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Lets get It goin

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Cmon asshats
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Pony Throats
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/swt/ - Strange Waifu Thread

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>Fish Edition

Previous thread: >>30482962

Pastebins: [dead] (Mr. Breezie) [dead] [dead] [kill] [dead] (TB) (Lich Anon) [lazy] Fins(30 days of shark ponies.) Amusinganon (Seeking Jubilation) (Also Amusing Anon) strangeanon (Garnet/How to train your dragon...pony.) (More Sharkpone) (Doll Waifu)

Headless Anon:
-Don't Lose Your Head (Dullahan/Anon/Derpy):

-Diamond (Diamond Dog Story):

Mourning Glory:
Anon vs Rapetor Mane 6:
Snake Charming OR Breeding In Captivity (Anon X Coatl)
"Let's Fuck, Final Answer" (Anon x Sphinx)
Butterscotch Sticks his Dick in an Anthill:

Cherry Bubble:
-Dueling with Centaurs(Centaur/Femanon):
-Archipelago Anon (Seapony Dolphin):

Fimfic Pages:

>Kaiju crossover story - Gabby & Orchid's Portal Panic
See the full story here!

>Yak Princess Anastasia (Angry Wino)
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Trixie Tuesday

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The 'I forgot what day it is' edition

Praise The Great and Powerful! or become a tea cup

Important general stuff below

I’m working on a master story list but I need some help
Reply with Trips, Title, and link and I’ll start adding to this.
Also we have a Great and Powerful Discord:
Come say hello if you want.

Let Trixie Tuesday commence!
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cock related genocide
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Huge Humans: Still Alive

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It's not over yet! edition

Thread was not cared for properly and fell off the bottom of page 10, making another one as there were still ongoing greentexts that need to be finished before we tuck /hh/ into hibernation for a couple weeks.

previous threads
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Dragons in Equestria #2

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Plunder that booty edition.

Few prompts to get started:
>A dragon wakes up somewhere in Equestria
>Were they once human? How did they get to Equestria?
>What are they going to do now that they've made it to magical horse land?

>Dragon anon has been living in Equestria for quite some time and ponies are used to seeing him around. It's only when another dragon shows up that he starts getting worried.

>You're a traveler from the dragonlands that decided to try thing out with ponies as a change of pace. Getting ambushed by things in the Everfree Forest is definitely not a good way to start that.

Image archive:

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Spanking Thread #44: "Isn't the Cutting Board a Little Extreme!?" Edition

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Rarity still thinks Sweetie Belle is her darling little sister. Sweetie thinks she has long since grown passed the need for corporal punishment. They come to a compromise: more painful spanking implements, fitting of an older filly like Sweetie Belle.

>Celestia doesn't understand dreams or the subconscious the way Luna does. Horrified at the contents of some ponies' dreams, she takes drastic action.

Featured Story:
The Evil Scientist by RusticAnon (Robots / Mane 6 & RD/OC)
Not written by a native English speaker, but it has a cornucopia of fetishes.

Stories in #43:
Award-Winning Filly by Anon (Implied Parents/Rainbow oneswat)
Anon's hell by RusticAnon (unfinished)
unsolved future friendship problems by RusticAnon (Machines / Girl) (unfinished)
Unknown Name, Will Change by Nomine (Parents/OC)
Part 1:
Involuntary Testing (Machine / AJ) (remake) by RusticAnon
Intentional Trouble by Anon (Celestia / Twilight twoswat)

New pics:
humanized Maud / humanized Pinkie
Mom / Pinkie

Group Archives (140+ stories). Haven't been updated in a bit. If you want newer stories, check the last few threads.


Old thread:
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Nebula #27 (CYOA)

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Welcome back to Nebula! Last time: You met one of the commanders of the Siberian army before moving towards the colony. Checking on the others as you do so. The ship lands near the capital, allowing you to explore the city, buying a fancy looking chair and a gun for Moana. You spend the rest of the day relaxing. Waking up that morning feeling tired, making some pancakes for the crew. You head down once again, but this time heading to a rural town and meeting a human who shows interest in going with you which you accept. You return to the ship and go back down later to help the human, who's name is Anatolii, get to the ship. Introducing him to the crew. A little later you have him cook.
Crew List:
Eagle (Pegasus) (Mechanic/Army Reserves)
Rust Bucket (MC) (Earth Pony) (Engineer/Electrician) (Injured: Condition unknown)
Quiet Vine (Unicorn) (Botanist/Zoologist)
Fedot/Coccinellidae (Diamond Dog/Changeling) (Trader/Diplomat)
Cardea (Drazken) (Robotics)
Lanakila (Pālākiō) (Singer/Fighter)
Anatolii (Human)
Caesar (Reaper)
Kahurangi (Pālākiō)
Moana (Pālākiō)
Sai (Ship A.I.)
Javaxia (Outpost A.I.)
Κηφήνας (Drone)
Kokua (Drone)
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