be pulling to make such a large body of water act this way. You've never heard of unicorn magic like this. Is it even magic at all? You certainly don't see her horn glowing.
Coming to the edge of the pool, you and Shale step onto the floor proper. Rain removes her hooves from the water, and it seems to return to it's normal state. And the pool still seems to radiate with energy, remnants of whatever Rain was doing. You watch as Shale dips a hoof in, testing the waters, only to find that they have in fact returned to their natural, flowing, liquid state.
Giving your attention to Rain, you notice that her forelegs seem to radiate with something, practically crackling with energy of some sort. Is this perhaps the same energy that flowed through you?
"It's impolite to stare, you know." ,she says flirtatiously. "How would you're brother feel if he knew you were looking over his special somepony?"
"O-Oh, uh, sorry about that." ,you remark apologetically. "I'm just surprised to see that you'll be my teacher, is all."
"As I knew you would be. After all, a unicorn? Teaching an Earth pony magic? It sounds absolutely preposterous, does it not?"
"Aye, it does." ,you say, though it was no more preposterous when you though Tela would be teaching you. "I was thinking that I might be sent to some Earth village to train. Is that not a possible alternative?"
"Ah, you wound me, Ghost Scribe! Am I not a good enough teacher for you? I jest of course, but sadly for you, that is not an option."
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Season 6's finale

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[CYOA]Custos Luna #8.1

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You died so young ;_;

Catch up here:
Still hoping for someone to make a good "What is this" summary
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Filly Thread

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Post cute fillies.
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FimFiction thread - Now with 84.5% more 'Do I have to do everything myself?'

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ITT: Neglecting to bump in time, G1 clop, monochromatic is cancer, or has cancer, collegepone finally ends, David Silver ruins another story, listing everything that happens in the description so that people don't actually have to read your dark anthro guro fetish clopfic, special snowflake OCs written by literal autists, reading random chapters of fics and complaining you dont know whats going on, "I just cannot believe that this grimdark supersoldier HiE warfic in which the elements of harmony are guns is such a shitty fic", displaced is still a thing, and knighty is an emo faggot

Tired of fads that never die? Don't want a pointless million word slice of life story? Well, we've compiled the best of the worst in order to bring you our absolute average!

>FiMFiction Starter Kit (recommended fics):
List of nominees by category:

>How do I write fanfiction?
Ezn’s guide -
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Vhatug's tips for anatomically correct clop -
Setting a story in motion -

>Can you pre-read my story?
Post it on Google Docs with inline comments enabled and give us a link. Most will ignore it, but a few may take a look at it eventually.

>Reviews and riffs:

>Voiceguy's readings:

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Alchemy CYOA Thread #25

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